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3D AR example!

3D AR example!

In recent years, when 3D technology has improved, AR (Augmented Reality) has become more popular. This time, we will introduce articles on actual examples of various industries using AR, so please have a look at 3D AR.

The future is right in front of you! 10 cutting-edge AR use cases

AR technology used in various industries
AR is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality, which means "augmented reality" in Japanese. It refers to the technology of displaying digital information on the reality.
AR has a high affinity with IoT, but nowadays, AR technology is used in various industries, but it's hard to imagine what kind of situation it is actually used in.
So this time, I would like to introduce 10 examples of how AR is used.

Familiar cases
First of all, from a familiar place. There are many things you can try right away, so download and give it a try!

Game application using AR (Pokemon GO)

When you hear the word AR, many people think of "Pokemon GO".
This app uses AR technology to project a character in reality through a camera. By utilizing location information and AR technology together, it is possible to give the player a sense of realism that "a character appears in front of you."
Niantic, the developer of "Pokemon GO," is also involved in AR games, and "Ingress," which enjoys camp battles in the real world, has become a very popular game worldwide.

Display of destination (iOS version of "Yahoo! Map")
Digital information such as routes is superimposed and displayed on the actual scenery taken by the camera.
Since the direction and distance of the destination can be confirmed three-dimensionally, more detailed route guidance is possible.
The number of AR navigation apps is increasing, and they are also used for navigation of tourists visiting Japan.

Smart AR Home

With "Smart AR Home", you can control lighting and air conditioning without touching the actual switch by pressing the virtual switch that appears when you hold the app over it.
This is an example of AR technology being used to realize a "smart home" that makes full use of IoT and AI to realize a comfortable life.

Makeup simulation (Modi Face)

"Modi Face" is an application that allows you to apply a make-up-like filter to your face using AR.
You can try out whether the lip or blush color suits you without touching up at the store, which helps to promote online purchases.
The filtered image can also be saved, so it can be used in stores as a color swatch presentation.

Furniture placement simulation (IKEA Place)

IKEA, a major furniture retailer, offers a service called "IKEA Place".
By taking a picture of your room with a camera and placing an image of furniture there, you can simulate what would happen if you actually placed the furniture.
Approximately 2,000 types of IKEA products can be placed, and you can even check how the light hits. Onra who can not see the actual thing

Pseudo-disaster experience (Disaster Scope2)

The heavy rain disaster that occurred in 2018 caused inundation damage in a wide area.
"Disaster Scope 2" allows you to check changes in the transition of your location in real time.
The water surface and flowing debris can be displayed on the camera image of the smartphone, and detailed settings such as water level setting and time specification are also possible, enabling a more realistic simulated flooding experience.
Since you can experience possible disasters in a visible way, it will help raise people's awareness of disaster prevention.

Examples of use in industry
When we think of AR, we tend to think of something that anyone can use, but the range of use is expanding even for industrial use.
This is actually more utilized, and it is expected that future work style reforms, labor saving, and a more efficient work environment can be created.

Danger avoidance with AR glasses (Meidensha Co., Ltd.)
Due to the problem that technology cannot be inherited due to the declining working population and the need for maintenance due to the increase in aging equipment, AR is being introduced to improve work efficiency and pass on know-how.

In addition, Meidensha also uses AR glasses to avoid danger.
When you walk around the venue with AR glasses on, the glasses react to the beacons installed and you can detect dangerous places.
This is an example of using AR technology as a danger avoidance system.
It is operated to prepare a safe and smooth reception system at sites where there are many first-time workers and security guards.

Confirmation of enforcement progress (Komatsu Ltd.)

Komatsu Ltd. has developed "Kom Eye AR" in collaboration with KAYAC Inc.
By checking the progress of enforcement in conjunction with the images taken by the stereo camera, we will improve the safety and productivity of the site.
In addition, Komatsu Ltd. is actively incorporating AR technology, such as the "Land Report," which shares various information on the site by combining AR information and location information.

Business support in AR (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation provides "Meister AR Suite" that supports on-site work with AR. We support the efficiency of operations such as equipment operation and maintenance, and technology succession.

Streamlining luggage loading (Changi International Airport)

At Changi International Airport in Singapore, we have introduced smart glasses for our luggage loading operations.
You can check the mounting method by wearing smart glasses and scanning the markers on each container. In the case of large passenger aircraft, it is said that the loading time can be reduced by 15 minutes per flight.

The development of AR technology continues
We have introduced 10 examples of how AR is used, but how was it?
AR technology is useful not only to improve the quality of services such as games and maps, but also to improve the safety and efficiency of normal operations. Keep an eye on AR technology, which is expected to be used in various fields in the future.