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What is the sharing business that is attracting attention now? ??

What is the sharing business that is attracting attention now? ??

Currently, the sharing business is attracting attention in various fields. Now that many share businesses have increased, they are being eliminated. Find the sharing you really need and get started.

Why the "sharing" business grows-explaining the promising reasons for the Japanese market from the field

"Sharing", along with "subscription," will become a major business model in the digital age. The concept of "share" has been around for a long time, and it seems difficult to connect it with the digital age, but it is an area where the range, scope, and users are greatly expanded by advanced technology, and further growth is expected.

This book, "The Sharing Economy I Want to Know Now," explains in detail the appearance of "sharing," which has changed in modern times. A book that explains why it can be a major business model in the future.

"The Sharing Economy I Want to Know Now" (written by Hidetomo Nagata) Discover 21

Bicycle sharing has become one of the cityscapes

One of the major businesses of the future
The pioneers of the sharing business are ride sharing and private lodging. The former is known for Uber and lifts in the United States, and the latter is known for Airbnb, which was also born in the United States. The books on sharing so far have been written by researchers, but the author, Hidetomo Nagata, is an executive officer of Airbnb Japan. So to speak, the perspective from the inside is stated, and a different perspective from the Leishu is added.

Paid ride sharing is prohibited in Japan, and although private lodging use seems to be popular among inbound foreigners, there are not many promotions for Japanese people. Speaking of sharing, rental services for cars and bicycles that can be used on street corners stand out, and the degree of penetration of full-scale services created in "digital transformation" to the general public seems to be quite different from those in the United States and China. ..

However, while the practical application of 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) and the evolution of technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), the aging of society, such as "one in five people will be 75 years old or older" in 2025. The author says that the sharing economy is expected to become one of the major businesses in the future as it becomes more and more popular. It is said that this book was published because he felt that the degree of penetration was not ridiculous for that reason.

Sharing services by companies used to be popular for renting CDs, videos, and DVDs, but in contrast to the strong performance of rental cars, they have almost disappeared. That's because the provision of music and video has become the main service for online sharing. No one took the time and effort to go to the shop. In the future, if autonomous driving becomes practical and it becomes possible to dispatch vehicles online, it may affect the rental car industry.

A new share in the digital age is services on online platforms. Taking Airbnb as an example, it provides a service that mediates between those who are looking for a place to stay and those who want to provide (pay for) that place. The system is well-equipped with online payment, 24-hour customer center, mutual reviews, and insurance liability.

In the share business of the digital age, a reliable design that guarantees safety and security is indispensable. In about 10 years, Airbnb has won the trust of providers and recipients and expanded its service to 191 countries. A total of more than 500 million users have been staying.

Share personal skills
In addition to ride sharing and private lodging, various sharing services are offered in the world, but one of the promising services in Japan is sharing of individual skills. Several services are already in operation, including crowdsourcing services. Some companies, such as CrowdWorks, were listed on Mothers three years after their founding and returned to profitability seven years later. At CrowdWorks, you can select jobs that can be done anywhere and at any time, such as homepages, application creation, and writers, by more than 200 categories.

"I think that the background to the great development of shared skills services in Japan is the impasse of the social security system due to the aging society, the collapse of the traditional employment system of companies, and work style reforms. Will be done, "the author said. "I think that creating value by sharing a limited labor force is one direction that Japanese society should aim for in the future."