2021/03/09 08:01:38

EC site starting with AR!

EC site starting with AR!

EC sites using AR, which are expanding in the food and beverage industry and the furniture industry, are becoming effective in lowering the hurdles for purchasing by letting users experience the actual size.

Takumi Otsuka, EC site "FURNI" for designer furniture utilizing AR (Augmented Reality)

Takumi Otsuka Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Katsuhisa Otsuka), a comprehensive interior producer, has created Takumi Otsuka's original brand and Takumi Otsuka's original brand on the luxury interior EC site "FURNI" that uses AR (augmented reality) functions. We will start handling famous overseas interior brands from April 26th (Friday).

By using the AR (Augmented Reality) function, you can place the high-quality, highly-designed interiors handled by Takumi Otsuka in the actual room on your smartphone.

And you can see the design of 360-degree furniture by holding your smartphone over the front, side, back, etc. of the placed furniture.

In addition to seeing the design and size of the furniture itself, you can check the arrangement of furniture in the newly built property and the image of room remodeling on your smartphone in advance, and if you like it, you can purchase it on the FURNI site as it is. ..

FURNI solves many customers' common problems, such as "I don't know until I put it in the room" and "I don't know if the color and design match the atmosphere of the room". ..

[About FURNI]

FURNI, operated by KAKUCHO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taisuke Takemoto), is a luxury interior EC site that handles designer furniture from around the world. By using the AR (Augmented Reality) function, you can select your favorite furniture / interior from more than 400 types of furniture / interior registered in the app and place it in the actual room to try it out. It is a high-class interior EC site that realizes both AR and EC, and you can purchase furniture that suits your room with the touch of a button.

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