2020/10/04 10:26:13

Is IOT5G the most advanced? ?? Medical

Recently, technologies such as IOT, 5G, AI, blockchain, and sharing have rapidly advanced due to the evolution of semiconductors. What kind of future is waiting for the evolution as it is? No one knows this, but I would like to make future predictions based on the medical treatment that I think of.

Evolution of medical care with 5G


  • Medical robot

Currently, medical robots are spreading worldwide! Intitive Surgical's DaVinci is still an unrivaled medical robot even after its patent has expired. It enables delicate surgery that has not been possible until now, and reproduces and machine learning by recording the skills of well-known doctors. It is hoped that the spread of 5G will enable remote control and eliminate medical disparities in the future.

  • Nanotechnology

At first glance, nanotechnology seems to have nothing to do with medical care, but I am paying the most attention to it. Invisible inspection robots are installed inside the body developed by each company, and are applied to constantly inspect the current state of the body. When it is realized, it is very exciting to know the current state of the body.

  • early detection

If technology evolves and real-time inspection becomes possible, it will be possible to understand when, where, and who is abnormal, and I think that human life will be extended. In addition, the burden on doctors and nurses will be reduced, and people will be able to concentrate on the part of mental care.

IOT world


  • Everything is online

Imagine a world where everything is connected by the evolution of semiconductors and the evolution of communications. Autonomous cars, automated homes, people with many inspection robots, etc. Everything will share information by connecting. Today, if you want to go, an autonomous vehicle will pick you up, and if it's cold, the air conditioner will automatically adjust the room temperature. You'll find it useful just to imagine.

  • Fate prediction and avoidance

Each person has a lifespan. Most people die from accidents or illnesses because they cannot reach the end of their lives. People will wonder how old their destiny is. Naturally, accidents will disappear if we become a world where all things can be connected and information can be shared. Automobile companies are aiming for this world. Regarding another disease, I think that if we evolve with medical robots and nanotechnology, we will no longer be ill. Everyone thinks that human life will be fulfilled as a matter of course and that senility will become commonplace. Furthermore, when the time of brain = AI comes, the human body has no meaning, and I wonder if the time will come when the brain alone will gain eternal life. Is it only the author?

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