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Examples of using artificial intelligence

Examples of using artificial intelligence

What kind of utilization is being used in the artificial intelligence field, which has rapidly advanced due to the evolution of semiconductors in recent years? Here are some examples of articles that are still being used in the age of weak AI.

10 selections of AI (artificial intelligence) utilization cases

AI (artificial intelligence) is beginning to be used in various fields.
This time, we will explain examples of using AI (artificial intelligence) so that you can imagine how AI will make our lives and work more convenient.
We have carefully selected 10 popular use cases, so please enjoy reading to the end.

1: AI utilization example in ICT

Currently, AI (artificial intelligence) and ICT (information and communication technology) are changing society.
A huge amount of high-quality information is indispensable for the development of AI.
And in recent years, with the advent of dialogue platforms, it has become possible to obtain real information on a wide variety of people.

A typical example is Alexa from Amazon.
Every time a user talks to Alexa, AI studies the user's lifestyle patterns, food preferences, and so on.

At the moment, the main function is to meet the needs of users, but in the future it may be possible to present the necessary functions without saying anything.

2: AI utilization example in online search

Online search is an example of everyone unknowingly using AI.
Search engine systems such as Google are examples of introducing AI.

For example, if you search for "AI case studies" on Google, AI programming will observe your reaction.
Which page you clicked on, how long you were looking at that page, whether you were able to see the answer you were looking for, and so on.

If you don't see a satisfactory page and enter another search word, Google's AI will learn that the search display has failed.
As a result, the more you search on Google, the more accurate your AI will be.

3: AI utilization example in service

The compatibility between AI and the service industry is outstanding.
Above all, the use of AI is already being promoted in service operations with manuals.

For example, many companies use chatbots for customer service.
The majority of inquiries and answers that come to customer service are defined.
Another risk is that the retention rate of human resources is poor due to the large amount of work.

By teaching AI the answers to frequently asked questions, AI will be able to respond to customers automatically.
In addition to improving work efficiency, you can cut human resources costs and training costs.

Recently, the number of companies that provide chatbots is increasing, so it is relatively easy to introduce.

4: AI utilization example in marketing

The better you understand your customers, the better your service will be and the higher your sales will be.
Based on this idea, individualization of marketing is now the mainstream.

Have you ever used an online shopping site and recommended a product that seems to suit your taste?
That is an example of marketing personalization.

In order to provide optimal services to individuals, AI that can instantly analyze huge amounts of customer data is indispensable.

5: AI utilization example in security

In recent years, security awareness has increased.
For example, have you ever been in a long line for baggage inspection at an airport?
While awareness of security measures is increasing, it is also true that humans have their limits.

In terms of security measures, AI is better than humans.
By utilizing image recognition AI, baggage inspection at airports can be performed faster and with higher accuracy than humans, and it is also possible to instantly find a specific person from a security camera.

Security is an area that can coexist with AI.
AI can only discover specific people and suspicious objects, and cannot actually catch them.
In the future, there may be a future in which security guards wear AI-equipped smart glasses and humans catch suspicious persons recognized by AI.

6: Examples of AI utilization in recruitment work

Large companies are already using AI in their recruitment process.
The conventional recruitment work has the following problems.

Screening for document screening takes time
It costs labor costs
Can't approach candidates who live far away
Selection criteria differ depending on the interviewer (selection criteria are not unified)
Entry sheet screening is the most common way to introduce AI in the recruitment process.
AI will read the applicant's resume and screen out candidates who do not have the required abilities and values.
In addition, AI video interviews, in which AI judges the video of a candidate, are also widespread.

However, we cannot completely leave the recruitment work to AI.
Amazon used to consider introducing AI into recruiting operations, but it turned out that AI was discriminating against women during the development stage.

Amazon used past resumes as AI learning data.
In the past, it was difficult for women to advance into society, and many women were dropped in interviews.
Not surprisingly, AI has learned the wrong idea that men are better than women.

Given these cases, it is a big risk to leave the recruitment work that affects a person's life to AI alone.
In many companies, humans check the entry sheets and video interviews of candidates dropped by AI.

7: AI utilization example in medical care

The great thing about AI is that it can accurately grasp patterns and features that humans overlook.
The medical field can make the most of its merits.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago found that mammography-learned AI found early-stage breast cancer in 52% of women before doctors confirmed the diagnosis.
By showing AI X-rays of cancer patients at each stage as in this case, it is possible to detect cancer instantly.

AI can also derive the risk of an individual getting sick.
For example, by having AI analyze the lifestyle, age, and annual income of diabetic patients, it is possible to create a group with a high probability of developing diabetes.

8: AI utilization cases in the financial industry

AI utilization cases are increasing in the financial industry.
Among them, chatbots, risk assessment, market analysis, and portfolio management are popular.
Let's take a closer look at portfolio management here.

I think there are many people who are interested in investing because of the 20 million yen pension problem.
However, since you don't have specialized knowledge, you don't know which brand to buy.
By utilizing portfolio management AI, it is possible to create the optimal portfolio for each individual according to the budget and allowable risk.

Since AI conducts corporate financial statements and chart research, even beginners of investment will not lose much.
In addition, FP can utilize AR to efficiently create portfolios that propose to customers.

9: AI utilization example in smart car

According to a survey conducted by IBM, 45% of executives in car development companies expect smart cars to be put to practical use by 2025.
The spread of smart cars is a technology that can be realized by the development of ICT and AI.

A smart car is a car equipped with AI and information processing functions, and is more safe and comfortable.
For example, the AI ​​system recognizes pedestrians and automatically brakes when the distance to the pedestrian is too short.

In addition, you can learn driver behavior patterns to automatically play music, set air conditioning, and even convey traffic information.

10: AI utilization example in natural language processing

Natural language processing is simply the ability of machines to understand human language.
With the development of AI, the accuracy of natural language processing has become extremely high.

Now that machines can understand words, life is full of natural language processing.
The chatbots we've already seen are an example of natural language processing.
When the machine understands the inquiry accurately, it will be able to provide the appropriate answer.

The number of cases of introducing natural language processing is increasing in online shopping as well.
"Amazon Comprehend" provided by Amazon is a user review analysis tool that can extract keywords and judge whether the review is positive or not.

Natural language processing is an important technology in the future and will be introduced in the development of robots that can communicate with people.


As we have seen in the case studies, AI is already being used in our daily lives and business.
Above all, the introduction of AI will be indispensable for future corporate activities.
By utilizing AI, work efficiency will be greatly improved.
If you look at various AI case studies and are likely to be incorporated into your industry, why not consider it positively?