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App development

App development

With the spread of smartphones, the number of companies developing IOS and android apps has increased. When it comes to developing apps, the cost will increase more than expected. We have patented IOT app, cashless app, hotel reservation app, automatic ordering app, AR app, etc., so the cost is about 5 million yen (delivery time 2 months when text change, image change, logo change) ) Allows immediate introduction. Please contact us if you are interested. Please refer to the article on development costs when developing from scratch below.

[2020 version] How much does it cost to request application development?

The number of users of smartphones has steadily increased, and it has become commonplace to install and use various apps. According to data released by App Annie, a provider of app market data and analysis tools, the total number of downloads worldwide for iOS and Android was 204 billion in 2019, an increase of 6% from the previous year, and it is still today. The number of downloads is on the rise.

Many companies may be considering requesting the development of smartphone apps and in-house apps that have obtained such citizenship. So how much does it cost to actually develop an app? I checked the market price of application development.

Average market price for app development costs
In fact, how much does it mimickingly cost to develop an app? According to a survey by MLS Dev, we divide apps into eight types and calculate costs. As a numerical premise, this development cost is provided to notice a common understanding. It is also converted as 100 yen per dollar.

Average development period / development cost
App type Development period Development cost
Function-specialized application (calculator, camera, etc.) 1.5 million yen per month
Data linkage application (weather, calendar, etc.) 1 to 1.5 months 1.5 million yen or more
Member apps (store apps, etc.) 2-3 million yen or more for 2 to 3 months
SNS application (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) 2 to 8 months 2.2 to 11.5 million yen or more
E-commerce apps (eBay, Alibaba, etc.) 2-12 months 3.5-17 million yen or more
On-demand apps (Uber, Nimber, etc.) 5-7 months 5-6 million yen or more
Marketplace app (Tripadviser, etc.) 7 months or more 11.5 million yen or more
IoT & hardware apps (beacons, etc.) 3-5 months 3 million yen or more
Determined by labor cost and development period
What is the cost calculated when requesting application development? It is determined by multiplying the development period (man-hours) by the unit price of the engineer. Specifically, when the development requirements are decided, the designer creates the design based on UI / UX, and the engineer develops each function. If there is something that requires database design, that work will also be done. The table below shows it.

Maintenance costs will be incurred after publication
The application development has been completed, and the application has been released successfully. However, maintenance is still required after that. Android and iOS continue to upgrade their OS from time to time. In the past, due to the OS update to iOS 11, 32-bit apps became incompatible and there was a problem that the app could not be used. As a result, traditional apps have endeavored to support 64-bit.

In addition, maintenance of servers, push notifications, mobile payments, APIs, etc. related to the app will also be included in the cost. The average cost of maintaining an app is said to be about 20% of the annual development cost.

If you request development without deciding the function, the price will vary
Here, we extracted the materials from the study session on the estimation of smartphone application development for development companies that was held before, and considered the cost market of the estimated amount (posted with permission from the organizer of the study session). I have).

This study session assumes a curry chain store called Pepper Co., Ltd., which operates 50 stores mainly in the Kanto region. From the request "I want to develop an official app centered on improving customer satisfaction," the aim is to acquire heavy users in stores and to acquire the social graph of the curry community in the future.

The functions and requirements are as follows.

● Function
・ Store search (use GPS to pin the location of the target store on the map screen)
・ Menu function (30 items)
・ Login function (OpenID or Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
・ Check-in function (NFC / iBeacon)
・ Coupon display after check-in (automatically generated on the server side. Invalidated after use)
・ Display of campaign information
・ Latest information display (WebView)
・ Language translated into English is also required (for overseas tourists)

● Requirements
・ I want to develop iOS and Android apps (iOS6.0-7.1, Android4.0.3-4.4.2)
・ Not applicable to tablets
・ Design is provided by the design company
・ The server side is under development by the information system department of the client.
・ Support and maintenance after publication will be quoted separately.
・ The client does the application publishing work

● Schedule
・ Start 1 month: Design data creation
・ Start 2 months: Integration test with client server
・ Start 3 months: Published after acceptance test

From the above contents, we confirmed with the screen specifications and requirement specifications, and seven teams repeated discussions and created an estimate for application development.

