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Points to note about automobile insurance that you should review

If you buy a car, you have to buy car insurance.

Automobile liability is mandatory, but voluntary insurance is not.

However, it should be noted that voluntary insurance has a lot of coverage that is useful in case of emergency.



Does the car insurance you want to buy really suit you?

It is difficult to make a contract easily just by looking at the cheap insurance premiums. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing car insurance.



Three points to keep in mind when choosing car insurance

Recently, it is difficult to choose automobile insurance, which has become popular not only on TV but also on the Internet, because of its wide variety of types and coverage.

In order to enhance a safe car life, it would be nice to be able to choose the car insurance that suits you by holding down the points to be aware of when choosing car insurance.



Here are two points to keep in mind when choosing car insurance.

Make sure to check the compensation details

The most notable point about automobile insurance is the content of compensation.

If you are fascinated by insurance premiums, you often make a contract without confirming detailed compensation and panic after an accident.

Make sure to check the compensation in detail before making a contract so that you will not receive the compensation you want because you have not confirmed the compensation.

To do this, you need to know what kind of compensation you should definitely have.



Confirm the need for vehicle insurance

After confirming the need for vehicle insurance, decide not to put it on.

There are no particular rules, but if you are buying a new car or have a significant card loan balance, you should have vehicle insurance.



Check the driver age requirement

Insurance premiums are high and low depending on driver age conditions such as 21 years old and over, 26 years old and over, and 35 years old and over.

This is a special contract established due to the increasing number of accidents among the elderly, and the system is high for those under 29, 60-69, and 70 and over.

Make sure to check the driver's age condition, and if it is cheaper to put it on, put it on.

You can't remove it! What are the three types of compensation required for car insurance?

When choosing car insurance, the most important thing to pay attention to is the content of compensation.

Even if you are confident in driving, you cannot say that you will never have an accident.

To what extent and what kind of compensation can I receive in the event of an accident? You should choose the car insurance that suits you.

That is also the condition for living a safe, secure and comfortable car life.

Here, I would like to talk about the three types of automobile insurance coverage that cannot be removed.



Personal injury insurance

Personal injury insurance is non-life insurance for passengers such as yourself and passengers in the contracted vehicle.

If the passenger of the contract vehicle is injured, hospitalized or died in an accident, the amount of damage will be paid according to the regulations.

For example, hospitalization and outpatient expenses required for treatment of injuries, lost time loss when you have to take a break from work for treatment, mental damage, etc. will be covered for the expenses required for complete healing.



Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance is a liability insurance that compensates the other party when the other party is killed or injured in an accident.

Even if you are legally liable for damages if you injure the other party, depending on the condition of the other party, you may not be able to pay with the liability insurance alone.



Personal liability insurance covers the shortfall.

The maximum amount of liability insurance coverage is 30 million yen for death, 40 million yen for disability, and 1.2 million yen for injury, so there are cases where this alone cannot be paid.

Personal liability insurance is helpful in such a case, and it can be said that it is the most important coverage of the three.



Objective liability insurance

Objective liability insurance is liability insurance that covers things, not people.

For example, the system is such that insurance money is paid even if the other party's car is damaged or a shop, facility, public property, etc. is damaged due to an accident.

The cost of repairing the other party's car may also be quite high, depending on the condition of the accident.

Recently, there have been many accidents in which a car crashed into a store by mistakenly stepping on the accelerator and brake, but even in that case, liability insurance is paid to the store.

In addition, there may be a loss of business, so it is safe to have objective liability insurance in that case as well.

At high prices, there are charges of 40 million yen or more, so it should be included.

The price of objective liability insurance is divided by plans such as compensation of 20 million yen or less, but it is safe to leave it unlimited.

As you can see, car insurance has three of the most important coverages.

If you look only at the cheap insurance premiums and make a contract easily, you may not have any of the three types of compensation, so be sure to check it.



Things to keep in mind when using bulk quotes online

Recently, it has become easier to get a car insurance quote on the internet.

However, there are more and more cases where important points are overlooked because it is convenient, so you must be careful.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using bulk quotes online.



Don't decide only on insurance premiums

No matter how cheap the insurance premium is, it doesn't make sense to subscribe if the coverage is not substantial.

Many of the online car insurance quote tools emphasize price comparisons, so you'll just pay attention to the low premiums.

Do you have personal injury insurance, personal liability insurance, and objective liability insurance that you cannot remove?



Make sure to check the compensation details.

Check the compensation details and contract details carefully!

There is no point unless you carefully check the compensation details and conditions when making an estimate to make sure there are no mistakes.

Make an accurate estimate after checking the compensation target person and compensation amount in the compensation content, and checking the age, contracted driver range, area used, mileage, etc. in the conditions.

In particular, regarding the conditions, the insurance content varies depending on each driving style and age, so you should check carefully and compare insurance companies.



Auto insurance is complicated because it is rich in content, so you should check with a few points when choosing.

If you cannot receive the compensation due to a confirmation error at the time of contract, it will be meaningless to have automobile insurance.

Let's review the contents of automobile insurance again for a safe and comfortable car life.