2020/10/06 13:13:50

Be careful of autumn fatigue after summer heat! Causes and countermeasures for autumn bate

Have you ever heard the word "autumn bate"? Even if you have heard the word "summer heat", you may have heard the word "autumn heat" for the first time.

This "autumn bate" has become a big problem in recent years. Do you have something in your body in the fall when the heat is getting loose and it's getting easier to spend? Your "feeling sick" or "somehow upset" may be autumn bats.

What is the autumn bate that has become a problem these days? Let's know the characteristics, causes, and countermeasures of autumn bate.


Is autumn heat different from summer heat? Let's review summer heat

What kind of symptom is "autumn bate" in the first place? How is it different from "summer heat" that makes you sick in the summer?

"Summer heat" means getting sick due to the seasonal characteristics of summer, including the heat of summer. In summer, the heat puts a strain on your body, and even a small amount can make you tired easily. This is because the heat is more damaging to your body than you are aware of.

The heat and the intensity of the sun can cause a loss of appetite, and some people may experience nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Some people complain of physical fatigue. As a result of the temperature difference between the cooler room and the outside and the temperature difference between night and day, the physical strength may not be restored even if you sleep or eat. The cooler cools the body, and even in the hot season, poor circulation may occur.

These physical disorders can cause mental instability, and people say, "I don't want to work," "I don't want to move," "I don't feel well and I can't recover," and "I don't feel well." It can also lead to emotional problems. If you are in a bad physical condition, your heart will be dragged.


"I feel sick due to the heat and temperature difference peculiar to the season of summer"

"I get sick because of the season of summer" "As a result of feeling sick, my mind is also sick. It is a characteristic of summer heat.

So what about autumn bate? Will the autumn season lead to poor physical condition? How is it different from summer heat?


There are two main causes of autumn batter.

Weakness due to the characteristics of the autumn season


The first thing is that the body is weakened by the characteristics of the autumn season.

Autumn is the season when it gets colder and leads to winter. Basically, it gets colder gradually, and humans and other creatures gradually get used to the cold and prepare for winter. However, due to the unstable climate in autumn, it can be surprisingly cold the next day, even though it was as hot as midsummer until yesterday.

In recent years, it is often reported in the news that typhoons are occurring one after another in autumn and the temperature and weather are very unstable. It would be nice if it gets colder gradually, but it can be said that autumn in recent years is generally an unstable season. This instability is one of the causes of autumn batter.

If the temperature difference is large, your physical strength will be exhausted. One of the causes of summer heat fatigue is that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room where the cooler works is large, causing physical discomfort and as a result of being surprised.

The same is true for autumn bats, and if there is a disparity between today being a midsummer day and tomorrow being colder than usual, your physical strength will be reduced and your body will be surprised. Also, the weather is so unstable that the autonomic nervous system can go wrong. It is said that if the autonomic nerves go crazy, it can lead to headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, lethargy, negative thoughts, and dullness.


Dragging the tiredness of the summer

Another cause of autumn batters is "summer tiredness" and "summer dragging".

I mentioned that the heat and sunshine peculiar to the season of summer, the cooler, and the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors can cause heat fatigue. Autumn is the season just after summer. Around the end of summer ... Especially around Obon, the heat so far can suddenly become chilly like a lie.

Even though the physical strength has been reduced by the summer, autumn will come without recovery. Those who have been suffering from summer heat will face the unstable climate peculiar to autumn while the summer heat is recovering. That is why people tend to say, "I can't get rid of my summer fatigue," "I feel that summer slumps are still going on," and "I feel that summer slumps have been exacerbated by the unstable climate of autumn." Even if you haven't been exhausted in the summer, your physical strength is still being reduced by the heat, so you may suddenly get exhausted in the fall.

Autumn heat is a serious physical condition caused by "summer fatigue, dragging summer heat" and "autumn-specific seasonal characteristics".


What are the measures for autumn batter? 3 ways

From here, I will talk about how to prevent autumn batter.

Autumn is a season of holidays where food is delicious and the mountains are beautifully colored. You want to enjoy your body and soul in good health during the season. What kind of measures are there? There are the following methods to prevent autumn batter.


① Do not leave summer fatigue ・ Eat and sleep well

In recent years, the climate is extremely unstable, and it is possible that the autumn climate will suddenly come.

However, it is difficult for busy modern people to always stay tired. It's difficult, but it's important to get a good night's sleep and food and lead a regular life. Let's try to recover the mind and body consciously so that fatigue does not remain in the body as much as possible.


② Do not cool your body ・ Carry something to wear

It is said that when the body is cooled, the body functions such as internal organs decrease. In the summer, the cooler could get cold. Sudden drops in temperature at night in the summer could lead to physical discomfort. This is the same in autumn, and you should be careful to prevent autumn batter.

You may turn on the cooler even on hot autumn days, but be careful about the time and temperature of turning it on. Also, when going on vacation, I would like to carry a cardigan or shawl with me to take measures against the sudden cold.


③ Do fun things and improve your life

One of the measures is to enjoy yourself as a hobby. If you are not feeling well due to autumn batter, you tend to be dragged to your heart. It is also important to incorporate what you like between work and housework to prevent depression.

In addition, by putting a hobby time (rest time of the mind) between work and housework, life will be sharpened. If you are feeling depressed or feeling depressed, it is also effective to divide the time and add sharpness. It's also a good idea to make it a habit.




When summer has passed and autumn has come, the heat has eased and I think I'm finally taking a break, but sometimes I get tired of summer and I can't recover from summer heat, so I end up with autumn heat. Unstable weather conditions in recent years have triggered a fall batter, which has become a problem.

To prevent autumn batter, start with everyday life. Live a regular life and be careful not to get cold. It is also recommended that you take in your hobby time between work and housework, and create your own rhythm and manage your physical condition by adding a sharpness to your life.

It's a fun holiday season. It is also a delicious season for food. I want to fully enjoy the autumn season with heat.