2020/10/04 08:06:51

A revolutionary funeral industry

With the aging of society, demand is rising, and the funeral industry is facing a major change due to price destruction. Funeral companies with private halls are swallowed up by the times and are forced to change. How will the funeral industry change in the future? It's time to come up with a solution for the funeral family funeral.

Transformation of the funeral industry

Funeral hall ➡ Converted to rental hall
Funeral company ➡ Converted to temporary staff
Crematorium ➡ Strengthen sharing at IOT
Religious person ➡ Information disclosure by clarification
Hearse ➡ Share with share app
Product provider ➡ Direct transactions through sharing

* It will be a time of great change, and how quickly the business format will be changed will determine the outcome of survival.

Introducing an app that makes a big change smoothly. If approved after logging in with a PC, the latest system can be installed in just 3 minutes.

➡ Fswa-net
Funeral arrangement free app guide video
Funeral home / crematorium / religious person / graveyard reservation system