2020/10/04 09:54:48

More bones! 3 selections

In recent years, in Japan, which has become a family and a highly aging society, there are no more people to build graveyards, and the number of people who repair and maintain graveyards and those who perform graveyards and bone-cutting are increasing rapidly. Isn't it natural to choose bone-cutting from the trend of the times as the population declines? This time, I will introduce how to do this bone-cutting with examples.

Bone powder

According to Japanese law, there is a provision for bone-cutting that is crushed to 2 to 3 mm or less, and it is stipulated that the location should be within the scope of common sense. For example, if you sprinkle bones on the land next door, the owner of the land will complain and it will be a problem. Similarly, if you sprinkle it on a river, it will be a complaint from the country if it is a first-class river. Therefore, if it is 2 km off the sea, there are no complaints from the owner, which is also the reason why the number of users is increasing rapidly in recent years. At the citizen's funeral, powdered bones are sold for 11,000 yen including tax, so please refer to it!

  • Marine scatter

In marine scatter, the size of the ship changes depending on the number of people. For example, up to 2 people will be a small ship and 2 to 5 people will be a medium size ship.

  • Memorial service at hand

The number of memorial services at hand, in which powdered bones are placed in boxes, etc., is increasing.