2021/03/02 07:12:26
Release AR VR Family Funeral Fnet

"AR Family Funeral Fnet" Released with new features of advanced technology!

"AR Family Funeral Fnet" Released with new features of advanced technology! [Automatic ordering app] Finally today! Start of the service

The family does it for the family! Industry's first patent system ~ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can arrange orders for fresh flowers, dishes, repayments, etc. from anywhere in the country. Today, "AR contractor Fnet" for traders is also available ~
Funeral service workers academy, Inc.

Funeral service workers academy, Inc. (Location: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, Representative: Takayuki Takada), who develops systems, said, "I want to create a world where families can have funerals for their families!" Developed and released a system that can be managed collectively by an application. The industry's first patent system "AR Family Funeral Fnet" that can automatically order food, fresh flowers, gifts, etc. (funeral automatic ordering server: Patent No. 6792306) and the business setting application "AR contractor Fnet" have been released together. March 1, 2021 (Monday) The service will start from today.


In addition to the function to immediately reflect the products displayed in the AR space to the cart, multiple duplicated products can be added to the cart at the same time.
Not only can you change the quantity in the cart, but all the products you imagined in the AR space are immediately added to the cart at once, so you can use it more quickly. Since users can imagine multiple products in the same space, it will lead to an increase in the number of sales for each trader who has products such as fresh flowers and catered dishes.

For users [AR family funeral fnet]

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Android version:

[AR automatic ordering system introduction video]

To set up a convincing farewell place-The secret story of application development-

Everyone wants to have a funeral for their family without regrets.
How should I proceed with a funeral that I have never experienced? ‥
What kind of place should I arrange?
Will it be the image you are thinking about?
I think there are various thoughts.
We have been developing to realize such a feeling.
I would like to create a world where as many families as possible can have a convincing funeral for their families and have a warm farewell.

[Overview of "AR Family Funeral Fnet"]
You can check the images of fresh flowers, dishes, gifts, etc. required for the funeral with your own eyes in the AR space and 3D space without going to the site. In addition, you can easily reserve additional plans and funeral products that are close to your family, as well as the intentions of the deceased, such as a ceremony hall set plan and a restaurant set plan. In addition, you can check the reputable companies, prices and availability on the spot. Also, if you have any problems with the operation, you can chat on the spot. There is no application registration fee.
[3 major features]
1. 1. Automatically add to cart when displayed in AR and duplicated

2. 2. Total funeral totals in real time

3. 3. AR display of products on the spot

For users [AR family funeral Fnet download]
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Android version:

[Overview of the business setting application "AR contractor Fnet"]
This app is exclusively for funeral registrants and is intended for companies such as cooking, fresh flowers, and gifts. When you register the products you want to sell, you will be notified when the order is placed, and you can check and manage detailed information such as quantity and delivery address.
You can respond immediately to reservation requests and update the real-time status of inventory.
1.2D and 3D products can be reflected immediately
2. 2. Covers inventory management, order management, and shipping status
3. 3. Companies can match immediately

Usage fee: AR contractor fnet: Monthly 1 product registration 500 yen (excluding tax) + 5,000 yen per terminal (excluding tax) + 5% of sales
Registration procedure
From PC
➡ Register from the company registration in the upper right company login
➡ Set password by email after approval
➡ Corporate login ➡ Start selling by registering products!
Select the company you want to trade from the list of partners, make a request, and if approved, start trading! !!
Commercial "AR contractor Fnet"
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Android version:
Reference video:

I want to create a world where families can have funerals-Thoughts for establishing our company and launching apps-

Nice to meet you, I am Takayuki Takada, the representative of the Japanese corporation of "Funeral service workers academy, Inc." We are a US corporation headquartered in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA, and aim to develop a unified system that suits the funerals of each country. Mainly from reservation of hearse to reservation of morgue, funeral home, religious person, graveyard (hearse dispatch server: patent No. 6274545), food, fresh flowers, gifts, etc. (funeral automatic ordering server: patent No. 6792306) We are aiming to realize a convenient world with intellectual property strategies around the world while developing.