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AI utilization example

AI utilization example

In Japan, it is said that the population will decrease and the economy will deteriorate. We are entering an era in which a company cannot be established without making maximum profits with a small number of people. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, FSWA develops systems such as AI, AR, VR, IOT, blockchain, and cashless with excellent engineers. This time, I would like to introduce an article about AI utilization cases.

[AI utilization example] What is AI (artificial intelligence) that makes work more efficient?

AI (artificial intelligence) has been rapidly developed in recent years and is often featured in the media. Did you know that AI technology is beginning to be incorporated into offices? AI is appearing one after another that can process the complicated work that human beings have done over time in a short time.
This time, we will introduce how to incorporate AI into business and what kind of use cases there are. Please read this if you are interested in improving work efficiency by utilizing AI in-house.

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What are the benefits of using AI (artificial intelligence) for business?
Here, we will first introduce what kind of work AI (artificial intelligence) exerts its power, and then briefly introduce what the power can actually be used for.

What are the strengths of AI (artificial intelligence)?

The first strength of AI (artificial intelligence) is that it "learns by itself." AI machine learning, especially deep learning technology, has enabled computers to learn image and voice recognition, prediction, classification, and even description as humans do. It was.
Therefore, unlike the conventional method that is programmed only for the situation assumed in advance, the learned AI responds flexibly to new problems and issues.

In addition, because AI is a machine, it can continue learning and processing 24 hours a day. By leaving it to AI for tasks that take a lot of time when done by human hands and simple tasks, it can be done with much higher accuracy and speed than humans. Within a company, it's groundbreaking to be able to focus on more valuable work by reducing human error and increasing productivity.

What can AI be used for?

It is used in various situations of many companies in order to utilize the characteristics of AI to improve work efficiency.

In the personnel scene, AI can perform the entire process of selecting by looking at a huge amount of entry sheets and employment. In the past, recruitment activities took a long time depending on the experience and intuition of the person in charge, but by utilizing AI, it has become possible to do it in a shorter time while ensuring fairness.

In the marketing scene, AI automatically analyzes data such as the number of visitors to the website and suggests ways to improve the website. In recent years, many companies have used Google's data analysis tools and other tools for their marketing.
AI is also used to improve sales in marketing-related sales situations. AI will teach you the know-how of communication that you had to learn through experience, based on the accumulated data. In addition, AI that extracts data of prospective customers, promotes the provision of services that meet the needs of those customers, and automatically creates necessary documents such as quotations has also appeared.

Introducing examples of using AI (artificial intelligence)!

From here, we will introduce examples of AI utilization, including more advanced ones, based on the utilization method mentioned earlier.

"IBM Watson" introduced in the call center

"IBM Watson" is an AI technology that uses natural language processing technology. By understanding the grammar and context, it has the ability to instantly extract the required information from unstructured data.

At the call center, IBM Watson transcribes the company-customer interaction into text and suggests some good answers from historical data. Find thousands of possibilities from millions of sources and rank the likelihood of answers based on the quality of the evidence collected. This system has already been introduced in various industries because it saves the operator the labor and time of checking each customer inquiry.

Business efficiency AI provided by Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox provides services that utilize AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT to improve work efficiency and productivity. Since we have introduced RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which is a mechanism in which robots take over the routine tasks that humans perform, humans can concentrate on tasks that require judgment and creativity. ..

"Recognize handwritten information such as forms and convert it to a format that can be processed digitally", "Aggregate based on data downloaded from the Web and automatically generate a report", "From application reception to confirmation and approval" Various services such as "automating a series of operations" and "automatically detecting relevance with specialized knowledge such as the impact of law revisions on products" are beginning to be provided.

Fuji Xerox's AI-based services are expected to enable operational efficiency and creativity, resulting in improved competitiveness and productivity. We also provide a service that analyzes the interactions between people in the office and plans work style reforms, and proposes specific methods for work style reforms.

AI solves nursery school allocation work in just a few seconds!

In 2017, a demonstration experiment using AI was conducted in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture. The content is to improve the efficiency of admission allocation work for nursery schools using AI. Since it is necessary to maximize the various desired conditions from the applicant, a lot of effort was spent on this allocation work even in cities, wards, towns and villages other than Saitama City.

In the past, it was a large-scale work that took about 30 staff members for more than a week, but as a result of improving work efficiency using AI, it has become possible to allocate thousands of children in just a few seconds. The result of the allocation was as complete as that by humans, demonstrating the accuracy of the allocation by AI. It is expected that this method will be used in various other fields in the future.

Management analysis engine SHARES

HOLDINGS is a management analysis engine equipped with AI (artificial intelligence). Uploading the company's financial data to this management analysis engine will help you compare performance with companies in the same industry, apply for loans, and give advice on receiving subsidies. Of course, it is also possible to analyze accounting data and summarize sales, operating profit, and operating profit margin in graphs and tables.

In this way, AI provides services based on big data that were previously provided by specialists such as accountants, reducing the time and cost required for requests. This service, which gives advice on management improvement, will provide a lot of useful information to companies.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also uses AI!

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan has also begun efforts using AI. Since 2014, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has been working to reduce waste food such as convenience stores using weather forecasts, but from 2017, we began to put into practical use an AI-based store visitor number prediction system.

In this system, AI predicts the demand for beverages and foods from sensational words such as "hot" and "cold" posted on SNS and weather data. The food and garment industries are paying close attention to this system in an attempt to reduce losses by adjusting supply based on AI forecasts.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is trying to increase the cost related to nursing care robots by about 20% in the 2019 budget to further focus on supporting companies.
The aim is to promote the development of nursing care robots, eliminate labor shortages and overwork in the field, and make the development of nursing care robots one of the pillars of Japanese industry. In addition to assisting walking and excretion, the development of a function that records the health condition and behavior of each patient and proposes an efficient nursing care method is being developed, dramatically reducing the burden on the nursing care site. Is expected.

in conclusion

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