2020/10/04 13:05:28

Precautions for funerals and legal affairs after marriage

At the first funeral after marriage, do you ever wonder, "Is there any manners after marriage that are different from those when I was single?" Before you get married, you shouldn't even pay attention to the funeral precautions when preparing for your marriage.

Looking at the world, there are many things that change the procedure and manners after marriage.

For example, a wedding. Before getting married, when I was invited to a wedding, I wrapped up my money in my own name, and only I prepared and attended the ceremony. However, after getting married, the question is, "If you are invited, will you attend with your husband or wife (spouse)?" "I will participate as a couple." Also, even in the tax and insurance procedures, you are basically alone before marriage. I should have done the procedure with my own name, but after marriage, as a household, my wife's name basically appears in my husband's documents.

Will the points to be noted change in the funeral after marriage as a result of becoming a "couple"? I will explain whether the manners and precautions of the funeral change depending on the marriage. If you are about to get married, have just married, or have never attended a funeral since you got married, take this opportunity to keep in mind.

Three points to note about funerals after marriage

Are there any precautions to take when attending a funeral after marriage?

It is important to note that by getting married, you will also attend the funeral as a “couple”. "The biggest point to note is that the funeral is treated as a couple's set by getting married."

When considering a funeral after marriage, keeping in mind this "couple is one set" will reduce mistakes. I will explain what it means specifically in three points.

Precautions for funeral after marriage 1 "One couple"

If it is a funeral before marriage, it is completed with "My husband's friend is attended by my husband". Even for a wife's benefactor, it is essential that the wife wraps money and attends the funeral. However, after marriage, attendance and attendance at ceremonies are basically "one set of couples". Since the interpretation is that "a couple is a pair = one house", it is common for a wife to attend together when her husband's benefactor dies. Also, when a funeral is held at a family with which the couple has been dating, it is common for the couple to attend together.

"Because my husband's acquaintance, my wife doesn't matter." "Because my wife's benefactor, my husband is irrelevant." "Because I'm one of my relatives, one should attend." As "two people with a family", attendance and correspondence are required. Here are some things to keep in mind about funerals before and after marriage.

It should be noted that the funeral after marriage is basically a couple. It is common for a wife to attend the funeral of her husband's relatives or acquaintances as a "house representative" if the husband is not convenient.

Even if you are a relative of your husband, if your wife was very helpful during your lifetime, there is a caveat that it is essential for your wife to attend the funeral after marriage. A couple is a "one family," a "house," and a "one set." Especially for those who have taken care of us, it is basic to attend as a couple regardless of whether they are relatives of the husband or wife, and who was asked to attend.

If you're feeling uncomfortable, imagine a situation where your wife attends a funeral when her husband's distant relatives die. How about. You may think, "It's certainly common in couples!" Also, imagine that you would like to attend the funeral of a matchmaker who is a relative of your husband in the name of your husband, and that the couple will attend together. Isn't this also a situation that I think "Oh, sure"?

Precautions for funerals after marriage 2 "The incense is not doubled"

The point to note about the incense that you bring to the funeral after marriage is that "house" and "couple is one set". Since the funeral after marriage is treated as a "one house", there is a caveat that the incense is also a "couple set".

Some people often wonder, "Do I have to wrap two people when attending as a couple?" That's not true. Since the funeral after marriage is "one house for a married couple", there is basically one incense bag. The amount of money also covers the amount of money when only the husband and wife attend. If you want to attend in the name of your husband and your wife also attends, you do not have to wrap it twice, but you can wrap it as a "one house".

In addition, the name of the husband is basically written on the incense bag. This is another point to keep in mind as a precaution for funerals after marriage.

Precautions for funerals after marriage 3 "What to do when a relative dies"

At the funeral after marriage, the affinity and relatives are also important points. For example, suppose your husband's brother died. My premarital wife is, of course, a red stranger. If you don't even say hello to your husband's house, you're unlikely to be deeply involved in the funeral. Even if you are greeting your husband's house, whether or not you will be able to help the mourner will depend on your relationship with your husband's house and the number of years you have been with him. If you are asked to help, you can help from the standpoint of "on the premise of marriage", otherwise you can consider going to join hands at a later date.

It is important to note that this relationship can change drastically at a funeral after marriage. It is important to note that post-marriage funerals do not have to be attended only at the funeral. Immediately after receiving the obituary, he will rush as a member of the clan and actively prepare for the funeral, whether he will help or not. If you're slow to rush in the distance, be sure to let them know.


No one can do everything perfectly from the beginning. No one can suddenly perfect a funeral after marriage. If you make a mistake other than the fatal precautions, don't worry too much.

It is important to note that after marriage, when attending a funeral, you should attend in the form of a "couple," "representative of the couple," or "representative of the house." When I was single, I should have attended as "one person" myself, but it is important to note that by getting married, ceremonies such as funerals can be seen as "couples" and "one house."

Marriage and funeral have their own etiquette precautions. The basic etiquette of refraining from speaking privately at the funeral and refraining from delaying the ritual is the same as a precaution for the funeral after marriage. In addition, be aware that it can be seen as a "couple," "one house," or "one set" at a funeral after marriage. Being aware should reduce your mistakes.