2020/10/06 14:01:15

5 points to prevent summer heat fatigue

Summer is a great season to enjoy grilled meat outside, with plenty of vegetables and seafood.

Winter, autumn, and spring also have their own unique merits, but in summer, "you can fully enjoy the season outside because it's not cold" and "it doesn't get cold even at night, so it's evening. It has a wonderful feature that you can enjoy the events peculiar to the night.

However, on the contrary, the characteristics of "strong sunlight" and "hot" that are peculiar to summer may become a disadvantage. It's good to enjoy the events that are held outside to your heart's content, but it would be sad if you were sick due to the characteristics of summer and ended up crying and crying when the event was exciting.

This time, I will explain about "summer heat", which is a problem caused by the hot summer and strong sunlight. What points should we be careful about in order to prevent "summer heat stroke", which is a problem peculiar to summer along with sunstroke and heat stroke, and to enjoy summer? Let's think about the prevention of summer heat fatigue from five points.


What is the characteristic of "summer heat" that loses to the heat of summer?

"Summer heat" is a poor physical condition that many people suffer in the summer. This summer heat, which is caused by the heat and the accompanying decrease in physical strength, is characterized by the fact that it does not cause flashy illnesses such as "sneezing" and "sneezing and runny nose" like a cold.

The characteristics of summer heat are "somehow tired", "dull", "loss of appetite", and "hot and unmotivated". Compare it with the common cold, which is a typical illness. How is it? The characteristics of summer heat are somewhat vague, and it is difficult to judge that it is summer heat. It seems that some people say that they are "drowsy and terrible" in summer and "have a slight headache at the end of the day", and when they consult a doctor, they may be pointed out that they are suffering from summer heat.

Summer heat is said to weaken the whole body due to the season of summer rather than a specific illness, so it seems that some people may feel weaker and more tired than usual. Summer heat is a problem because it is an unclear symptom and the body is weakened. And it is troublesome that many people think that it is "summer heat fatigue" and "it can't be helped because it is summer" because of the unclear symptoms.

If you feel too tired, tired, lethargic, light-headed, dizzy, headache, or lethargic, consult your doctor first. If you think lightly that it will be summer heat, your body may become weak. In the case of such a serious condition, it can be said that the limit that can be prevented by an individual has been exceeded.


5 points to be careful about in preventing heat fatigue

If the decrease in physical strength due to summer heat is mild, and if you do not feel that you are suffering from summer heat, you can prevent summer heat by paying attention to the following five points.

All five points are basic, but if you think that you can prevent heat fatigue by adhering to the basics, you can say that the basics must be important.

-Build a strong body in the summer
-Be careful about your diet
-Moderate air conditioning
-Frequent intake of water and salt
-It's also important to sweat


Let's talk a little more concretely about each.

In particular, the fifth point is that you may wonder, "What is sweat?" Certainly, if you are just told that it is important to sweat, you will be inclined to ask, "Should I sweat in the sauna anyway?" To prevent heat fatigue.

The basics are important! Build a strong body in the summer!

First of all, it is important to "build a strong body in summer" before summer to prevent heat fatigue.

Building a strong body in the summer means eating a well-balanced diet, exercising moderately, and getting enough sleep. The idea is to keep the roots of your body strong. Summer heat also means "to lose in the summer and lose heat". If you don't have a solid body, when the temperature suddenly rises around June, you will lose the heat and get sick.

Due to the diversification of life today, some people work at night and sleep during the day. Many people are too busy to have time to eat. Even if you sleep and eat well to build the basics of your body, many people can't. However, the body is still from a regular life. The prevention of summer heat is also due to regular diet and sleep. Think carefully about your life and review your diet and life schedule. It is important because it is basic.


Ingredients that are effective for summer heat! Salt and water are also important

After reviewing your basic life, that doesn't mean that summer heat fatigue is perfect. Continuation is power. It is important to continue to prevent heat fatigue. Let's try to "actively ingest foods that are expected to be effective for summer heat fatigue in the summer".

Many eels are on sale on Saturday's Day of the Ox. Eels are nutritious and effective in preventing heat fatigue. Do you have the impression that eel is a typical summer ingredient, seasonal? In addition to eels, summer vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, corn, peppers, and Japanese ginger are effective in preventing heat fatigue. It is an ingredient that you want to incorporate into your diet. Not only are seasonal foods delicious, they are also suitable for each season.

In addition to eating nutritious foods that are suitable for the summer, it is necessary to "take in salt and water properly." Drink water instead of alcohol, tea, coffee, or tea, especially when you drink water to prevent heat fatigue.


Sweat and adjust your body! Don't take too much air conditioning

Surprisingly important is "sweat". Many people are reluctant to sweat, and many will be concerned about the smell of sweat in the summer. However, sweat plays an important role in controlling body temperature. Sweat is very important for human beings, and it is one of the functions of the body to prevent heat fatigue. You don't have to sweat in the sauna anyway, but it's important to sweat moderately in your daily life and with a little exercise to maintain normal physical function.

In recent years, the heat has continued, and air conditioning has become indispensable in the summer. However, it is also a problem to keep bathing only in the air conditioner for 24 hours. Sweat moderately and avoid paralyzing your body's unique functions. Of course, it does not mean that you should not use the air conditioner. It means "use the air conditioner properly". There is no point in getting heat stroke to prevent summer heat stroke. This is a point to note.



I explained 5 points about the prevention of summer heat fatigue. Five are "building a basic body so as not to get sick in the summer", "ingesting the nutrition necessary for the summer with summer ingredients", "ingesting moderate salt and water", "sweating moderately", and "not overcooling" It is a point. However, this is just a point to prevent summer heat fatigue, so it is not a method to recover from summer heat fatigue immediately.

It is dangerous to leave summer heat "because it is summer" and "it can't be helped because it is hot every day". There can be dangerous situations such as losing weight without knowing it. If you feel tired, dizzy, loss of appetite, light-headedness, or loss of motivation, please go to the hospital to enjoy the summer instead of "patient until the end of the summer". You can enjoy delicious food and leisure because you have a healthy body.