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About funeral and funeral etiquette.

A funeral is a very important scene in a relationship with people.
Even if you are invited by an acquaintance, you may refuse it if it is not convenient for you on that day.
However, the funeral is a place to send the dead and at the same time a place to say goodbye.
It is rare to refuse a funeral even in a relationship, and in many relationships
It can be said that funerals are given particular priority.

That's why, but it seems that funeral etiquette is very difficult.
It is true that many people wear mourning clothes to remember the deceased, so grooming is important.
How much do you wrap in front of the Spirit? Should I change my appearance depending on the funeral style?
And so on, there are questions about funeral etiquette.
Funerals are the ones that cannot be refused in socializing, including courtesy.
But I get the impression that the difficult thing is a funeral.


In such funeral etiquette, I will explain the points that women can not ask people anymore. How much accessories are allowed at funerals? Should I wear it? I will explain the manners of accessories at the funeral. A must-see for all women!



Accessories are OK! However, there is a limit

There is no rule that you should not wear accessories at the funeral.
In fact, if you've been to a funeral several times, you may have seen a woman wearing pearls. Pearls are a typical accessory that can be worn at a funeral. As such, it is common for women to wear necklaces at funerals. However, although it is okay to wear it, there are manners in funerals, so the conclusion is that you should wear it as long as you do not deviate from the manners.

However, you will be inclined to say, "What is that manner?"
I also think, "I don't know what the tokoro is, so I'll look it up."
Specifically, let's answer the points of accessory manners at funerals.
The point is, "If you're worried, don't wear it," "Don't make it flashy," "Glitter is NG," and "Double NG."


In fact, at funerals it is good manners to wear black clothes (generally mourning clothes), but it is not good manners for women to wear accessories. This means that you don't have to wear accessories.

Some elderly people say, "If you have pearls, why don't you put them on?"
It is not a bad thing to attach accessories to mourning clothes as much as accents, as long as you follow good manners.
In addition, it is also a good manner to wear accessories when dressing up or dressing up clothes, so it is certain that there is an opinion that it is better to wear them. However, on the contrary, there is an opinion that "Japan is a culture of Japanese clothing, and mourning clothing is a little different from Western clothing." This is a place where individual opinions are quite different. However, in modern funerals, the mainstream idea is that you may or may not wear it.

It's important to understand that funeral venues, including accessories, are not about competing for the price and luxury of what you wear. You can also conservatively think that it is safer not to wear it than to select an over-the-top decoration. It's easy to misunderstand that some women often wear pearls, but it's good to remember that not wearing them is not a violation of etiquette, but an option.


It's okay to wear pearls! Necklaces and earrings

Pearls are a typical gem that can be worn at funerals.
There are various types of pearls, including not only white but also black, gray, and greenish shades.
You can wear white or black, or you can wear dark colors such as gray.
Since pearls have the meaning of tears, they are suitable jewels to be seen at funerals. However, even if the pearls are not NG, it is best not to wear gorgeous golden pearls. The double one is also NG because it means that the sadness is doubled.

For pearls other than necklaces, you need to be careful not to make them too gorgeous. For example, some people feel that a ring with large pearls, a large pearl earring, and a pearl necklace may be a little too gorgeous. If the pearls are too self-assertive about their mourning dress, it seems better to think a little before attending the funeral. Before you leave home, look in the mirror to see if the pearls are too noticeable. If it stands out, it's a good idea to reduce the number of items you can wear, such as by attaching only the necklace and earrings and removing the ring.


What about other gems? Should I also remove the wedding ring?

You can wear pearls, but what about other gems?
Also, should I remove the wedding ring?

There is no need to remove the wedding ring. If you're married, it's okay to wear it, and some people wear a pearl necklace and a wedding ring together, so you don't have to worry about "should I choose one?" There is none. However, the wedding ring has a large diamond, or a large carat of ruby ​​or sapphire.


In such cases, you need to think a little.

Many people's wedding rings are silver. If it's gold or pink gold, you should still think about it. Some people who attend the funeral may be concerned about it, so it is a good idea to take safety measures such as removing it and storing it in a bag only while attending.

It's okay for wedding rings to be less noticeable, but it's best to refrain from colored stone necklaces and earrings. The pink and red pyroxenes stand out, giving the impression of a gorgeous celebration. Imagine what your relatives and other attendees would think, and it's safer not to wear them either.




In summary, accessories are not essential for funerals, and if you wear them, you can wear them with "pearls" and "wedding rings", and it is safer not to wear them too aggressively. .. However, you need to be careful about the color of pearls, such as avoiding golden ones, and avoid double pearls. It's okay if the wedding ring is also a general one, but if it has large colored stones or pink gold, other attendees may frown, so gently put it in a bag, etc. You have to imagine what other attendees think.

If you want to wear accessories but are worried, a series of pearl necklaces is probably the most unsuccessful accessory.