2020/10/08 09:21:59

About cleaning and maintenance of the grave

Cleaning and maintenance are important because the graves will be inherited from generation to generation.

Over the years, tombstones are exposed to sunlight, wind and rain day and night, which can cause dirt to build up and discolor.



Clean and maintain your grave regularly to keep it clean.

Here, let's introduce how to clean and maintain the grave.

How to clean and maintain the grave
Cleaning method when visiting a grave
Make Ichirei a gravestone and join hands
Pull out weeds and trim the surrounding plants
Sprinkle water on the tombstone and remove dirt with a scrubbing brush.
Wipe off the water with a towel
Cleaning of tombstones and accessories

To clean the tombstones and accessories, sprinkle water on the tombstones and use a soft cloth, rag, or sponge containing water to remove dirt, mold, and moss.



Tombstones are natural stones and delicate, so cleansers and detergents cannot be used.

Such things can cause scratches and stains. Also, it is not good to use a hard scrubbing brush or a metal scrubbing brush.

If it is very dirty, you can remove it with a regular scrubbing brush, but stop using a hard scrubbing brush. No matter how hard the tombstone is, the corners and carved parts are often chipped, so don't rub it with force.



Use a toothbrush for small family crests and engraved letters.

After the dirt is removed and washed with water, wipe it with a rag so that no water remains.

In the case of granite tombstones, stone stores and Buddhist altar stores sell special products that remove stains and water stains.

After cleaning, fill the water bowl with clean water.



Pruning of plants

If the plant grows too much, trim it and shorten it.

If the plants are over-rooted in the ground, they can put pressure on the outer fences and tombstones, which can cause them to collapse or crack.

Even if weeds grow and are removed, use a shovel carefully.

If there are other grave plants growing in your grave, trim them.



Cleaning inside the grave area

Sweep and remove fallen leaves, debris and weeds in the tomb area.

Ball gravel may sink into the soil, so use a gardening shovel to dig it up.

Also, if you have an old stupa, you should ask the management office to process it.

After cleaning, place an offering in front of the grave and offer flowers.



Ask a stone dealer to clean the grave

If you can't remove the dirt yourself, ask a stone dealer to clean it.

In addition to stone dealers, there are also companies that clean, remodel, and repair graves.

It will be very clean if you use professional techniques to remove dirt from the grooves of the engraving and have it polished.

Also, repair any scratches or cracks on the tombstone as soon as possible. Scratches and cracks can be repaired early.



However, if you grow up, you may need to add new paddle stones.

For maintenance, it is best to ask the stone dealer who requested the tombstone, so it is also important to be able to perform maintenance when choosing a stone dealer.

One way to make your grave last longer is to ask a professional to clean it regularly.

First, ask the stone dealer who requested the tombstone.



Professional maintenance method

Let me introduce you to professional maintenance methods.

Cleaning of tombstones

Cleaning methods for tombstones include chemical cleaning and high-pressure cleaning.

Use a detergent according to the type of stone to carefully remove not only stains but also water stains, mold and stains.




After cleaning, the coating should be on the surface of the tombstone to protect it from UV rays and dust and keep it clean.

Coating agents include glass, waterproofing materials, ceramics, and photocatalysts.



Remodeling / repair

It will repair the joints of the outer fence, the accessory incense burner, and the flower stand.

Some remodeling will renew old outer fences, tombstones, and accessory epitaphs.

It's also a good idea to remodel an old grave. You should consult with a stone dealer.

It's a good idea to remake the part that holds the ashes, and ask them to investigate whether there is a part that can be left on the tombstone.



Make good use of a contractor who cleans the grave

If you can't go to the grave or the grave is far away, it's a good idea to ask a professional contractor like the one mentioned above.

Alternatively, consider asking a contractor to clean your grave.

For simple grave cleaning, for example, you can use it from a basic charge of 15,000 yen.

If it is difficult to maintain or manage the tomb, there are other ways to solve it, such as permanent memorial tombs and relocation of tombs.




As a memorial service for ancestors, it is also recommended to keep the grave clean.

Make sure to visit the grave regularly and clean every corner of the grave at that time.

Also, if the grave is particularly dirty or if you have difficulty cleaning the grave, ask a professional contractor to make the grave last longer.