2020/10/07 12:46:11

Find a reliable funeral director | Key points when choosing a funeral director

With the emergence of various types of funeral directors these days, it is difficult to find a reliable funeral director.

Unfortunately, there are many funeral directors who charge a large amount of money by adding a high fee as an option.

How can you find a reliable funeral director who is willing to give you a genuine and heartfelt funeral?

Here, I will talk about the points for choosing a good funeral company and the types of funeral companies.



What is the evaluation of the funeral director introduced by the hospital?

After confirming the death at the hospital, you should decide on a funeral or cremation place as soon as possible.

Some hospitals may refer you to a funeral director with whom you are affiliated.

However, the funeral director introduced by the hospital is not always a good funeral director, so listen carefully before deciding.

In most cases, funeral directors affiliated with hospitals are a bit more expensive, so you need to be especially careful about the costs.

Instead of simply saying "because I was introduced to the hospital", decide on a place where attendees can easily gather, then search for a funeral director in the vicinity and compare it with other funeral directors before deciding. That is.



Points to find a good funeral company

Nowadays, there are various funeral styles, from large funerals to small funerals for families alone.

Therefore, the funeral style that the funeral director is good at is different, and the cost also changes considerably.

For example, the number of funeral directors specializing in family funerals has been increasing recently.

If you are thinking of family funerals, you can ask a funeral director who specializes in family funerals.

They will try to make the funeral a heartfelt funeral with a reasonable budget.



Here are some tips for choosing a good funeral shop.

Is it a funeral director who is strong in the funeral style you want?

Do you have staff or a funeral home that can accommodate your desired funeral style?

Do you have a rate plan? First of all, the point is.


Can you answer the question properly?

Do you not look unpleasant even if you ask a lot of questions? Can you answer firmly? Is also a point.


Do you have hearing ability and proposal ability?

Rather than imposing a proposal, do you first hear the funeral style and budget that the customer wants and then make the best proposal? Is the point.


Can you give me a quote with a clear breakdown?

Every funeral director will make a quote before you actually make a contract.

We will decide whether or not to have a contract based on the quotation.

Are the details of the quotation clearly stated? Is there an explanation for the options? It is also a very important point, so check it out.


Do you not look unpleasant even on a low budget?

Family funerals and municipal funerals are relatively inexpensive and profitable, so some funeral directors don't look very good.

There are also funeral directors who don't look good at home funerals instead of funeral homes.

Be aware that most funeral directors who don't look good on low-budget funerals are unreliable.


Will you give me time to think before the contract?

A funeral director who prepares a quote and then rushes to a contract for various reasons is not a very good funeral director.

There is plenty of time to give the customer time to think about it, and there is no doubt that it is a funeral director that the customer wants.


Isn't the payment due early?

Make sure to check the due date when making a quote.

A funeral director who can afford to pay after the funeral is a reliable funeral director.

Generally, it is usually within a week after the funeral is over.

There are seven points to choosing a good funeral company like this.

Let's know the type of funeral director!


Funeral directors are not all the same.

There are four main types, and each type has different business routes, funeral styles, and expenses.

To choose a good funeral director, it is important to know the type of funeral director.

Here, I would like to introduce four types of funeral directors.


Funeral director affiliated with hospitals

There is a funeral director who will be referred by the hospital after being confirmed dead at the hospital.

In the case of an incident or accident, the police may refer you to a funeral director.

These are all funeral directors affiliated with hospitals and police, and often have bullish rates because they apply without any special promotion or service improvements.


Community-based long-established funeral company

It is a well-established funeral company that is well established in the area, so it is highly reliable.

We have a strong relationship with local temples and shrines, so it is quick and kind to arrange monks.

However, recently, it has been on a downward trend due to being pushed by emerging funeral companies.


A new funeral company operating on the WEB etc.

An increasing number of new funeral companies are operating mainly on the WEB to sell funerals at low prices.

There are many funeral homes that can accommodate various funeral styles by actively using public funeral homes, private funeral homes, and temple funeral homes.


Mutual Aid Society where members who are betting help each other

The Mutual Aid Society, which started after the war, is an organization of a system in which members who accumulate thousands of yen each month help each other with the expenses required for ceremonial occasions.

Since there are about 300 companies nationwide, it is easy to use, and in the spirit of helping each other, large-scale funerals can be realized upon request.


You can avoid sudden expenses because you have to make a stake in advance.

However, in reality, there are many troubles such as not being able to perform the funeral as expected or the refund amount at the time of cancellation is different, so it is necessary to confirm at the time of contract.

As you can see, there are four types of funeral directors, so it's best to think after knowing the mechanism rather than jumping to the funeral director who has a good reputation or was introduced.

I want to be careful not to have a bad aftertaste due to trouble when farewell to a loved one.




Funeral directors are not all the same.

The system is different for each classification, and recently the characteristics of each funeral director have become stronger.

That's why it's difficult to achieve a convincing funeral if the users don't have the right eyes to choose.

I want to hold down the points to identify a good funeral shop so that I can say goodbye to my loved ones.