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EC utilization in AR is accelerating! !!

EC utilization in AR is accelerating! !!

In recent years, many services utilizing AR have been increasing in mail order, EC, and stores. A service that allows you to imagine a product using AR and order the product as it is is attracting attention. Introducing the outline of various services.

10 AR Measures Used in EC / Stores

Alibaba x Starbucks Offers AR Experience at Starbucks Flagship Store in Shanghai

In December 2017, Alibaba in China and Starbucks in the US have partnered to open the flagship store "Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai" where you can experience AR.

The spacious interior is laid out with three 27-meter-long wooden coffee bar counters and a 40-ton copper roasted cask, with a variety of coffee beans, siphons, Starbucks products, and more. You can experience AR at the place.

Alibaba's "Taobao" is adopted as the dedicated AR application, and the process from coffee cultivation to roasting, such as knowing the type of beans by holding a smartphone over the coffee siphon, is done with AR. You can see.

In addition, users can receive digital badges each time they experience AR in the store, and new measures are expected to promote store visits, such as issuing coupons and utilizing marketing, using this function.

Treasure hunt in AR, new purchasing experience that Nike aims for

AR is used in the "Nike SNKRS App" released by Nike Japan on March 20, 2018.

This app is the official app of the curated sneaker-only EC site "Nike SNKRS", and in addition to the function of selling sneakers, it posts a variety of contents that entertain lovers such as information on new products and limited products. I am.

When you point the camera at the restaurant menu, street advertisements, posters, etc. specified in the mission, sneakers will emerge by AR and you will have the right to purchase them, and you can use AR to enter the park like "Pokemon GO". We also carry out projects such as treasure hunting to find hidden sneakers.

In this way, Nike is designing the entire service as hands-on entertainment and is working to improve fan satisfaction.

"Japan direct sales AR app" released that you can purchase immediately after seeing AR

In April 2018, the mail-order brand "Japan Direct Sales" operated by transcosmos inc. Released the AR app "Japan Direct Sales AR App" that works with the paper.

With this app, you can watch detailed videos of products by launching the AR camera and displaying the products in newspapers and catalogs. It also has an EC function as a shopping app, so purchasing on the app is smooth. All the videos of the products can be viewed by the archive function, so even if you have lost your purchase after seeing the product, you can look back on the app and purchase it later.

It is a big advantage that you can purchase AR immediately after watching the paper, and in the test that implemented AR in newspaper advertisement, the response rate exceeded expectations and the number of inflows to EC reached 150% of the normal time. It was.

While paper media are still heavily used by some age groups, the company's AR app-based measures provide both easy-to-understand paper and the convenience of EC at the same time for both existing and new customers. Meet the needs of.

Try on brand furniture with AR, Living Style Co., Ltd. "RoomCo AR" app

"RoomCo AR" provided by Living Style Co., Ltd. is a room coordination app that uses AR technology. This app contains about 300,000 items such as furniture from more than 20 brands such as MUJI and Nitori.

By using AR, you can freely place CG in your room or other place where you want to place items, and you can choose the interior as if you were trying on it while comparing brands and colors while the actual size is easy to understand. I will.

In addition, the products listed in the app are linked to the product page of each brand's mail-order site, so you can purchase them smoothly and realize omni-channel.

Since AR can give customers a more realistic product image than before, it is effective in improving conversions on EC sites and improving customer satisfaction, and is expected to become the mainstream of EC in the future.

Wal-Mart introduces AR in stores, displays information such as product reviews in AR

In November 2018, Wal-Mart, a major US supermarket, newly implemented the AR function in the official app developed by the company.

When you start the "AR Scanner" installed in the app and hold it over the product, in addition to the product name and price, product reviews that were previously only seen in online stores appear as 3D data and are displayed near the product. Will be done.

In addition, with this app, you can make payments on the app and purchase scanned products smoothly. There is also a service that delivers the purchased products for free, so you can purchase the products scanned at the store without taking them home on the day.

These functions are expected to be used in various situations such as rainy days, shopping with young children, elderly people and wheelchair customers.

