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Artificial intelligence

Advantages and disadvantages of AI!

Advantages and disadvantages of AI!

The most important thing in using AI (artificial intelligence) is that it is easier to use if you know that AI is not all-purpose and has advantages and disadvantages. What kind of things are suitable for AI this time? Please refer to the article about.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI? Introducing problems and solutions of artificial intelligence

The word IoT was born, and AI is becoming more and more familiar. How will AI change medical care, education, and work? How will life change? I think there are many people who are interested in it. This time, I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of AI.

What is AI?
What exactly is AI in the first place? Before we get to know the pros and cons, let's first deepen our knowledge of AI.

What is AI?
AI is an abbreviation for "Artificial Intelligence". AI can reproduce some of the actions that humans are taking with software, so it can perform various tasks in both business and daily life.

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What is "AI / artificial intelligence" that I can't hear anymore?

The topic of AI (artificial intelligence) has begun to appear in the news on a daily basis. According to the "2019 Artificial Intelligence Business Survey" by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, the AI ​​market size, which was 530.1 billion yen in 2018, expanded to 1.2 trillion yen in 2022 and 2,128.6 billion yen in 2030. Is expected to be ...

What AI can and cannot do
AI that works on behalf of humans is very convenient, but of course there are things that cannot be done. An example of what you can do

Speech recognition (reading text, transcribing human voice)

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Accuracy exceeds humans! Use cases of AI voice recognition

The technological development of "speech recognition" in which AI recognizes human voices is progressing. This "voice recognition" can be inferred by AI analyzing the voice uttered by a person. In recent years, the number of services that make use of this voice recognition has increased, and it can be used in all aspects from work to daily life ...

Image recognition (can recognize what is reflected in the image)

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What is image recognition? Functions, examples, relationships with AI, background of attention, introduction methods, etc.

Image recognition is one of the typical fields of application of AI. As the name suggests, image recognition can recognize patterns from images and identify "what is reflected". We have succeeded in dramatically improving accuracy by a method called deep learning. Then, specifically, with image recognition ...

Natural language processing (can understand language and write sentences)

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What is "Natural Language Processing (NLP)" that I can't hear anymore?

Hello, this is Pal. How many of you can confidently answer the question "What is natural language processing?" I'm not sure, but it's language-related AI, right? I think many people think that. If it's called natural language processing ...

There are three main types.

On the other hand, "what you can't do" is

Make something with Zeroichi
Understand people's emotions
Etc. The creativity of creating new things is unique to humans.

In addition, AI cannot be entrusted with management work that requires understanding and understanding of human emotions, and work such as childcare workers.

Examples of AI in everyday life
Do you know that AI is lurking in our daily lives?

For example, "Siri" on iPhone and iPad is a function that uses AI voice recognition. AI is involved in the back of convenient life, such as the language processing ability for predictive conversion that appears when typing characters on a mobile phone or personal computer, and the image recognition ability for a cute camera application.

Where is AI used?
AI is introduced not only in daily life but also in work. AI is used in the field of companies, medical care, and education to streamline operations.

4 benefits of AI and specific examples
Now that you have a deeper knowledge of AI, let's dig deeper into the benefits of AI. I will introduce it with concrete examples of how it is actually used and how it is useful.

1. Business efficiency
AI does simple tasks in business, medical care, and education on behalf of humans.

If you are a company, you can improve the efficiency of your work by leaving the routine work to AI.

In medical treatment, AI can reduce the diagnosis time by about 80% by diagnosing the medical condition from CT / MRI images. AI has a large amount of data that the human brain cannot remember, so it can learn and diagnose various diseases.

In education, AI is useful for automating test scoring and optimizing learning for students. It is the same as improving the work efficiency of a company that the work efficiency can be improved by reducing the detailed work such as test scoring.

2. Eliminating labor shortages
The second advantage of AI is the elimination of labor shortages. Due to the aging society of Japan, the working population is decreasing year by year. AI plays an active role there.

Unmanned stores are being used at various stores such as convenience stores and apparel shops. There are not many unmanned stores using AI yet, but it is expected to increase in the future.

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3. Data analysis and forecasting
The third advantage of AI is data analysis and forecasting.

AI is good at collecting, analyzing, and predicting vast amounts of data, as is the case with medical practice. This ability, which surpasses humans, is useful for corporate management and marketing.

At Coca-Cola Japan and Ebiya, which sells souvenirs from Mie Prefecture, we succeeded in increasing sales by analyzing AI data.

4. Get a convenient life
As mentioned in the concrete examples before, our lives are becoming inseparable from AI, such as iPhone Siri, predictive conversion, and camera apps.

Services that have many users, such as Amazon and YouTube, also offer products that suit the user as recommendations based on past browsing history.

In recent years, smart speakers that can be operated only by voice have become common. It is no exaggeration to say that AI will make our lives more and more convenient.

Three disadvantages of AI and specific examples
While AI has its advantages, what are its disadvantages? Next, I would like to introduce three disadvantages of AI.

1. Responsibility
One of the disadvantages of AI is that you don't know where the responsibility lies.

For example, if a self-driving car has an accident, is the person in the car responsible? Or is it the responsibility of the company or factory that made the car?

These are not stipulated by law, so you should be aware of them as risks before introducing AI.

2. I can't see the process of thinking
There is a "black box problem" in AI. The "black box problem" is the problem of not being able to see the process of thinking of AI.

The case where AI beat a professional Go player became famous in 2016, but no one knows why AI was able to beat a professional because the process of thinking is not visible.

3. Employment decreases
As AI technology advances, humans do not have to do the work of cashiers and clerks. Even within a company, AI will be responsible for simple tasks, which will lead to a reduction in personnel.

Employment reductions occur at sports referees, telephone operators, hotel receptionists, and so on. It's a good idea to acquire more specialized and creative abilities so that you will not be replaced by AI.

Solutions to the disadvantages and problems of AI
So far, we know that while AI has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages.

So is there a solution to the disadvantages? From here, we will introduce solutions to the disadvantages and problems of AI.

The responsibility for what the AI ​​has done lies with the AI ​​owner
As a disadvantage of AI, he pointed out that "I do not know where the responsibility lies". Regarding this, the answer is, "Basically, the responsibility for what AI has done lies with the owner of the AI."

There are also benefits to reducing employment
There was also the disadvantage that employment would decrease because AI would replace simple tasks. In this regard, changing your mindset can be of any benefit.

This is because AI can concentrate on more creative work by doing simple tasks that humans have done so far. Another advantage is that working hours are reduced.

How was it?

This time, I explained the basic knowledge about AI and the advantages and disadvantages of AI.

By getting along well with AI, your life will be enriched and your work will become more efficient. After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of introducing AI, let's use it appropriately.