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IT / EC companies are also paying attention! latest technology! AR / VR development support service started | "AR VR clone system"

IT / EC companies are also paying attention! latest technology! AR / VR development support service started | "AR VR clone system"
Patent, clone version of automatic ordering system.

Funeral service workers academy, Inc.

Contract development starts from June 1, 2021 (Monday)
-Compatible with each industry. Can be introduced to existing sites and apps ~

We will start the development and introduction service of "AR / VR automatic ordering system" tailored to each company.

A system (automatic ordering server: Patent No. 6792306) that completes orders and orders at once from the 3D and AR display of the products handled can be introduced into existing sites and apps. Funeral service workers academy, Inc. Based on the existing funeral AR automatic ordering system developed by the Japanese corporation, we will build a system clone according to each industry and company. It costs less than developing a new system, greatly reduces the time required to build a system from scratch, and introduces the latest technology.

》 [Expressing products with AR] By displaying the products handled in AR, users can easily experience purchasing using 3D-AR.

》 Because it makes it easier to imagine the product, it promotes purchasing motivation.

》 [Immediate order of placed products] The contents ordered by the user are automatically ordered from the seller.

》 It is also possible to link with the EC site / application you already have, and link only the AR / VR display part.

》 We are also building a system that allows companies to create 3D data of products.

Immediate introduction is possible by changing the text and logo that suits the company in each industry.
By expressing the product in 2D or 3D data, you can place an order with an image.

・ For users [AR clone EC application sample download]
iOS version:
Android version:

・ [AR automatic ordering system introduction sample video]

[Overview of "AR / VR clone app" for product setting] For EC
It is an application dedicated to company setting, and it is a setting application for companies that can set set products by editing and combining the products handled in actual size. You can register the products to sell, receive a notification to the app when an order is placed, and manage detailed information such as quantity and delivery address.

・ It is possible to respond immediately to order requests and update the real-time status of inventory.
Immediate reflection of 1.2D and 3D products
2. 2. Covers inventory management, order management, and shipping status
3. 3. Commodity-to-commodity combination

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“We want more companies in the world to experience services using AR. We aim to provide services that allow various industries to easily introduce and experience AR by utilizing development know-how.

"Funeral service workers academy, Inc." I am Takayuki Takada, the representative of the Japanese corporation. We are a US corporation headquartered in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA, and aim to develop a unified system that suits the funerals of each country. Mainly from reservation of hearse to reservation of morgue, funeral home, religious person, graveyard (hearse dispatch server: patent No. 6274545), food, fresh flowers, gifts, etc. (funeral automatic ordering server: patent No. 6792306) We are developing, and we are aiming to realize a more convenient and creative society by utilizing the development know-how.