Team name Unit price Man-hours
(Person day) Estimated amount
(Excluding tax)
Team A 40,000 yen 335.0 13,394,000 yen
A team of 5 people (1 PM, 2 Android, 2 iOS). Estimate by QR code.
Team B 40,000 yen 860 3.44 million yen
Design 15 man days.
Team C 40,000 yen 77.8 3112,000 yen
It took time to grasp the specifications and adjust them.
Team D 40,000 yen 77.0 3.08 million yen
I estimated it with an image.
Team E 40,000 yen 67.5 2.91 million yen
Hybrid app. Login related is supported by WebView.
Team F 40,000 yen 121.0 4.84 million yen
Check-in is supported by GPS before iOS6.
Team G 40,000 yen 21.0 1.62 million yen
Estimate of mounting man-hours. Test man-hours are outsourced. A team of three.
Why it varies so much
The average estimated cost is 3.5 million yen, but the cost ranking varies considerably from 13.39 million yen to 1.62 million yen. The reason for this was that many people said that the requirements were abstract and they did not know how much man-hours should be estimated for which function.

For example, even if you say store search in a nutshell, the search result is "map display" or "list display", and in the case of list display, "by prefecture" or "display in order of close location using GPS", store There are many options when you think about concretely, such as whether to embed the information in the app, whether to always get the latest store information from the database, what to do when a store is selected or canceled, etc. there is.

If strict requirements are not selected at the planning stage, it seems that there are many cases where the cost is high because it takes time to think about detailed requirement settings. In addition, additional quotes may be incurred if functional changes occur during app development. If you calculate the estimate in anticipation of that, it seems that there will be cases where it will be higher than other companies.

Check the estimate with the estimate simulator
So, in fact, you want to know the estimated cost of how much you want to make your own app. Sites that can simulate the estimated cost of apps have appeared from various places including overseas.

Let's enter how much it actually costs on the above site. Specifically, we will simulate on the following assumptions.

Hope to develop Android and iOS apps
No personal information registration (no DB use)
No in-app payment
Hope to participate from application planning
Request the design of the app
Use Google Maps
Use social and push notifications
As a result, the amount of 60,100 dollars (about 6.64 million yen) and 5.05 million yen were calculated. On average, you can develop an app for around 5.8 million yen. Those who think that "database design" or "payment function" is necessary will increase this amount even more.

Recently, a service that combines favorite parts has also appeared.
As mentioned in the news, "Project Ara", which allows you to select your favorite parts from Google and create your own original smartphone, was announced at the developer conference Google I / O 2016.

"Project Ara" allows you to create your favorite smartphone by combining module functions such as cameras, microphones, and speakers other than the base of the smartphone according to your favorite specifications.

Looking at the smartphones on the market, there are various requests depending on the user, such as "I want the camera to have high performance even if the speaker is not high performance" or "I want the camera to support wide size". This project has been completed, but in the future there will be a future in which users can easily create their own smartphones.

In addition, there is an IoT service called "MESH" that allows you to create your own favorite functions.

There are times when I wish there was such a function in the world. In the TV commercial, an "electronic pot" was broadcast, in which an email was sent when hot water was added to the pot. You can create your own flow such as "raise" by connecting functions on the app.

Similarly, in app development, there is a trend of selecting favorite functions and assembling apps.

Until now, we have discussed and developed from the requirements definition to basic design, detailed design, manufacturing, unit test, from the outline of the request contents to the details, but if it is made to order, it will take time and cost. It is the current situation.

Many corporate apps are now available, including McDonald's, GU, and Seven-Eleven. If you download the app and compare its features, or read back the user reviews for that app, you'll see that this feature is a staple.

Therefore, it is better for companies to develop apps using standard functions as modules, because it saves the trouble of discussing from scratch, which leads to reduction of time and cost. In addition, it will be easier to use because it contains standard functions for users.

Module Ups allows you to develop your company's original application by selecting and assembling the module functions you want. Since the database linkage function is also installed as standard, there is no additional cost. However, since the design part also has a corporate image, we have created a separate design.

If you say "you can't spend much money on requesting app development" or "you are not particular about design", there is also a privately run store app development service that allows you to select multiple design templates and develop apps at a low price. ..

If you are currently considering the introduction of the app, please contact us as we will cooperate.