2020/10/06 13:51:25

Cleaning tips to keep the tombstones clean

Many homes seem to be cleaning and tidying up at the milestones of the calendar.

However, there are many people who work until just before Obon, and some houses find it difficult to clean the inside of the house.
However, there are many houses in Obon that welcome customers, and above all, houses with graves should often visit the graves. Even if you can't get around easily, "I want to clean it as much as possible," "I want to clean it," and "I don't want it to be dirty to the public."

This time, I would like to talk about "cleaning the grave" as a trivia that busy families want to utilize during the Obon season. Cleaning the grave is not difficult at all. I will also talk about the tips for choosing tools so that you do not have to worry about "what tools should I use?" And "what should I bring?"



Cleaning of tombstones is done for both "compartment" and "gravestone"

Cleaning the grave is roughly divided into two categories.

One is cleaning around the tombstones of the grave, that is, the site assigned to the grave of your own house. It's easy to think that the grave manager will clean this site, but basically you have to take responsibility for cleaning the lots assigned to the graves in your house. not. The grave manager will take care of common areas such as roads and water. Even if the site is rented, the allocated area must be kept clean by the family who protects the grave. This "cleaning of the site (section)" is the "first cleaning" that must be done in the grave cleaning.

The other is "cleaning the tombstone itself". When you think of cleaning a grave, you might think of polishing only the gravestone, but basically, cleaning the "land" and "gravestone" as a set is "cleaning the grave". There are some houses that think that the site is under the control of the grave and do not clean it much or leave it as it is without maintenance. Keep in mind that the basics are to clean the tombstone and the site as a set.

In addition, a vase, a hot water drink (water bowl), an incense holder, etc. are attached to the tombstone or attached independently. Make sure to keep these clean when cleaning. The grave was shiny, but the vase had scale on it ... it doesn't look good. Because the tombstone is beautiful, the dirt on the vase may be more noticeable.



It may be helpful to think of cleaning a grave as cleaning the entire area of ​​the grave in your home. Cleaning tools also need to be prepared based on that idea.


Cleaning the tombstone! What kind of tools do you need?



What kind of equipment do you need to clean the grave?

If you go to the grave for cleaning, you will have to bring your own cleaning tools. Some reiens and temples may lend you some, but renting them may not be enough. For example, let's say you have a temple that lends you buckets and hoses. Even if you rent equipment that you can lend, you cannot clean it with just a hose and a bucket.

You will need the following cleaning tools. Think of a set for cleaning the plot and for cleaning the tombstone, and have all the necessary tools.


Trash bags
Tombstone detergent
What are the precautions for tools required for cleaning tombstones?



Garbage bags are often forgotten when cleaning graves.

When cleaning the grave, weeds that have grown on the site will also be removed. You need to put the weeds in a trash bag and take them home. Some reiens have prepared a place to dispose of weeds, but the basic idea is to take your garbage home. Don't forget to bring a trash bag when you're overwhelmed by the desire to clean it.

If you have gravel around the graveyard, you will also need to wash the gravel depending on how dirty the gravel is. You can use rubber gloves for water work, or you can bring a colander that you can use to wash the gravel. There are temples and reiens where you can rent hoses and buckets, so it's a good idea to check the website in advance so that you don't have to bring extra equipment.

It is the scrubbing brush and sponge that need attention. Standard and simple scrubbing brushes and sponges used for cleaning graves are good.

If there is a metal part on the scrubbing brush or sponge, it may damage the tombstone when rubbed. Avoid metal scrubbing brushes, and if there is a metal part attached to the sponge or scrubbing brush, be careful not to rub the tombstone on that surface when washing the tombstone. If you scratch the tombstone, it can get dirty and make it difficult to keep the tombstone clean. Cleaning the tombstone without damaging it is also the key to keeping the tomb clean.

Not all of these tools are needed, just a list of commonly used grave cleaning tools. Some homes may say, "I used a sponge, but I didn't need a scrubbing brush." As you clean, what you need and what you don't need will become clear, so the trick to cleaning a grave is to bring a large number of tools with you at first to clarify the need for tools.



Cleaning flow to keep the tombstones clean

To clean the grave, weeds are removed from the area where the grave is located, and if there is gravel, the gravel is washed.

If you don't mind the dirt on the gravel, or if it is hardened with concrete, you can easily sweep it to collect the trash, put it in a trash bag, and take it home. Clean the grave with a sponge or scrubbing brush. What is useful at this time is a "toothbrush" that is not originally a cleaning tool.

Didn't you look at the list of cleaning tools and wonder, "Why are toothbrushes listed?" A toothbrush is essentially a tool for brushing your teeth. However, when used properly, it can be a great cleaning tool.

For example, the gaps between the letters engraved on the tombstone, the lotus flowers carved as the pedestal of the tombstone, and the slight gap between the vase and incense holder and the tombstone are parts that are difficult to remove with a sponge or scrubbing brush. Even a small gap can be easily inserted with a toothbrush, so you can clean every detail without leakage.

When cleaning a grave, something unexpected, such as a toothbrush, can be very useful as a cleaning tool. When you try cleaning the grave once and think about whether there are daily necessities that can improve the part that "this was inconvenient", you may come up with an unexpected usage such as "maybe you can use splitting!".

There is no rule that daily necessities other than cleaning tools should not be used to clean the grave. It may be the best cleaning if it can be used and can be cleaned without damaging the grave.




I talked about cleaning the grave. At the same time, I briefly explained the tools that can be used for cleaning the grave and the cleaning of the section and the grave itself.

Frequent cleaning is important to keep the grave clean. It's hard to clean your room at once at the end of the year, but it's easy to clean it if you clean it frequently. I think "Mamesa" is the most important thing to keep the grave.

However, with the diversification of lifestyles, it may be difficult to clean the grave frequently. In such a case, you can ask for a grave cleaning agent.

In addition to some companies that clean the graves, you can also ask the local Silver Human Resources Center to clean the graves as a reward for your hometown tax payment. There are also such services, so why not think about cleaning the grave once to keep the grave clean for a long time.