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The reason why AR is attracting attention on EC mail order sites!

The reason why AR is attracting attention on EC mail order sites!

On the EC mail order site, the expression in AR has become epoch-making convenient. AR is most effective from the user's point of view because it superimposes a digitized imagination on the actual space.

How does online shopping change with AR glasses? Transform your home into a brand store

"AR (Augmented Reality) Glass", also known as "Post-Smartphone". Demonstration experiments of corresponding services will proceed in various fields such as entertainment and sports. We asked MESON (Shibuya, Tokyo), who developed the service of "AR x fashion", and the key person of CyberAgent, as the customer service to avoid "denseness" is required due to the corona virus.

Mr. Kento Kajitani. MESON CEO. Developing XR services centered on AR with various companies. His book is "The Easiest Growth Hack Textbook" (Impress). <Right end of the photo> Mr. Naoki Ashida. Director of CyberHuman Productions. Joined CyberAgent in 2013. After working as a planner, he established a CG changer specializing in 3DCG video advertisement production in 2017 and became the representative. Incumbent since 19 <Left photo> Atsushi Nakahashi. CyberAgent He is a creative director. He has been in his current position since 2018. He has worked on numerous creative productions with the theme of fusion of digital and physical. Since 2016, Associate Professor at Digital Hollywood University / Graduate School

"AR (Augmented Reality) Glass" where various information and objects emerge in the real space in front of you. Development competition is intensifying as a "post-smartphone" that can take advantage of the high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency, etc. of the next-generation communication standard "5G." For example, Facebook has released the AR glass development project "Project Aria" and is accelerating its development. It seems that Apple in the US is also promoting commercialization, and it is rumored that it may appear as early as 21 years.

The AR glasses of these two giants are still ahead, but in fact, some glasses have already reached the practical range. China's Enreal's "Nreal Light" is influential for the general public.

Nreal Light from Nreal, China. At first glance, ordinary sunglasses. Use by connecting a smartphone or an external dedicated unit

The feature is that it is used by connecting to a smartphone, and the glasses part is super lightweight at about 88g. At first glance, it doesn't feel strange when worn, as if it were ordinary sunglasses. It has already been released in South Korea for just over 60,000 yen, and it is possible that it will be launched in Japan within 20 years at the earliest. In Japan, Nreal has partnered with KDDI. The development of services that utilize Nreal Light is progressing one after another. MESON CEO Kento Kajitani, Cyber ​​Human Productions (Shibuya, Tokyo), who develops "PORTAL with Nreal", a service that expands EC with AR glasses, to see how AR glasses can change lives We asked Director Naoki Ashida and Cyber ​​Agent Creative Director Atsushi Nakahashi about the current location and future of AR.

Experience new shopping where the house becomes a brand store as it is

--The presence of EC is rapidly increasing due to the corona virus. How does "PORTAL with Nreal", which makes full use of AR technology, evolve EC?

MESON CEO Kento Kajitani (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Kajitani) This service was developed with the theme of "making a house a store". When NrealLight is applied, various decorations and objects appear in your room, and the entire space of the brand is reproduced. A model appears in front of you, and you can see your favorite items from all angles. Only AR can actually walk closer and turn behind. Furthermore, it is a mechanism to put the product in the cart as it is and complete the purchase.

When you put on the glass, a miniature model appears in front of you, and when you select it, a life-sized model appears in the room. Point your smartphone and operate the pointer in the air

It is also assumed that you select a product, put it in the cart and purchase it as it is