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About the types of funeral companies and how to choose them.

Of course, mourners and attendees are important at funerals, but funeral companies are also important.

Even if the current funeral is small, there is always more or less help from the funeral company. It is unlikely that you will prepare for a funeral with your relatives or territory as you did long ago. When it comes to renting a funeral home, it's normal to get the backup of some funeral home or the funeral home that manages the funeral home.

That is why I want to think seriously about choosing a funeral company. Without the backup of the funeral company, the funeral is unlikely to proceed smoothly. It is almost impossible for a person who is usually called to a funeral to hold a funeral.

In order for the funeral to proceed smoothly, it is necessary to cooperate with the funeral company. And in order to cooperate well with a funeral company and make a funeral successful, it is important to choose a funeral company!

Learn how to choose a reliable funeral company to keep your funeral going smoothly. How should I choose it?



How to choose a funeral company! Is it true that there are different types of funeral companies?

First of all, remember that there are different types of funeral companies as knowledge for choosing a funeral company. Is the funeral company a funeral company? You may think that, in fact, funeral companies also have various forms.

A privately run funeral company is a funeral company that has been closely associated with the local community and has helped the funeral of the area for many years. It is also characterized by having a deep knowledge of local funerals and having a pipe to other companies necessary for funerals.

In recent years, it is a large funeral company that is expanding nationwide that has become popular on the Internet. Large funeral companies do not know in detail the customs peculiar to each region than local funeral companies, but they are strong in the national average funerals and the prices are low. There are also mutual aid associations and mutual aid, which are forms of using services when it is time to save money. There are various forms of funeral companies.



Is it important in choosing a funeral company? Some funeral companies do not have a funeral hall

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a funeral company is that not all funeral companies own a hall. Since it's a funeral company, there is a funeral hall, right? You might think, but that's not the case.

The same funeral company has a different form
May not have a funeral hall

These two are the knowledge to remember when choosing a funeral company. It also leads to choosing a better funeral company that you remember.



What? Is that so? I think that.

I will talk about specific things in order.

Various funeral companies! Then what kind of funeral company is good? The point is

The quality of a funeral company is not something that can be decided solely by management and form.

Whether it is a funeral company for the deceased or mutual aid depends on the service usage of the deceased and his family.

For example, if you have a mutual aid, you may have the benefit of using the funeral services hosted by the mutual aid, but if you do not have a mutual aid, you may not be able to use the services and benefits.

It does not mean that "mutual aid is good" or "it is safe because it is a mutual aid society!"

Also, since it is compatible with funeral companies, it is possible that the satisfaction level was low when recommended by a friend.



The key to choosing a funeral company is

What services are available
Is there a clear explanation
Is work fast
Compatibility between yourself and your family
How did you feel when you actually talked

It is best to choose from the five perspectives of. The important thing is not only the type of funeral company, but also the pointing and selection from your own perspective. In addition to these, be sure to check the form of the company and also have a funeral hall.



Is it related to how to choose a funeral company whether you have a company type and a hall?

Depending on the type of funeral company, subscribing to the service may be a condition for using various funeral services. This was mentioned above.

No matter how great the commentary in charge is, it is meaningless if only the service contractor of the funeral company is targeted and I am not. It is a checkpoint to see if you can subscribe immediately and receive services or receive discounts such as benefits.

If you don't have the know-how of funerals in the area, you can often get the funeral smoothly by borrowing the wisdom of a private store with a long history.

Since many private funeral stores continue to face difficult challenges, they understand everything from market prices to funeral etiquette, and for those who are "first time at a funeral", they can get more than the national chain stores, which are strong against the national average. ??

He also said that funeral companies can distinguish between having and not having a funeral hall. Local mutual aid, JA, and private funeral shops often have venues such as halls and tatami rooms.

However, some funeral companies and nationwide funeral companies may not have halls or other venues in their respective areas. In this case, you will have to rent a venue such as a local government immediately or consider making a reservation.

It's a good idea to check how much difference there is between the case where you make an individual reservation and the case where the funeral company owns a hall and you only need to check the availability.



Did you agree with the explanation? Is the cost estimate appropriate?

The form of the company is for reference only. And do you have a hall and ask for help with how long it will take to make a reservation and preparation? These are also important points, but the cost is still a concern at the funeral.

It is common for funeral companies to make individual quotes for each funeral, and although there is a tentative price guide, it is unlikely that you will be billed exactly according to the guide.

The amount of money will vary considerably depending on the number of people attending and eating and drinking. Therefore, when choosing a funeral company, I would like to focus on "is there a clear explanation" and "is the work fast?" Payers are worried if they don't explain exactly why it's an estimate.



The vague part of the estimate can lead to trouble.

Can you answer exactly what you asked? And is the work quick when you ask for a quote? This should be considered together with the company type and the points of having a meeting place.



Feeling is very important when choosing a funeral company!

The important thing is whether the funeral company and the family giving the funeral feel the same.

"Compatibility between myself and my family" and "how I felt when I actually talked to them" are very important for the funeral company and family to work together to facilitate the funeral.

If you feel uncomfortable or something you are not good at, it is also compatible, so you need to reconsider. I sometimes ask the person in charge of the funeral company to respond to the attendees, so it's not a bad attitude or feeling.

The best way to see if it feels right is to actually go to the funeral company and talk to them. There is no rule in funeral companies that you should not go until someone dies. Feel the atmosphere, response, work, etc. of the funeral company.

A funeral is the curtain on someone's life. When it comes to funerals, it's a strong feeling that it's an important event to end the life of a close family member. That's why, pay attention to various points and choose a funeral company that you can trust and that suits you.