2020/10/11 09:27:41

About AR [Augmented Reality]

It is a technology that processes images, videos, sounds, etc. obtained from the real world based on the information about the situation of the place obtained by the device with a camera, microphone, GPS, etc., and provides it to the user.

Systems that work on the sense of touch using devices worn on the body such as gloves are also being researched.

As an example, by superimposing the character image in real time on the image obtained through the camera of the smartphone.

There are also hands-on games that make it look as if a character has appeared in that place.

Also, for displays that can be worn in front of you like goggles and glasses.

By superimposing characters, images, videos, etc. related to the object being viewed by the wearer,

Make parts that are invisible in reality visible,


We are also advancing the provision of systems that display related information!

Using a dedicated device, doctors can check the enlarged display of a part and the physical condition of the patient while looking at the affected area during surgery.

In the military, soldiers wear it and the state of the battlefield and the state of the enemy captured by the sensor are superimposed and displayed.

AR marker

In the image recognition type AR system, it is a point to specify the position to display information,

An image with a fixed pattern is called an "AR marker".

If you install it in the real world by printing a marker etc.

It is also used in advertisements such as the system displaying the specified information overlaid on the part of the image.

What kind of pattern is used as a marker depends on the type of system,

It is often used. In usage, when you hold a black and white figure or QR code over the camera of your smartphone

It is a function that allows you to display advertisements and videos.

With this method, an AR system can be realized with relatively simple processing.

It is excellent in that it can accurately measure the position where the fixed information is displayed,

The limitation is that the marker must be placed in a specific place in the real world in advance to use it.

The famous one is Pokemon!

By placing the character in a fixed place, it will be displayed when the device approaches.

Making full use of a wide range of image recognition technologies, etc., without using markers

Recently, "markerless AR" is used as a technology to realize image recognition type AR.

When simply developing AR, clarify what you want to do

Which technology should I use to do what I want to do? It's good to imagine!

Apple and Google development kits have all the development tools around here.

You can develop more than you expected by developing while actually trying and linking.

Nowadays, the technological progress is so remarkable that you can do everything you can imagine.

I'm looking forward to the future!