2020/11/22 09:34:33

Develop the system!

Develop the system!

When it comes to system development, there are many barriers from planning to implementation. At our company, we provide the patent system that we have already built by changing the layout to suit the company, so it is possible to significantly reduce costs. For inquiries about our patent system? This time, I would like to introduce an article about a failure in normal system development.

About failure cases in system development and their causes

Of course, there are projects that succeed in system development, but there are also projects that do not go as planned and fail.
Therefore, here, we will investigate the cause of why system development fails.
If you are going to be involved in your own system development, I would be grateful if you could take advantage of this failure example.

■ Failure cases in system development
First, as a failure case in system development, we will introduce a case where "a system that works but has poor cost performance has been completed". In this case, there were two problems.

The first point is that "I can't understand what the system developers are saying." I didn't know what I was saying, but I didn't know where to start, so I proceeded to the next process, which was a major cause of my failure.

The second point is that "the system that the ordering party wants was not fully communicated to the development side." In this way, as a result of the lack of reliable communication between the development side and the ordering side, a system with poor cost performance that was not well understood was created.

■ Causes of failure in system development
The problem with the failure cases I mentioned here is lack of communication. Underlying many failures is lack of communication between the ordering side and the development side. Let's find out the cause of the failure in system development a little more concretely. By suppressing this, you should be able to increase the success rate of system development.

● Insufficient preparation at the start of the project

The biggest factor is lack of preparation at the start of the project.
We cannot share these conditions, such as what kind of system we want to create and what we want to do with that system, and as a result of the progress of the project, a system that is not ideal is completed. In this way, the root of the lack of communication between the ordering side and the development side is that the ordering side does not have a high degree of understanding of system development, and the development side is concerned about the immediate delivery date and cost. Can be said to have a great influence. It is important to increase the amount of communication anyway. In addition, the ordering side will be able to communicate in depth by acquiring some knowledge related to system development.

● Inconsistent recognition, which is the core of the project

This cause is also caused by lack of communication between the development side and the ordering side.
Not only before the project, but also during the project, we have not been able to communicate carefully, so we do not notice the difference in recognition between the two, and if we slip, we will move on. The result is something completely different from the ideal system.

● Priority evaluation

When developing a system, the priority of each process is very important. However, when developing with the waterfall model, if a problem occurs somewhere, it will be necessary to stop the entire project once, so the schedule will be greatly disrupted.

● The estimate is ambiguous

System development failures are often due to ambiguity in estimates. For example, if you adopt the spiral model method, you will have to redo all development every time you modify it. Although a high-quality system can be created by that amount, the budget may have exceeded the expected budget, resulting in a bankruptcy.

■ For successful system development
As mentioned above, many of the causes of failure in system development are due to lack of communication between the ordering side and the development side.
In order to improve this, it is important to consciously increase the amount of communication.
Even if you think you can understand what the other person is saying, it is important to paraphrase it in your own words several times and check if there is any discrepancy in recognition.

It is also an effective measure for the ordering party to have some knowledge of system development.
You will be able to communicate more smoothly just by acquiring basic knowledge about the flow of system development and what kind of development method you have. By paying attention to these points and actively communicating with each other, the success rate of system development can be increased. I hope you can practice it.