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Tips for a non-contact futuristic smart house! !!

Tips for a non-contact futuristic smart house! !!

The pandemic caused by the recent infectious diseases that occur frequently has become an unavoidable world. Bill Gates reports that it's most important to be prepared on a regular basis, no matter what the pandemic. How is Bill Gates prepared?

It's not just a mansion! 12 high-tech and unique Bill Gates home charms

When I first passed in front of the house of the president of Company U, which is said to be the richest person in Japan, I wondered, "Oh? What is this?"

A vast site set up with Dawn in an ultra-luxury residential area in the city center. Surrounded by a massive wall (!), You can't see it at all. In sight are the guards standing in front of the gate, multiple security cameras, and night game lighting towering inside the walls.

According to the "rumors" in the neighborhood, the site was supposed to be a home for the elderly, but if that happens, the quiet and elegant area will be crowded with home shuttle cars and business cars ... to prevent it. In addition, it is said that the president of Company U has started to purchase this vast land in this prime location.

Even though it is a residential area where many entertainers, veteran writers, presidents of large companies, and top elites of foreign securities companies live, even among the rich residents around here, the president of company U Homes and behaviors are always a hot topic and are getting a lot of attention.

However, I'm very rude, but I dare to say it. No matter how prime Tokyo is, the home of the richest person in the country is "this level"! ?? Of course, it is 100 times larger than our house, but even our small dog can go around the outer circumference of the "castle wall" of the president of Company U.

Perhaps when you enter the house, it is full of treasures of tremendous value and it may be a different world, but compared to the homes of millionaires in the world, it does not seem to be "normal".

So, I wanted to check the home of Bill Gates, who is said to be the richest person in the world. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, with his total wealth of $ 79.3 billion as of November 2015.

Bill Gates's house is nicknamed "Xanadu 2.0".

In the Orson Welles movie "Citizen Kane," the name of the fictional house of newspaper king Charles Foster Kane was Xanadu. As a homage to the film, Bill Gates named the house "Xanadu 2.0" (Peach Blossom, Utopia).

It took seven years to build and cost as much as $ 63 million. This amount is tremendous for the average person, but for Bill Gates it's just a lot of money. Because this amount is less than 0.1% of his total wealth.

However, a mansion that is just large and gorgeous is, in a sense, no different from other millionaires' homes.

What makes "Xanadu 2.0" unique to Bill Gates is that it is one of the most advanced and technologically advanced mansions in the world. As expected, he is a co-founder and technology advisor of Microsoft!

Let's take a look at the crazy and unique point of Bill Gates' full bloom of 66,000 square feet of "Xanadu 2.0".

Part 1: Surrounded by nature

Many of Bill Gates' huge settlements are buried on hillsides and surrounded by towering trees. These natural environments (green trees, etc.) act as walls to efficiently regulate temperature and reduce heat loss.

The 500-year-old Douglas Fir beams protect a stainless steel roof surrounded by concrete, stone and glass walls, creating a very green and eco-friendly space. Looking west from the lakeside of the mansion, you'll find a spectacular view of Seattle.

Part 2: Greater than any gym!
The exercise facilities at Xanadu 2.0 are far superior to a regular gym, with a whopping 232.2576 square meters.

Steam room
Separate locker rooms for men and women (with a total of 4 shower rooms and 2 bathtubs)
Trampoline room (It seems that the floor of the room itself is a trampoline, not the room where the trampoline is placed)
Swimming pool with a size of about 5m x 18m
These facilities are in place.

Music plays underwater. The pool floor is fossil-patterned, and swimmers can dive under the glass walls to reach the outdoor terrace.

Part 3: Introducing high-tech equipment without a touch

The 1900 sq ft guesthouse was first completed in 1992. It was a French Provencal style by architect Peter Bohlin. This building was mostly buried underground.

The house, which has only one bedroom and one bathroom, has high-tech equipment like the main building. First, new high-tech equipment will be installed and tested in this house, and if it turns out that there is no problem, a similar one will be installed in the main building.

Part 4: An artificial river where fish swim around the island

An artificial river runs outside the premises of the mansion to protect privacy. This river is a potential security wall.

Cutthroat trout (state fish) and salmon are made to swim in the river to create aesthetics, and it actually looks like a natural river. Perhaps Bill Gates just wants to enjoy fishing, rather than letting the fish swim to create an atmosphere.

Part 5: Equipment for attentiveness to invited guests who are treated too well

The mansion has 24 bathrooms. Ten of them are also equipped with bathtubs. When as many as 23 guests come to stay, each one is assigned their own bathroom ... it's more like a hotel than a private residence! ??

It seems that there are 6 kitchens in all. Each building of the mansion has its own kitchen, so no matter where on the premises there is an event or party, staff can cook near the event and serve it before it gets cold.

Part 6: Extraordinary asset value

Most of the land on this property was purchased in 1988 and was priced at $ 2 million. But today it is said to be more than double this amount.

Judging from Bill Gates' property tax records in 2009, the mansion seems to be worth a tremendous amount of $ 147.5 million.

As of 2012, the mansion was more than double its original price, with an estimated value of $ 123.54 million.

Part 7: Use your home to collect charity money!
Every fall, as part of Microsoft's charity campaign, company employees donate products and "services" so that fellow employees can bid.

The "service" means that employees who bid during the winter can invite friends from outside the company to tour Xanadu 2.0 in a mini-group. The donations collected here will be delivered to the corporate charity fund.

In 2009, despite the ridiculous time of the economic collapse, the winning bidder also paid $ 35,000 to qualify for this tour.

Part 8: Bat cave! ??

Do you know what Bill Gates and Bruce Wayne (Batman) have in common? Both are millionaire entrepreneurs and own their own bat caves.

