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Basic knowledge and precautions when sending flowers

I think there are many people who want to send flowers when their acquaintance dies.

If you look at the funeral home, you'll see acquaintances, friends, colleagues, etc. sending flowers by personal name or federation. If you've ever been to a funeral, you've probably seen flowers in the funeral home, such as garlands, stands, baskets, and artificial flowers.

At funerals that send out deceased people, it is common to wrap up and send things the closer they are. "Flowers" are a typical example of sending things.

Flowers are indispensable for funerals, so there are few mistakes. In Buddhist ceremonies, the items required for funerals vary depending on the denomination, and even items that are indispensable for all denominations may be slightly different. In other words, sending what you need for a funeral is very difficult because you have to understand the denomination and think about it. But for flowers, the denomination doesn't really matter. You don't have to worry about being told, "Our sect doesn't need this item." Flowers are a must-have item for funerals, a reminder of the deceased who will not fail.

However, just because a flower has few mistakes does not mean that it can be any flower. Also, when you send flowers, you don't have to send them anyway. It is also necessary to think about the TPO and the bereaved family.


"Flowers" are the first to be imagined when there is a report that a funeral will be held. I will talk about the etiquette that you should know at the minimum when sending such a flower offering.

5 points to keep in mind when sending flowers

Flowers are an essential item for funerals, so basically you don't have to worry about being told that you don't need them when you send them to a funeral of any denomination. In addition, items used for funeral ceremonies are only handled at specialized funeral stores, and even if they are sent, they may not be in time for the funeral date due to reasons such as out of stock. There are many failure stories in the funeral "story about goods", such as the bereaved family who received "I will not use it in our sect" when I actually sent it. Under such circumstances, it is the flowers that have relatively few failures.

However, sending flowers is just that there are few failures, and it does not mean that there are no people who fail. Please try to imagine. A bright red rose for a funeral. ... I feel something is wrong. Of course, a bright red rose at a funeral would be one of the failures unless the deceased or bereaved family specifically wanted it.

With a little care, you can avoid the past, "In fact, I used to send flowers to a funeral and failed." Because flowers are easy to send, I would like to keep a few notes.


There are five specific points to note.

-Confirm firmly
-Pay attention to the date and time
-Don't make mistakes in choosing a store
-Choose a flower that matches the funeral of the other party
-Pay attention to the price
-When sending a flower offering, first make sure to confirm

The first thing to keep in mind is to make sure you know where to send the flowers.

For example, let's say the bereaved family is thinking of quietly holding a funeral at home with the family alone, with few people invited. If you send a big wreath there, it may be a nuisance to the bereaved family who thought "secretly only with the family". Suddenly sending a large wreath will surprise the bereaved family, and if you decorate it outside, it is possible that nearby residents will come to confirm "Maybe you died?" Even if the bereaved family is happy to receive it, depending on the size of the flower, there is no place to decorate it, and it may be a problem in terms of location.


Can I send you flowers?
How big is the funeral?

If you do not confirm these two points, it will be a source of failure.

Send flowers only after receiving an "OK" reply from the bereaved family, and when sending flowers, send them in a size that matches the scale of the funeral. If you're worried about the size of a wreath or bouquet, it's a good idea to ask a funeral director or florist.


When sending flowers, think carefully about the arrival date and time and the shop

The second point to note is that it is important to confirm the date and time.

For example, suppose you offer to send flowers to your bereaved family and you get a reply saying "Thank you, by all means." We chose flowers that fit the scale of the ceremony, and when it was ready to ship, we knew that we couldn't meet the funeral date. Even if you want to send flowers for the deceased, this is meaningless.

Of course, there is also a way to bring flowers and come back later because I didn't go together at the funeral. However, when it comes to sending flowers to a funeral, it is common to send garlands, stands, baskets, etc. to the funeral. The funeral schedule is rushing. If you don't hurry to send the flowers and make arrangements, it is possible that the flowers will not arrive until the date and time due to the circumstances of the carrier, and it will not be possible to deliver them.


Also, you have to be careful about where to buy flowers.

You can now buy funeral flowers online as well. Many funeral shops also sell flowers, and ordinary florists can also buy them for funerals.

The shipping status differs depending on each store. Of course, there are many stores that can deliver products on the Internet in a hurry, but online stores may have limited means of contact, and above all, it is difficult to visit the actual store. If you are in a hurry, it is safer to consult with a shop near the funeral hall or a funeral director who is familiar with the funeral situation in the area. It's also a good idea to consult a store where you can visit yourself. If you can visit the store, consultation in an emergency is smooth.

Even if you want to send flowers, it doesn't make sense if they arrive when the funeral is over and the venue is withdrawn. It is necessary not to make a mistake in choosing a store and to confirm the arrival date and time so that it will not fail.


Pay attention to the price when sending flowers! Consider the bereaved family

It is also important to be aware of the price of flowers.

Even if the flowers are the same, the price will change depending on the season. Generally, the market price of flower offerings is said to be several thousand yen to 15,000 yen. When decorating flowers in pairs, the market price is about x2. Chrysanthemums and lilies are preferred for Buddhist ceremonies, carnations and lilies for Christian ceremonies, and white lilies and lilies for Shinto. Even if you usually look at the price of flowers, "I see, it's about this", it is possible that the price fluctuated when you sent the flowers.

One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't mean that you should send expensive items. Suppose it has already sent a fine flower to the funeral of the deceased. The price was tens of thousands of yen. The bereaved family seems to be in a little trouble if they send it because they think it will be absolutely appreciated. Do you know why this is?

Wouldn't you be afraid to receive something too expensive? Don't you worry that you will have to send the same expensive flowers to the funeral of the family who sent you the expensive flowers?

How much price flowers are preferred at the scale of the funeral?
Which flower should I choose?

Tell them to the funeral shop or florist and they will give you the right advice. However, florists and funeral directors cannot give appropriate advice without knowing the funeral style and denomination, so it is important to research in advance to avoid failure.




Many people want to send flowers to the funeral.

The numerous flowers that decorate the farewell place represent the large number of people who send flowers.

Flowers are indispensable for funerals, so I get the impression that if you send flowers, you will not fail. However, the possibility of making a small mistake and failing with a funeral must-have item called a flower is not zero.

"Check if you want to send flowers to the bereaved family" "Check the scale and date and time of the ceremony" "Check the arrival date and time" "Check if the flowers arrive at the date and time you want to send and choose a shop" "According to the funeral "Choose a flower" "Think about the bereaved family who will receive the flower" ... These are basic things, but they are very important so that you will not fail in the funeral flowers.