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Advanced examples of EC sites!

Advanced examples of EC sites!

On the EC site that you are familiar with on a daily basis, even a small change will greatly increase your purchasing motivation. What kind of points should be modified while looking at the case studies? I would like to take a look.

4 cutting-edge cases of EC! Introducing a digital strategy that turns the PDCA cycle in 2 hours and 5 times the monthly sales!

In commemoration of the event, we would like to introduce 4 articles carefully selected from the EC initiatives we have covered in the past at SELECK!

Make full use of many tools! An example of quintupling monthly sales in just three years
This is the case of Meganesuper Takashi Kawazoe, who has grown the monthly sales of EC, which had not been fully developed until now, to five times the monthly sales in just three years.

Mr. Kawazoe says, "EC has many inferior parts in the first place. We should raise it first," said Mr. Kawazoe, who has made repeated improvements to make EC a "sellable store" like a real store.

Starting with creative changes, we have taken a number of measures, from attracting customers using e-mail newsletters and "LINE @" to introducing the customer service tool "Flipdesk" and "VeContact" to prevent baskets from falling. Running

▼ Tools used on the EC site of Meganesuper

We interviewed about the efforts to differentiate from other sites by accumulating "small kicks".

We mainly use corporate websites, e-mail newsletters, listing advertisements, and "LINE @" to attract customers. New customers are acquired from corporate websites and listing advertisements, and repeaters are encouraged to revisit using e-mail newsletters and LINE @.

And we use various tools to operate EC. "Flipdesk", which allows you to serve customers on the Web, is a particularly favorite tool.

With VeContact, you can capture the product information of a person who has dropped a basket (* I put a product in the shopping cart but interrupted shopping) and automatically send a customized follow-up email.

Don't fight at "price"! Successful 5% increase in CVR in EC site branding
The number of EC sites is increasing rapidly due to the appearance of free EC sites such as "BASE" and "" and the free commission of "Yahoo! Shopping".

Tomoatsu Amakuchi of Kurt Co., Ltd. is advocating differentiation from the perspective of "branding" on the ever-increasing number of EC sites.

While consulting for many major EC sites, Mr. Amakuchi arrived at the concept of "changing EC from vending machines to people."

Pursuing the "feelings" behind the products we sell, and turning those feelings into "personality", we will create creatives such as texts and images.

We interviewed about the strategy of the "EC excessive competition" era.

My definition of branding in EC is "to change EC from vending machine to person".

Every product you sell must have the feelings of the publisher. Why did you fall in love with the product? Where do you fall in love with the product? And what kind of people do you want them to use in what kind of scenes?

We will turn these thoughts into "personality" and drop them into creatives such as texts and images and planning on the site.

"YOTPO" that efficiently collects "reviews" that are indispensable for EC sites
A "review" system that is indispensable for EC sites that handle multiple items. On EC sites that have a lot of uniform information such as product specifications, reviews that are original content seem to be highly effective as SEO measures.

However, it can be difficult to collect "good reviews".

The review marketing tool "YOTPO" is effective for such problems. You can easily embed a review form, which makes it easy to calculate average ratings and analyze reviews.

▼ YOTPO management screen

In addition, it also has a function to automatically send a "review request" email after shipping the product, and the review collection rate has increased 20 times on the "general mail order site" that has introduced this tool. That's right.

With YOTPO, you can easily embed a review form on an EC site and collect reviews.

With the introduction of YOTPO, the review collection rate has increased overwhelmingly. Previously, if you didn't hit the campaign, the collection rate was around 0.2%. That quickly rose to 5.5%.

An example of introducing BI tools and improving EC sites in real time
Improvements by the "PDCA cycle" are effective not only for service development but also for the operation of EC sites. It is important to immediately look back and improve the problems that the product is sold out, the customer is not able to purchase it, or the campaign is not effective.

To that end, we need a mechanism to immediately visualize and analyze the current state of the site.

Mr. Kazuhiro Yoneshima of Oisix Co., Ltd. built the mechanism with the BI tool "DOMO". The PDCA cycle, which used to take three weeks, can now be completed in just two hours.

▼ "Domo" that can centrally manage a large amount of data and easily graph it (contents are images)

Verification of the effectiveness of the campaign page, which took three weeks, can now be completed in as little as two hours.

If you find out in real time that your conversion rate is poor, you can check your site right away. Then, in fact, the products at the top of the page are "sold out".

You can make fine adjustments immediately, such as changing the order of products.

As the organization becomes accustomed to being able to easily check in real time, the skill of checking which indicators every day before implementing the measures has improved, and the decision has become even faster.

We will hold "SELECK Live!" Where cutting-edge EC site examples are gathered.
Based on the experience of covering a number of cutting-edge EC cases, SELECK will hold a "state-of-the-art" digital "strategy seminar realized by four advanced ECs."

Four people, including Meganesuper Kawazoe and Oisix Yoneshima, who I introduced earlier, will introduce the latest cases of EC from each company.