AR experience x skin care, SK-II opens his pop-up store "SK-II Wonderland"

Skin care brand SK-II held a pop-up store "SK-II Wonderland" that adopted AR at CASE B in Harajuku, Tokyo from November 26, 2018 to January 24, 2019.

In the store realized by combining Google's cutting-edge AR technology "AR Core" and SK-II's accumulated knowledge of skin for many years, there are 26 things such as digital art and treasure hunt games that can be played using AR apps. An interactive AR experience was provided.

In addition, "Skin Scan" uses the latest image analysis technology to analyze the condition of the skin without directly touching the skin. The skin age derived based on the skin data accumulated in the database can be known through the AR app.

Such experience-based branding measures are expected to appeal to younger generation potential customers such as millennials who emphasize experience, and to collect marketing data by utilizing AR.

Virtual trial with AR, brand cosmetics shopping changes with L'Oreal and Facebook partnership

In August 2018, cosmetics company L'Oréal announced that it had a long-term partnership with Facebook, along with AR company ModiFace, which it acquired in March of the same year.

The partnership will integrate Facebook's camera app with AR from ModiFace, enabling virtual trials of branded cosmetics such as L'Oreal and Maybelline using videos.

After trying make-up, users can try it one after another virtually without the hassle of removing make-up, and since this video can be shared on Facebook as it is, you can get advice from family and friends, etc. , Convenient and new shopping experience.

According to the survey, the younger generation, especially millennials, wants to make full use of technology for AR utilization by retail brands, and the needs are also at a mature stage.

Experience cherry blossom motif AR at "Afternoon Tea TEAROOM" nationwide

"Afternoon Tea TEAROOM" operated by Sotheby League Co., Ltd. held a spring campaign using AR from March 1st to March 31st, 2018.

During this period, when you load the target take-out product and the illustration of the POP "Sakura Card" on the table of each store with the AR app, his AR movie and original with flowers and cherry blossom petals designed by popular illustrator SHOGO SEKINE. The photo frame is displayed.

In addition, if you add "#Ohanami Afternoon Tea" to Instagram and post the tea room menu or take-out products, you will win the SHOGO SEKINE autograph plate by lottery.

In campaigns at restaurants, AR is often used while waiting for an order, so the percentage of customers participating is high, and Instagram measures will lead to increased awareness mainly among young people.

Utilizing the AR app at "Funassy LAND Funabashi Main Store" where you can watch store-only videos

At the Funassy LAND Funabashi Main Store in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, AR has been used since July 1, 2018.

Funassyi LAND Funassyi Main Store is the official Funassyi shop in the large shopping center LaLaport TOKYO-BAY, and sells stuffed animals, miscellaneous goods, stationery and other Funassyi goods. ..

In addition, you can watch the AR movie spoken by Funassyi by scanning the AR markers in various places in the store with the dedicated app. This movie has a GPS function, so only visitors can watch it.

This time, AR was adopted for the purpose of attracting customers to enter the Funashi LAND store and improving the migration rate in the store, even though there are many stores in large commercial facilities. By introducing AR that is limited to visitors, it is possible to create a flow of "searching for markers-> seeing goods in the store-> purchasing goods", and sales of goods are also improving.

AR event held at "Snoopy in Ginza 2018", a collaboration project between Ginza Mitsukoshi and Snoopy

At Ginza Mitsukoshi, a collaboration project "Snoopy in Ginza 2018" with Snoopy using AR was held from July 25th to August 12th, 2018.

In the AR stamp rally, you can get a digital stamp by holding the AR app over the designated board installed on each floor, and if you collect all 6 stamps, you can get Snoopy's original art written for this time. You can get the sticker you used.

Also, in AR animation, if you read the special art pasted on the show window on the Ginza street side on the 1st floor with the AR app, you can watch the original animation as if Snoopy started to move.

Until now, department store customers are older, so digital measures have not been taken, but this time the use of AR will increase the effect of attracting popular characters, and will increase participation and migration rate in a wide range of generations. Is connected to.