Bill Gates doesn't have a Batmobile, but has three garages that can hold a total of 23 cars.

The most eye-catching is the "bat cave", the underground cave garage. It has a hidden structure as if wrapped in a veil, and 10 cars can be parked in this garage.

The garage itself is entirely constructed of stainless steel and concrete, some of which have been intentionally destroyed. This is to create a "deconstructivist" look.

Part 9: Comfortable for cold and hot guests!

Upon entering the Bill Gates mansion, visitors will be given a special microchip (pin). The computer inside will then recognize those pins and know the brightness, room temperature, and music of your favorite lighting.

It is said that even if each person moves to a different room, the brightness will be suitable for the person, the temperature will be the person's preference, and the music that the person likes will be played.

I wonder what would happen to the room temperature automatic adjustment if the cold guest and the hot guest stayed together for a long time, but the details up to that point are unknown. I'm sure that is perfect, but ...

Part 10: No music! No Life! ?? There can be no life without your favorite music! ??

Bill Gates is a man who loves something hidden and mysterious. What this means is that Bill Gates' mansion has hidden guest rooms, hidden garages, hidden bat caves, and many other "secrets".

One of the most fascinating and high-tech-savvy uses is the "hidden agenda". What this means is that there are speakers hidden in the wallpaper throughout, through which music can be delivered (played) to other rooms.

Simply put, let's say you're listening to the Beatles in a room on the third floor of a large building. You can listen to it in the room on the first floor at the same time.

As a mechanism, it seems that all the guests receive the pin of the microchip in which the music selected by each guest is input when entering the mansion.

I don't think this is a little overkill, but ... pressure-sensitive code sensors and monitors are installed on the floors of all parts of the mansion.

It means that the owner of the mansion, his family, or the security officer can find out when and where he is by the information such as where and who is walking in the house.

Part 11: Layout as you want? The wall is not on the wall ...
Computer screens are installed in the walls throughout the mansion. The price of a TV computer screen is $ 80,000.

In fact, this screen is run by multiple computer storage devices ($ 150,000).

Anyone in the mansion can switch the screen to their favorite picture or photo at will. Each bedroom and guest room allows the user of each room to control the screen of each room at will.

Part 12: Alexander Great Library! ??

During the Ptolemaic dynasty (c. 300 BC), Alexandria (Egypt), facing the Mediterranean Sea, was the most prosperous metropolis in the world. Academic research in astronomy, mathematics, and medicine was far more advanced than in Western countries.

At this time, a library was built in this city. The Library of Alexandria. It was the oldest and largest in the world. It is said that when the Roman army burned the library, the famous Cleopatra VII screamed and was almost fainted in shock.

It's unclear if Bill Gates had any thoughts on the Library of Alexandria at the time. But he also set up a large library at his home in Xanadu 2.0, which he would have created with the ancient Library of Alexandria in mind.

It has a dome-shaped shape, is classical and measures about 195 square meters. The reading room is equipped with bright lighting and a fireplace. The coolest room in his mansion is the Great Library.

There are also two secret rotating bookshelves reminiscent of "Anne Frank's hideout."

The back of one of the rotating bookshelves is a hidden bar. It is said that this bar has more "secrets" (it is a mystery what kind of gimmicks are hidden).

Also, somewhere in this library, a 16th century notebook of Leonardo da Vinci (Codex Leicester) is stored (exhibited).

Bill Gates bid for a "priceless" notebook at the 1994 auction that could be said to be unpriced. She has paid as much as $ 30.8 million, which is nearly half the total construction cost of the entire mansion.

The last thing to notice is the library ceiling. It contains a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby.

He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream his must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it

He went a long way and finally arrived at this lush grass. The dream seemed to be within his reach, and he wouldn't have thought he might miss it.

Translated by Haruki Murakami "The Great Gatsby" (Chuokoron-Shinsha)

It's not just gorgeous! A mansion full of charm!
As I wrote at the beginning, this Bill Gates mansion was nicknamed after the mansion "Xanadu" in the movie "Citizen Kane".

In the movie, newspaper king Charles Foster Kane dies alone in "Xanadu". Because I knew the punch line and dared to name it "Xanadu" in my house, there may be some darkness in Bill Gates.

By the way, Japanese millionaires and celebrities who visit their homes often appear in the media. As a whole, I feel that I am proud of the "amount".

"This painting cost XX yen, this sofa was made XX and XX yen, this bed is custom made, this closet is made to order, this mirror is from the XX century ..." These conditions continue endlessly. I will.

That's fine, but like "Xanadu 2.0", I feel that it is more interesting and favorable if you can clearly see not only the owner's millionaire but also playfulness, specialty fields, interests, and sensibilities. But how about it?

And I think it would be interesting if the president of Company U, the richest man in Japan, would hold a charity tour at his home. (If that is the case, various people will come into a quiet high-class residential area and become lively, so I wonder if some rich residents in the neighborhood will not like it. Bitter smile)

There are various comments on the internet about Bill Gates' "Xanadu 2.0".

Because it is a legendary mansion, there were also conspicuous comments that tilted the head, saying, "It seems that the images and detailed descriptions of" Xanadu 2.0 "that appear on the net are mixed with lies and those of other people's mansion." It was. (* Honestly, it is unknown how true the content and images of this article are.)

Sure, it's speculation that perhaps the servants and guests working at Xanadu 2.0 have agreed to the rule that home information shouldn't be dismissed, and feel free to take pictures as if you were going to Disneyland. I can't even take a picture.

Regarding the "Xanadu 2.0" information that appears in the table, rumors call rumors and it seems that a lot of truth is mixed. But that may be fun for Bill Gates, who just loves "hidden secrets."