2020/10/10 10:03:11
Augmented reality

[Augmented Reality] How to develop AR?

[Augmented Reality] How to develop AR?

In augmented reality, it is possible to express more easily by superimposing virtual space on real space. As virtual data grows, it becomes a virtual world, so I don't think there is much difference in meaning between VR and AR.

For apple terminals to do development
AR kit

For Google devices
AR core

It is good to develop using AR kit or AR core when developing AR.

The AR development specifications of apple and Google are very similar, but apple has more freedom in what it can do.

It feels like ARKIT comes first and ARCORE follows.

Both are designed to make AR relatively easy to develop. I understand that it is easy to use and updated every day as I develop it, but I feel that the things I can do are still limited. Therefore, many companies are developing original AR development tools.

Important points to start AR!
In order to develop AR, it is necessary to create virtual data to be superimposed on the real space.

There are two approaches to creating data.

One is to scan the real thing with a 3D scanner.

Scanning is created by measuring points (polygons) of an object in terms of distance and direction, connecting them with triangles, and superimposing image data (textures). In order to create realistic data, many points are measured, the image quality becomes high, and the data becomes large.

If you try to superimpose the enlarged data on the real space, it will become heavy and the specifications of the terminal will be insufficient.

Therefore, the most important point is to make the data as realistic as possible while dropping it to a low volume of data.

The second is to create 3D data!

The method of creating 3D data with 3D creation software is very time-consuming.

It's a way to spend a lot of time creating realistic data with low capacity, similar to scanning.

It's the same as where you dropped it, but the approach is different, so you will be creating it while using it properly.

Data creation method that will attract attention in the future!

NVIDIA, the world's leading GPU semiconductor company, is developing tools to create 3D data using AI from image data and video data. We note that this is a very attractive attempt.

At the same time, I would like to look forward to improving the specifications of the terminal and making it possible to display it without dropping it to low-capacity data.

I hope that the time will come soon when many of the troubles of creating data now will be eliminated.