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How much does it cost? -About the cost of the funeral

The life and death of a person is unpredictable.

Death is completely unpredictable, no matter how close your friends and family are. Preparations for the funeral are limited in advance.

Also, it is almost impossible to specify a convenient day for ourselves in advance due to the sudden event of human death. When I have to prepare for the funeral, I often panic and say, "It's hard!"

One of the factors in a hurry is "funeral expenses". Before you panic, let's get the basics about the cost, which is the point you care about!

How much does a funeral cost? What is the market price?

The death of a person is unpredictable. That's why funerals have to be rushed, and it's not uncommon to be in a hurry, including preparations.

Funeral expenses may be the cause of the panic. Funeral expenses are often paid in one lump sum and increase in proportion to the size of the funeral.

It would be nice if you were prepared properly, but since many families give priority to living expenses, education expenses, mortgages, etc., sudden funeral expenses are a big problem.

Even if you try to prepare, you can't prepare unless you know how much you should prepare and what kind of method you have. Let's review the funeral market first.

The average price is ¥ 100,000! ??

According to a survey by the Japan Consumers Association, the average cost of a funeral is about 1.89 million yen.

Of the breakdown, the largest amount is the donation to the monk (including the Dharma name) and the food and drink fee. The total weight of the two is about 800,000 yen out of 1.89 million yen! The actual cost of a funeral set is about 1.22 million yen.

Of course, each funeral has a different scale, amount of donation to the monk, and food and drink charges, so this amount is not absolutely necessary.

However, it should be remembered that funeral expenses require a certain amount of money.

Do you need a large amount of money for the family funeral plan that you often hear recently?

Some may think that the amount of about 1.89 million yen is just for a big funeral.

Isn't it possible to reduce costs even more with a crematorium-only plan or a family funeral plan that we often hear these days? There may be some people who tilt their heads.

However, funerals vary in amount depending on the option, even if they are the same size.

For example, let's say you have a plan for a family funeral of 300,000 yen. At first glance, it seems that everything will end at 300,000 yen, but in reality, you will be adding options to this basic plan, and it is not uncommon for option fees to be added each time you add them.

For example

Add flowers
Upgrade the casket
Eating and drinking charges are optional as an extra charge
Increase the number of alcoholic beverages and upgrade dishes

Etc. are often set as options, not as part of the basic charge.

If you make more and more requests such as "please add more flowers" and "please add alcohol", it is possible that the cost will jump up due to the addition of the optional fee to the basic fee.

You may also be subject to additional charges if you have equipment that is not sufficient for the funeral. Even if the family funeral plan is set at 300,000 yen, it is unlikely that the funeral will be completed with just the set fee.

After adding these various options, it was almost the same as the price of renting a large venue for a funeral.

It is advisable to prepare as much as possible in advance so that you will not be in trouble with the funeral fee and you will not be troubled by the sudden expense of the funeral.

How much is a family funeral? Use a quote for advance preparation!

The average funeral cost according to the survey results was about 1.89 million yen. However, this is just the average cost of the funerals surveyed and does not apply to all homes.

There will be a big difference in the amount of money between a large-scale funeral of a famous celebrity and a funeral when the deceased says "I want you to have a funeral quietly with only your family and friends." Isn't it possible to calculate custom-made numbers in order to prepare the costs as much as possible?

In fact, you can.

It's easy to think that a funeral home can only be entered at the time of a funeral, but that's not the case.

It's perfectly okay to go to the consultation when there may be a funeral. If you ask the person in charge of the funeral home, they will give you an estimate according to your wishes, and you will also be taught the funeral procedure and the manners of each region according to the denomination.

It is difficult to give a detailed estimate up to 1 yen before the funeral, but it is possible to get a rough estimate according to the funeral content that you and your family want. It's a good idea to make a financial plan using the estimated amount as a rough guide.

Utilization of insurance is also important! Financial plan in case of emergency

Given that the estimates give you a rough idea, how do you actually prepare for the funeral expenses? There are several ways.

save money
Take advantage of insurance
Utilization of memorial loan

Savings is a way to prepare time deposits for funeral expenses. Banks and credit unions also have a monthly deposit service, so you can use it as a way to save yourself.

However, the disadvantage of this method is that it requires patience. Even if you try to make a deposit, you will not be able to save it unless you continue to be patient, and even if you postpone education expenses and living expenses, it can be said that it is still difficult to prepare a fixed amount for funeral expenses.

For such people, we recommend insurance for funeral expenses, which is forcibly deducted from insurance premiums.

A common type of insurance for funeral expenses is contracted by the number of units, and the premium is deducted from the account according to the number of contracted units. You can prepare a certain amount depending on the number of units and the period, so if you think that it is difficult to save by yourself, it is a good idea to consider insurance.

Another option is to take advantage of loans offered by banks and credit unions. In fact, many people apply for a loan to cover funeral expenses.

In addition to funeral memorial loans, financial institutions also offer card loans and free loans that can be used for sudden financing. It is possible to make a loan on the same day at the earliest, so if you cannot afford the funds, I would like to consider using these financial services.

However, loans have a problem of interest rates. If you borrow 1 million yen, you will have to repay it by adding the interest rate in addition to 1 million yen, so it will be expensive. It's a method that can be used for sudden funding, but be careful about this point.

There is a help system in some areas! Benefits from the municipality?

Another way to prepare for funeral expenses is to use a local system.

Procedures and amounts vary depending on the municipality, but in many cases, the municipality provides benefits at the time of the funeral. You don't have to be an heir, and most people who give a funeral are eligible for benefits. It's a good idea to check what kind of benefit system you have in your area as part of your financial plan.


According to a survey by the Japan Consumers Association, funeral expenses of about 1.89 million yen are required.

However, this is just the data of the number of cases, and if each house fills in the desire to "have such a funeral", the cost will change drastically.

You can visit the funeral hall and request a quote in advance, so please use the prior consultation and quote so that you will not be in trouble in case of emergency.

Also, once you get a quote, it is important to prepare as much as possible in advance, saying that the funeral will require some expense. In that case, don't forget to check the system on the local government side!