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Augmented reality

How to use VR

What is the difference between VR / AR / MR / SR?
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In recent years, "VR (Virtual Reality)", which is used in various fields, has come to be often seen in articles and news in recent years.

"AR (Augmented Reality)", "MR (Mixed Reality)" and "SR (Substitutional Reality)" are attracting attention for the same technology as VR.
R (Reality) is attached to both technologies What is the difference between these technologies?

I will investigate.

We will also consider each definition and how to use it.

What is VR?
First, let's take a look at VR, which is becoming a familiar presence that we often see in games.

Definition of VR
VR is an abbreviation for "Virtual Reality" and is translated as "Virtual Reality" in Japanese.

The content will give you the experience of being in the "virtual world" projected on your device.

It originated in an old technology (concept) called an airplane simulator in the 1930s, but in 2016, which was also called the first year of VR, it was launched by each company.

Since then, a number of VR games and other content have been released, and various types of headsets and VR goggles have also been released.

How to use VR

Users are jumping into the virtual world, and they are able to obtain various experiences while utilizing senses other than vision.

It has become convenient because it is used not only in the entertainment field such as games and videos, but also in various fields such as education, advertising, sports, and medical care.
"Take lessons from popular teachers as if you were in the classroom" "Athletes work on more flexible and immersive training and simulations while changing the difficulty and environment" "Share difficult operations around the world" VR is used at many sites, such as "relaying while broadcasting" and "putting furniture in the house before purchase to experience life".

What is AR?
How is AR different from VR? Let's also see how to use it.

Definition of AR

AR is an abbreviation for "Augmented Reality" and is translated as "Augmented Reality" in Japanese.

While VR creates "another virtual space", AR adds digital information created by CG etc. to the real world.

In other words, it is a technology that reflects (extends) virtual reality in the real world.

Unlike VR, AR is "mainly in the real world".

How to use AR

A well-known content that uses AR is a smartphone game app. It is an application that uses the location information of the smartphone to project the scenery of the real world and the character of the virtual reality together on the screen, and you can experience as if the character of the game is on the spot (reality).

What is MR?

MR has the feature that you can experience the virtual world that enters in VR and the real world that is the main body in AR. What kind of experience will it be?

Definition of MR

MR is an abbreviation for "Mixed Reality" and is translated as "Mixed Reality" in Japanese. It is a technology that allows you to experience the virtual world by superimposing it on the real world. In the case of MR, the subject is the virtual world (digital space), which is the opposite of AR. Information in the real world can be reflected in the virtual world through cameras and the like. Since the information in the real world can be fixed in the virtual world, multiple people in the same MR space can obtain the information and have the same experience at the same time.

How to use MR

As an example of the use of MR, a technology that superimposes and displays full-scale 3D data on a virtual space that measures position information in the real world has appeared. This has made it possible to perform preliminary verification in the manufacturing industry and the construction / construction industry. Since it can be observed from any angle and can be verified smoothly in advance, it is attracting attention as a technology that can be expected to grow further and be widely used in the future.

What is SR?

SR is a technology that is still in the experimental stage, but it is attracting attention as it can be used for experiments related to human cognition and psychological systems.

Definition of SR


SR is an abbreviation for "Substitutional Reality" and is translated as "substitutional reality". By using a head-mounted display to replace past images in the real world, you can create the illusion that old events are happening right in front of you.

How to use SR

Since SR is an experimental technology, there are no examples of its use. However, in the future, it is said that it may be useful for experiments related to human psychological and cognitive systems by utilizing illusion technology.

New technology will change our lives

VR, AR, MR, and SR are technologies that are constantly evolving, and various contents are being created as a way to create a realistic experience that goes beyond conventional expression methods. In addition, all technologies are expected to be applied to fields other than those currently in use, and will continue to attract a lot of attention.
In the near future, the new technologies introduced here may significantly change our lives.

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