2021/03/06 08:43:10

EC site using AR is expanding!

EC site using AR is expanding!

Now that AR technology is advancing, its use in factories and EC sites is becoming more widespread. AR is a technology that makes it easy to grasp the size and image by projecting 3D data of actual objects in real space, and finds trust in users.

Display products three-dimensionally with "AR + EC" → Expect to improve CV and reduce returns! AR shopping function of "Shopify"
"Shopify AR," which uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology to display products in three dimensions, is said to improve conversions and reduce returns on EC sites.

On September 19, Shopify Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of the EC platform "Shopify" used by more than 600,000 stores worldwide, offered "Shopify AR" that displays products in three dimensions using AR (augmented reality) technology. Announced that it has started.

All businesses operating EC sites on "Shopify" can use "Shopify AR". It is said that it will help consumers to convert EC sites because it can give consumers a more realistic product image than before.

Image of product confirmation using "Shopify AR"

In the past, AR had to develop a dedicated app, but "Shopify AR" can be viewed on a browser. By utilizing "AR Quick Look" newly introduced by Apple Inc. in iOS 12, products can be confirmed through AR from iOS compatible models of "Safari".

AR makes it easier to imagine the size of a product compared to a normal product photo. For example, you can check in advance the feeling of oppression when you put a large sofa in the room, and whether you can put your bicycle in the empty space of your home garage. You can also browse the product from all angles and zoom in to see the details.

Shopify Japan says that using "Shopify AR" will lead to improved conversions and reduced returns for online shops.

You can check products from various angles on the bicycle EC site
Overseas, the bicycle EC "Pure Cycles" utilizes "Shopify AR" to enable 3D confirmation of products.

According to Shopify Japan, "Pure Cycles" is "excited to give customers who are far away from all parts and angles a purchasing experience that is like a real experience, which is not possible with conventional product photos alone. What we can offer. " And he commented as follows.

For those who want to know all the specs of a bike, the AR feature allows you to quickly spawn a bike to check the specs. They will be able to experience the product even at home, such as "This is Shimano drivetrain" or "You are using a solid brake lever. It feels good."

You can check the usage image and improve your satisfaction.
An e-commerce site that uses "Shopify AR" in advance for "HORNE" as well as home fashion and furniture items. Even if consumers do not go to the showroom and look at the products, they can check the image as if they put the products sold on the EC site anywhere they like at home.

According to "HORNE," you can imagine what it would look like when you actually bought the product, and it is also important to improve customer satisfaction.

If you return the item, we feel we have failed. This is because the image of the customer's product may differ from the actual product, or the expectations may not have been met.