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How much does the grave cost?

Building a grave is said to be similar to building a house.

It is common that such opportunities do not usually occur many times in a lifetime, that land and buildings are considered as a set, and that the price range is so wide that it is not possible to unconditionally determine the market price.

Still, it's usually not possible to build a grave or house without knowing the general market price. Therefore, we will give you a rough idea of ​​how much the grave will cost, and at the same time, give you some notes on purchasing the grave.

Tomb purchase cost

When building a grave, the breakdown of the total amount is "land cost" + "gravestone construction cost".

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of land is the permanent royalties of the graveyard, that is, the cost of purchasing the right to use it, and unlike regular land purchases, you do not get the land itself.

Be aware that you may have to return your license if it remains unmanaged for years.

The tombstone construction cost is the sum of the price of the tombstone itself, the engraving fee, and the construction cost. When considering the market price, there are points to consider for each.

First of all, the market price of land is said to be 200,000 to 2 million, which is very wide, but there is a big difference depending on the so-called location, such as in the 23 wards of Tokyo, rather than in rural areas.

In addition, there are differences depending on the type of graveyard (public cemetery or temple graveyard, etc.), and if it is easy to understand, it also depends on the size of the land.

Let's start by considering where and what size of graveyard to buy. On the other hand, the market price for tombstone construction costs is said to be 1 to 3 million, and there is also a large difference between the top and bottom.

According to one survey, 1 to 2 million accounted for half of the percentage of tombstones purchased in a year by price, followed by 500,000 to 1 million (about 25%) and 2 million to 3 million (about 15%). It is said that it was.

Tombstone price

Regarding land, I think there are many people who are relatively convinced that the market price is so wide.

There are many factors that determine the price of tombstones, so let's take a closer look. First of all, it depends on the stone material. A stone material suitable for tombstones must have low water absorption and excellent durability.

It is also important that the stone is uniform and has no scratches. Therefore, even the same stones are ranked, and the price will differ depending on the grade. In addition, stones with low yields are reflected in the price because they have high rarity value.

And the more stones used and the more complex the process, the higher the price. The larger the grave, the more stones are used, and if it is difficult or fine to process among the highly designed ones, the processing cost will increase accordingly.

Regarding the construction cost, it seems that the easier the construction is, the cheaper it is, and the narrower the place or the more complicated the place, the higher the construction cost, so consider it as one of the criteria when choosing a graveyard.

Precautions when purchasing a grave

Since graves are basically made to order, the starting point for purchase will be to obtain quotations from multiple stone dealers and compare them.

However, as mentioned above, the price of stones changes depending on the rank, so even if you think that you are comparing the same stones, do not jump to them immediately even if you are offered a cheap price.

This is because it is possible that the rank of the same stone is lowered.

Usually, the time to buy a grave is after the funeral is expensive. I want to keep my expenses down as much as possible, but it is safer to think that there is a reason why it is cheap.

Also, when choosing a stone store, whether or not you are a member of an organization is a guide. Not all stone dealers that are members of the organization are good stores, but you can still trust them to some extent.

The grave is the heart of the heart

In recent years, it seems that more and more people have no heirs or have no graves for financial reasons. There are different circumstances for each person, and there is no rule that a grave must be built, so the choice of not having a grave cannot be denied.

However, the grave is the home of our ancestors, as it is said to be the final home. It may be that the remains are just stored there, but if you go to the grave, why not talk to your ancestors in your heart?

In addition to the equinoctial week and the Obon festival, you can feel at ease by joining hands in front of the grave when there are milestones or hardships in your life.

Ancestors are their roots, and the presence of a grave allows them to visually reconfirm that they do exist. It can be said that there is a reason to continue visiting the grave even once a year.

The grave is the heart of our hearts.

Maintenance fee

As for the cost of the grave, we must not forget the maintenance cost. This is the cost for cleaning the common space and maintaining the site. It may be easier to understand if you imagine a condominium as a way of thinking. It is said that the market price here is 4,000 to 15,000 yen per year.

Also, in temple graveyards, etc., you may need to pay an entrance fee to become a temple house. Since it often takes the form of donation, there is no fixed amount, but it is said that the market price is 100,000 to 300,000. No admission fee is required at graveyard reiens other than temples.


Since there may be ancestral graves, many people actually purchase graves that they have never experienced in their lifetime, so objective information tends to be thin, but these days An increasing number of funeral companies are enhancing after-sales service.

I'm not a grave expert, so the funeral company isn't the only one, but it will introduce you to some stone dealers and give you clues to answer your questions about the graveyard. You can also try using it.

Graves are by no means a cheap purchase. But if you think that it will give us something that money cannot buy, it is not a good idea to use price alone as a criterion.

Why not build your ancestor's house with reliable quality tombstones at a reliable stone dealership?