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API integration

API integration

Our patented system is being developed every day toward the realization of a more convenient world by linking APIs with systems from around the world. This time, I would like to introduce an article about API cooperation.

What is an interface?
Do you know the word interface? Even if you are familiar with the words, you may not understand their meaning. First, let's take a closer look at the interface.

Meaning of interface
The English notation for an interface is "interface". Translated literally, it means "the boundary between two different things" and "the point of contact". In IT terms, it is often used to mean "intermediate two different things." The term is intended for things, not people, but in what situations is it actually used?

When do you use the interface?
The usage of the interface is roughly classified into three types.

1) Hardware interface

Hardware is a Japanese word that means a machine or device. Hardware interface is used to refer to the machine-to-machine junction. To give an easy-to-understand example, the part where the personal computer and USB are connected is the hardware interface.

2) User interface

A "user" is a person who handles a computer. In other words, the user interface serves to connect the computer with the people who handle it. It is a general term for programs that convey human instructions to a computer or the results obtained by a computer. The user interface is sometimes abbreviated as "UI".

3) Software interface

Software interface is used as a term that means a format for sharing data between programs on a computer.
In addition, hardware, which is often used as a set with software, means visible personal computer peripherals such as personal computers, mice, and hard disks.
Making some of the software functions available from different software is called "API", and it is also possible to utilize API linkage in "Raku Rakusho".

Let's master how to use the word three interfaces and make good use of them.

Specific example of API
API stands for Application Programming Interface. It refers to publishing the information obtained by one application on the WEB, and taking in and sharing the published information from different applications. However, there may be some people who do not come to the point with this alone. To make it easier to understand, let's introduce a concrete example of when the API is actually used.

Yahoo! API
Yahoo! is widely used by many people as a search engine site, but APIs are used for all searches, weather, maps, shopping, auctions, etc. provided by Yahoo !.

On Twitter, it is possible to utilize the API to link with external applications. Twitter is often used for marketing and PR, but by linking APIs, tweets that tweet specific keywords are automatically liked! It is also possible to acquire the tweet history and use it for analysis.

Amazon API
As the product information introduced in the blog, one of the APIs is a system that can post an image linked with Amazon product information on the blog.

SNS authentication
When logging in to the web content, it was necessary to enter the registered ID and password. However, by utilizing the API, you can easily log in by simply sharing your SNS account information without entering your ID or password.

Accounting software
By sharing bank accounts and credit usage history with accounting software by using API, it is not necessary to enter in the books, which leads to improvement of work efficiency.

"Raku Rakusho" API
By utilizing the API in "Raku Rakusho", it is possible to upload customer data and form data managed by another software as a CSV file and share the information. Sharing information in another software with another software also leads to improvement of work efficiency and cost reduction.

Benefits of API
An API that links two different software to share information and further utilize that information. There are various benefits to using this API. Let me introduce in detail what kind of benefits will be created.

Benefits of API
Benefits of API users

・ Software development can be done easily

For example, if you want to develop software that calls a taxi with one click, you need location information and map information. Therefore, by utilizing Google Maps provided by API, it is possible to efficiently develop new software without developing location information and map information software by yourself.

・ Reduce the time and cost required for software development

By using the information provided by the API, it is not necessary to create software from scratch, so the time and cost required for development can be significantly reduced.

・ Improvement of customer satisfaction

By developing content and apps with various functions at low cost using APIs, we can offer them at a low price, which leads to improvement in customer satisfaction.

The API has advantages not only for users but also for providers.

API provider benefits

・ Collaboration with other companies creates business opportunities

By collaborating with other companies, it is possible to create hints and opportunities for new businesses to be born.

・ Become a promotion

You can approach a customer base that you haven't had much connection with until now.

・ Differentiation from rivals

By disclosing the information of ownership and utilizing the API, it is possible to differentiate from other companies.

If there are merits, there are also disadvantages, so let's understand in advance.

・ Depends on API corporate policy

If you rely too much on the information provided by the API company, there is a risk that the software you develop will also malfunction if the API company stops providing it.

API implementation procedure
In recent years, many softwares that utilize APIs that share information by linking two different softwares have been born. Because of its convenience, many people are considering creating new software using APIs. Let's introduce the API implementation procedure in detail so that you do not get "I do not know what to do" when you try to utilize the API.

API implementation procedure
* Details vary depending on the API provider, so it is necessary to confirm the specific usage individually.

STEP1 Register with API provider

Register as a user with the API company you want to receive. It is necessary to register the following items, so make sure that the information is complete before registering.

Software name
Software top page URL
Return URL (callback)
Explain why you want to utilize the API
When using overseas software, it is necessary to understand English to some extent. In fact, Twitter and Instagram are full-text English characters, so let's use the translation function to handle them. Examination may be required to use the API. It will take at least 1 to 2 days to complete the examination.

STEP2 Get API key and secret

To use the API, you will need the "API key" and "secret". These two have roles such as "login name" and "password" that are required when logging in to web contents.

STEP3 Link with software

Register the "API key" and "secret" in the software on the API provider side, and the API usage preparation is complete.

STEP4 Implement

It will be implemented after the examination is completed.

There are 4 steps to use the API. Let's make effective use of the API.

Expansion of "API Economy"
I explained earlier that API (Application Programming Interface) refers to the meaning of connecting different software to share information and utilize them. So what does "API economy" mean?

What is the API Economy?
The API economy means that the influence spreads by linking software provided by each company, and different software discovers new possibilities by utilizing each other's features.

What is the actual API economy?
The API economy that is actually being carried out is as follows.


Developed an API to add a button to call a taxi to the official app, and a hotel uses that API. We have built a system that allows taxis to pick you up at your current location by simply pressing the dispatch button on the official app when you go out (when staying at a hotel). The convenience of being able to dispatch a vehicle with just one click has been a big hit.

Financial institution

A bank publishes the API, and the accounting service uses the API. Accounting information can be managed in real time, and by linking the information, the trouble of supplying books can be saved, and as a result, labor costs are reduced and work efficiency is improved.

Car insurance

The insurance premium is calculated by collecting driving information from the sensor attached to the car and sharing information on the mileage and driving area to see if you are trying to drive safely every day. As safe driving raises the driver's reputation, drivers are becoming more careful when driving.

The API economy, in which each other utilizes each other's features in this way, is recognized around the world as a field that will attract more attention in the future. Let's remember this opportunity.