2020/10/08 09:10:47

Basic knowledge of graves] From selecting gravestones to building graves

It's often the first time to build a grave because it's rare, and many people don't know how to build a grave.

Here, let's introduce the flow from selecting a tombstone to building a tomb.

Even if it is the first time to build a grave, if you do not know it at all and the stone dealer tells you, the cost will be higher than you thought you would notice, or the grave and design you were thinking about Many troubles occur, such as the shape and shape are very different, and the deterioration progresses faster than expected.

When building a grave, gather the minimum knowledge yourself and try to build the grave that you want.

Why build a grave?

Originally, a grave is a place to bury the ashes.

However, there are not many ideas that building a grave is because there is no place to bury the ashes.

In recent years, many people have built graves in their lifetime because they do not want to put the burden on their families.

Whether you build a grave before you are alive or for a deceased person, it seems that "respecting your ancestors" and "a memorial service for the deceased" are common.

Building a grave with condolences will also be a memorial service for the deceased.

Flow to build a general grave

Let me introduce the general flow of building a grave.

Gather information about the graveyard

Collect information about the graveyard online, in advertisements, in magazines, in newspapers, and more.

In the case of public graveyards, the time for lottery and application is often limited, so it is necessary to check the homepage of the local government and the public relations paper.

Imagine what kind of grave you want to make

Next, determine the cost, type, size, and other conditions of the grave to determine what kind of grave you want to build.

Choose a graveyard

When choosing a graveyard, check the contract details such as costs, denominational regulations, and location conditions.

It is recommended to actually go to the graveyard to check. There are cases where stone dealers are decided depending on the graveyard.

Basically, the stone dealer will carefully consider and choose a good and long-term relationship.

Decide on the design of the tombstone

Determine the shape and material of the tombstone, the characters to be carved, etc. We will also order accessories if necessary.

We will do the foundation of the grave section, the outer fence construction, and the installation of stone materials.

It will take 1 to 2 months depending on the grave.

Confirm that the grave is completed. When paying to a stone dealer, you may pay in advance or after the full amount is completed.

How to choose a stone dealer

When building a tomb, choosing a stone dealer is the most important.

By choosing a good stone dealer, you can build the tomb you want and you will be happy with it.

If you haven't decided on a stone dealer in your graveyard, make sure to weigh enough when choosing a stone dealer.

Types of tombstones

There are various types of tombstones, which are the main gravestones, in terms of shape alone, and there are also a wide variety of characters to be carved, types of stones, and accessories.

Here, let's introduce the typical types of tombstones.

Japanese style tombstone

Japanese-style tombstones are the most common and have been widely used since the Edo period.

The appearance is beautiful, the shape is stable, and it is unique to Japan, so it will be a familiar grave.

Western-style tombstone

Western-style gravestones have become more popular as the number of graveyards regardless of religion has increased, and even in general graveyards, they are now often used in the same way as Japanese-style gravestones.

One of the features is that it has a wide range of designs.

Design type tombstone

Design-type tombstones are tombs that emphasize individuality, and you can make the shape of the tomb your own.

Design-type tombstones are made according to the ideal of wanting to build such a tomb, so many people put in designs such as balls and animals for their thoughts and hobbies.

Points when selecting a tombstone

When choosing a tombstone, pay attention to the quality of the stone.

The price of a tombstone is affected by the material of the stone used for the tombstone, but here are some tips on whether a stone is suitable for a tombstone.

High hardness

Since the grave is inherited by descendants, high durability is required.

It is generally said that high hardness stones are highly durable and have a long luster.

Low water absorption

Stones that contain a large amount of iron may appear and change color when rust contains water, and in cold regions, the stone may absorb water and freeze and crack.

No unevenness or scratches on the surface

It is said that a uniform stone with no scratches on the surface and no unevenness is good. With this in mind, we will determine to some extent whether the stone is suitable for a tombstone.

However, in addition to quality, stones have other characteristics such as patterns and colors.

For the stones used for tombstones, let's make a total assessment of these things.

The price of stone, which is a natural material, depends on its rarity and production volume.

Therefore, stones suitable for durable tombstones may not always be expensive.