2021/03/03 07:45:19

Rapid increase! EC site using AR! !!

Rapid increase! EC site using AR! !!

Recently, more and more people are buying products online. I think that when you receive the shoes you purchased, the size does not fit in many cases. An EC site that uses AR to solve such a problem! Measurement is completed just by matching what is displayed in AR to your feet!

See and experience! An EC site with an AR function is born

Online understanding of "disaster prevention / mitigation / infectious disease countermeasures" products that are necessary even for coronavirus-support from business negotiations to purchase

Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Osaka Headquarters: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, President: Hidefumi Araki), which handles large-scale membrane structures (tent structures) and various disaster response products, is now corona However, we have a lineup of "disaster prevention / mitigation / infectious disease countermeasures" products with high urgency and social needs, and opened an EC site with the latest functions such as AR (augmented reality) and online business negotiations. ) Will start full-scale operation.

The "Taiyo Kogyo Online Exhibition", which will start full-scale operation by operating the product purchase function, will allow you to visually understand the functions and features of our products, centering on "disaster prevention / mitigation / infectious disease countermeasures" products. , It is an in-house operated EC site that can handle everything from specific business negotiations to electronic commerce.
The AR (Augmented Reality) function visualizes the size of the product and the actual installation image at the customer's site, and the 360-degree view of the 3D model allows you to check detailed specifications and "see" by making full use of technology. We have realized the creation of a site. In addition, as an initiative that other companies' sites do not have, we have made it a site that allows two-way discussions with a function that allows you to reserve online business negotiations on the spot according to the customer's desired date and time. By enhancing these functions, usability has been improved so that actions from information gathering to business negotiations and purchases can be performed in one go.

While the demand for online e-commerce is increasing due to the influence of Corona, we are also developing support for more diverse customers from the conventional sales style centered on face-to-face sales. The "Taiyo Kogyo Online Exhibition" opened this time is part of this, and medical professionals take in fresh air into their suits, including the emergency air tent "McQuick Shelter", which is in high demand from medical institutions for outpatients with fever. Not only for use, but also for "Medicon", which is attracting attention as a protective suit for sympathizers, and "Quick Partition", a one-touch partition that is becoming more important in establishing a shelter system for Corona. We have a lineup of two products (25 items), aiming for a new sales style that connects companies and consumers as well as business-to-business transactions.

Taiyo Kogyo Corporation will continue to expand the product run-up of the "Taiyo Kogyo Online Exhibition" and will enhance the sales support system for the new normal era after the new Corona.

Check the installation image at the installation location with the AR (Augmented Reality) function from your smartphone