2021/06/28 08:01:48
リリース AR VR 家族葬 Fnet

【 AR VR Family Funeral Fnet 】 Image and arrange your AR/VR funeral with your smartphone.

"AR VR Family Funeral Fnet" will be released on June 20, 2021.


 Image and arrange the AR/VR funeral with your smartphone.


Funeral service workers academy, Inc. (Headquarters: USA, Japan Headquarters: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, CEO: Takayuki Takada) will release the application "AR VR Family Funeral Fnet" that can display and place orders products such as 3D dishes and fresh flowers using AR from June 20, 2021. 



What can you do with this app?

You can visit the AR and VR funeral ceremony sites at home or anywhere with your smartphone. "AR VR Family Funeral Fnet" will be released on June 20, 2021.


[Point 1] By displaying ceremonial halls and products in AR and VR, funeral companies can be more easily understood by customers. Also used as a catalog.
[Point 2] Funeral plans and set plans can be set according to each vendor. (AR / VR display → Estimate → Order from each vendor)
[Point 3] With the matching function, if both vendors register and use it, transactions as before will be easier and smoother.
[Point 4] It is also possible to build an AR / VR funeral system dedicated to the company according to the logo and text of each company.


● User app: AR VR family funeral Fnet << registration and usage fee free >>.

● App for registered contractors: AR VR subscriber Fnet << 5,500 yen per device per month (10% tax included) + additional charge depending on usage details. Please contact us. 》



● About 3D data for AR / VR display

You can create 2D data for AR display on this app.
If you want to display 3D data, create it in a different environment and upload it. We can also create the 3D data for you.



- Automatic ordering server: Patent No. 6792306
- Religious sleeper dispatch server: Patent No. 6274545


[Contact us]

Funeral service workers academy, Inc.  FSWA, Inc.


CEO:Takayuki Takada (高田孝行)

Japan office address:1-8-5 Yamato, Utsunomiya, Tochigi