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Before you don't want to go to work! How to prevent "May's disease" Before you don't want to go to work! How to prevent "May's disease"

No one has ever heard of the famous disease name "May's disease".

It is said that you are ill because the kanji for "illness" is used.
Symptoms that seem to be ill, such as coughing and inflammation of internal organs
It does not come out. It is called May disease because it is often seen in May, but
It is not the official name of the disease, and even among the transient psychological symptoms
This name is given especially because it can be seen in May.
There are many fun events such as cherry blossom viewing and welcome party for newcomers in April,
At the same time, it is a season when there is a lot of pressure to go on to school and join the company.
Think about May disease and how to prevent it.

What is May disease? The symptom of concern is

As mentioned above, May's disease requires "immediate hospitalization" and "treatment is required".
It is not a disease that causes the symptoms.
Although it is sometimes misunderstood that it is a kind of serious illness from the name of May disease,
It is not the name of a medically used disease.
Also, although the name is "May's disease", there are people with similar conditions in June.
In addition to being able to come out a lot, the condition may continue, so
It is also called "June disease". It's the season for admission and employment
About one to two months after April, the mental state of slowly appearing
It is commonly called by this name.
As a specific symptom,

I can't get into it even if I try to study or work
I don't want to go to work or school
Be mentally unstable
I'm not motivated for anything
I'm stuck
Feel mentally tired
Headache / abdominal pain / dullness
Thinking weakens and falls into negative thoughts

Doctors do not use the name of May disease in their diagnosis.
"Mild depressive symptoms," "stress," and "adjustment disorder," depending on the doctor.
It seems that it is often diagnosed. Although it is May disease that basically affects the emotional aspect,
It can be heart-triggered and can cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, headaches, and dullness.

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Is the cause of May disease a change in the environment? Pressure and stress

The cause of May's disease, which causes these symptoms, is "changes in the environment."
By going on to school, you can enter a new school, get a job and become a member of society,
April is a season with many changes in the environment, such as starting to live alone to get a job or go on to higher education.
Because changes in the environment can refresh your feelings
It cannot be said that changes in the environment are all bad things.
However, rapid changes in the environment put a great deal of pressure and stress on the human mind.
Especially if you are going to a new school or company, the relationships between the place of study and the place of employment,
Even if you get used to class and work, you will be under the stress and pressure of adapting to the environment.
Depending on the company, if you want to get a qualification test for work immediately,
In some cases, you may be asked to go into business immediately and get results.
Some schools will test it right away. In addition to changes in the environment
Mental pressure of environmental adaptation, work pressure, qualification examination pressure,
The spiritual things that I received from April to May are just from changes in the environment.
Around Golden Week, which is about a month old, the limit is finally reached, and various symptoms appear.
There is a lot of stress because it is a time of many changes, and that stress and pressure
It affects the mind and causes May disease.
Rather than a disease peculiar to May, it may be closer that the feelings exceed the endurance value in May and finally go down.

Three points of prevention method of May disease

Even if you know the characteristics, symptoms, and causes of May disease, the problem is how to prevent it.
If you have a illness that causes visible symptoms such as a cold, "let's wear a mask"
"Let's take water diligently in dry places"
You can try specific preventive measures, but May disease
Since it is a state in which the mind is tired and a state in which the endurance value of the mind has been exceeded due to pressure or tension, masks and water intake cannot prevent it.
There is difficulty because it is the invisible thing of the mind.
Also, because each person's mind is different, there is no effective preventive method for everyone.
Even if karaoke is effective for stress for some people
For those who are not good at karaoke, it is the same as stress.
Prevention of May disease is difficult because it involves the mind.
Generally, what is said to be effective in preventing May disease is "to heal the tiredness of the mind", "to release the mind from tension", and "to relieve the pressure on the mind".
However, you don't know what to do with this alone.
Therefore, let me explain some preventive measures that are generally said to be effective against May disease.

Eat a good diet considering nutritional balance

Are you living a life of only cup ramen because you are busy? If you start living alone and it is difficult to prepare your own meals, why not eat only one meal every day? Nutritional balance is important to prevent May disease. In particular, vitamins are known to act on the mind and are nutrients that you should actively take.
Cup ramen is not bad. If you eat it, you should consider the nutritional balance. Eat well-balanced meals such as salad, miso soup, rice, simmered dishes, and grilled dishes. A healthy life comes from a healthy diet.

Do you have enough sleep? Improve your life rhythm

A healthy life is also from a healthy sleep time. Are you busy and have a short sleep?
Make time to lie down on your futon or bed instead of lying down at your desk. It is well known that feelings are reset while sleeping. Also, lack of sleep can make you pessimistic.

Diverce as a hobby! complaints are sometimes important

In order to prevent depression, it is also important to take the plunge as a hobby. Since each person's hobbies are different, even if karaoke releases A's stress, it does not necessarily mean that B will release it. Find your own way to relieve stress.
Asking a friend to talk to you after lunch is also an effective preventive measure. If you can't get rid of stress by complaining or hobbies, you may want to talk to your parents or doctor. Just having someone listen to you should make you feel better.

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There is no disease name called May disease. It is commonly known as May disease because it is a common condition in May. The content is "I'm tired of feelings".
Because it is an invisible mental problem, it is difficult to take concrete preventive measures such as colds. Keep your sleep and food healthy and sometimes consult with others. This is probably the best preventive measure.