2021/01/16 08:37:12

Introducing a high-tech supermarket that changes dramatically!

Introducing a high-tech supermarket that changes dramatically!

The other day, a high-tech supermarket that breaks through the current situation at the dawn of Gaia was introduced. The attitude of engineers to confront the current state of global infection is wonderful. It would be great if you could shop for food without contact.

Finally, a demonstration experiment of a delivery robot on a public road! What is a high-tech supermarket <magic cart>? Retail site that changes with "non-contact"

A documentary that conveys the back side of economic news through the appearance of people struggling in the field. This time, we will take up the form of Japanese consumption that has changed significantly due to the influence of the new coronavirus. We will approach people who are struggling in the retail field, such as supermarkets that support "food," and surprising new technologies.

The whole picture of "high-tech supermarket" realized by IT professionals

"Cash register cart" that makes full use of IT

As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads and prolongs, "contactless" lifestyles such as telework and online meetings are spreading. In the distribution and food industry, which supports people's lives, various measures have been taken to prevent the spread of infection, and the creation of new sales floors in the with corona era has begun. The food supermarket "Trial", which operates mainly in Fukuoka Prefecture, has introduced a "cash register cart" that makes full use of IT. Customers can read product information by themselves using the tablet and barcode reader installed in the cart, eliminating the need to line up for accounting. Contact with people is reduced to the utmost limit.

Hiroyuki Nagata, who leads the high-tech of "trial"

Originally, "Trial" is an IT company that creates a cash register POS system (point-of-sale information management). Therefore, he made use of the collected and analyzed data to enter the retail business himself. Aiming for a new retail that makes full use of IT, following the rapid growth of American discount stores at that time. Hiroyuki Nagata, who leads the high-tech of "trial", is the second generation of the founder. He studied abroad in the United States when he was in college, studied retail and IT, and joined "Trial" after returning to Japan. He has used his knowledge to undertake various reforms.

His proprietary AI camera

Approximately 1,200 AI cameras developed independently are installed in the store. These help to digitize the best-selling products and selling times by observing the movements of product shelves and customers, optimize shelf allocation, and prevent shortages. It is said that the manufacturers who deliver the products are also paying attention to the data of the "trial" and using it to improve sales. A large supermarket that makes full use of this high tech made its first foray into the Kanto region in July this year. Strategies for creating sales floors in the Coronavirus are being revealed one after another, and the flow will spread to competitors.

How will after-corona retail change?

Tasting and tasting sales are prohibited at supermarkets, etc.

The influence of the new corona is also unexpected. Tasting and tasting sales are prohibited at supermarkets. Food manufacturers that have been hit are forced to build new sales promotion measures as the period is expected to increase.

Demonstration sales remotely

The major miso maker "Hanamaruki" is now aiming to recover with household seasonings and liquid salted jiuqu. However, the situation where demonstration sales, which has been an important sales promotion tool until now, cannot be done. The measure taken there is remote demonstration sales.

Non-contact demonstration sales are unexpected development

A large monitor is installed in the special corner of the supermarket. On the screen, a video of a salesperson demonstrating cooking in another place and a dish that looks delicious is projected. When a shopper approaches, a salesperson calls out to appeal the product. Supermarkets also have high expectations for new attempts, but non-contact demonstration sales are unexpected.

Automatic delivery robots play an active role in hotels in Shibuya

The flow of "non-contact" is also in the field of logistics. Robotic delivery was about to evolve rapidly. Automatic delivery robots are active at hotels in Shibuya, Tokyo. The robot was introduced to create a topic when it opened, but nowadays, it is becoming popular because it can be delivered without contact. The Japanese government has also begun to take serious steps and relaxed regulations in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. Embark on an automatic home delivery experiment.

Automatic delivery robot "Deliro"

Robot venture "ZMP" develops robots that utilize autonomous driving technology one after another. The automatic delivery robot "Deliro" is already in the final stage of practical use. The 360-degree sensor and camera on the car body recognize the surroundings three-dimensionally, and by holding the QR code over it, you can open the key and receive your luggage. At the earliest, demonstration experiments on public roads are scheduled to begin by the end of the year.