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3D example

3D example

Various attempts have been made in all industries to utilize 3D data. There are various uses such as display on 3D display, education and training depending on the industry. What kind of usage are you currently using? I would like to introduce an article about the exhibition that was held the other day.

「実用可能なVR・AR・3D技術が集結-3D&バーチャル リアリティ展-」の見出し画像
Practical VR / AR / 3D technologies gathered-3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition-

"3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition" is being held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 22nd to 24th.

Many companies that provide services and devices using the latest 3D, AR, and VR technologies are exhibiting, and many participants are actually experiencing their contents, and the venue was filled with enthusiasm from beginning to end.

Many VRs have been released by each company so far, and in 2016 Oculus Rift and Playstation
With the release of VR, the world is paying attention to VR technology.

There is an image that 3D, VR, AR, etc. are most suitable for highly entertaining content such as theme parks and game centers, but in reality, there are countless other ways to use them, and they have already been put to practical use in various fields.

This time, we will introduce some of the companies exhibiting at the 3D & Virtual Reality Exhibition.

VR is easy to use for housing simulation and CAD cooperation
VR, where you can experience virtual space, is ideal for simulation experiences.
By creating a house before construction as VR content, deciding the layout and furniture arrangement, and actually wandering around, the image of the completed house will become clearer.

In addition, many services linked with CAD were exhibited.
CAD is a tool for creating blueprints with the assistance of a computer.
In drawing production that requires accuracy such as the design of houses and automobiles, it is possible to improve the accuracy by adding the assistance of computer technology as well as human hands.


What is VR?
VR (Virtual Reality) is called "virtual reality" in Japanese.
It is a technology that allows you to create a space on the Web and feel as if you were there (immersive feeling).

Currently, head-mounted display type VR devices are the mainstream, and content that allows you to experience an immersive feeling by wearing a head-mounted display and headphones and using sight and hearing is the mainstream, but in the future, not only sight and hearing, but also visual and auditory There will be VR content that realizes a higher sense of immersion, including the sense of touch and smell.

AR goes in a more practical direction in combination with tracking technology
AR (Augmented Reality) has traditionally been used as a campaign and a tool for attracting customers due to its high entertainment value, and although the introduction scene was limited, it is more practical by combining it with various technologies. It seems that it will shift in the direction of reality.

A system that combines VR and AR. The person who is operating can view the VR video, and other than the person can view the same video in AR, enabling multiple people to view the VR content.


There was also a tool that could recognize the gender and attributes of visitors and instantly measure visitor data.


What is AR?
AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology called "Augmented Reality".
It extends the real world with computer technology and is being actively adopted by manufacturers and amusement parks.

Other holographic and 3D printer exhibits
There were several exhibits using 3D holographic technology. 3D holographic is a technology that projects stereoscopic images into space, and is widely used in entertainment-related fields such as live performances and events.
Like VR and AR, 3D holographic will be used in many industries and companies as the introduction hurdles will be lowered in the future.

This is not a 3D image, but a 2D image and a half mirror to make it look like a hologram fused to a real cup.
Eventually, he said that he is proceeding with research so that he can project 3D images.

The latest technologies such as VR are gradually being used not only for entertainment, but also for tourism, customer service tools, and product manufacturing sites.

In particular, it can be expected to be used in various fields such as real estate, apparel, and cosmetics as a customer service tool in real stores.
These technologies, which significantly change the user experience in all industries, are inevitable, especially for BtoC business companies.

Technology is there to increase the value we can provide to our users. Think about what you should use as a way to improve the user experience, rather than aiming to implement it.