2021/02/28 07:19:20
Release AR EC Fnet

AR clone mail order system development! From arranging products to automatic ordering with the app!

AR clone mail order system development! From arranging products to automatic ordering with the app! Patent system clone version [Available in each industry]

"AR Clone EC System" Contract development started from June 1, 2021 (Monday) ~ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we sell products from anywhere in the country. Pre-order acceptance starts for the start of development in June
Funeral service workers academy, Inc.

Funeral service workers academy, Inc., a Japanese corporation that develops systems, has developed a system that can collectively manage everything related to funerals with an app. We will start providing AR clone EC system for each company so that we can provide the technology widely and at low price. The developed funeral app is the industry's first patented system that can automatically order dishes, fresh flowers, gifts, etc., and both "AR Family Funeral Fnet" and "AR Contractor Fnet" for business use are operated and developed. .. (Funeral automatic ordering server: Patent No. 6792306)

User sample [AR clone app]
iOS version:
Android version:

[AR automatic ordering system introduction sample video]

I want a wide range of people to grasp the image with AR and use it-The secret story of application development-

On many EC sites, we often hear stories from end users who regret that it was different from what they imagined because they ordered 2D image products and received them. By superimposing 3D data close to the actual product on the place where you want to use it, we have devised it with the desire to deliver the product you imagined to the end users by grasping the image of the real product with AR. It was. Although there are various AR services in the world, I could not find a service that can even place an order. If there is a mechanism that allows you to place an order as it is once you have an image in AR, the daily life of more people will be smooth and convenient. In order to use this system in more industries, we have devised a mechanism that can be introduced immediately for those who did not succeed in development, development costs were high, and companies did not realize it. ..

[Overview of "EC clone for AR users"]
Currently, the already released Funeral service workers academy, Inc. system "AR Family Funeral fnet" can be introduced immediately by changing the text and logo suitable for companies in each industry, and it can be introduced immediately in 2D and 3D. By expressing the product with data, you can place an order with an image.

[3 major features]
1. 1. Express products with AR

2. 2. Immediately order the placed products

3. 3. Immediately ship products to users

For users [AR clone EC application sample download]
iOS version:
Android version:

[Overview of "AR Clone EC App" for product settings]
It is an application dedicated to company settings, and it is a setting application for companies that can set set products by editing and combining the products handled in actual size. When you register the products you want to sell, you will be notified when the order is placed, and you can manage detailed information such as quantity and delivery address.

▷ You can respond to order requests immediately and update the real-time status of inventory.
Immediate reflection of 1.2D and 3D products
2. 2. Covers inventory management, order management, and shipping status
3. 3. Commodity-to-product combination

"AR clone EC application sample download" for product setting
iOS version:
Android version:

I want to create a world where you can purchase products without regrets-Thoughts for establishing our company and launching apps-

"Funeral service workers academy, Inc." I am Takayuki Takada, the representative of the Japanese corporation. We are a US corporation headquartered in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA, and we are developing and operating a unified system for funerals in each country. At our company, from reservation of hearse to reservation of morgue, funeral home, religious person, graveyard (hearse dispatch server: patent No. 6274545), food, fresh flowers, gifts, etc. (funeral automatic ordering server: patent No. 6792306) ), We are aiming to realize a convenient world with intellectual property strategies around the world.

[AR clone EC system development cost]
Webmaster management site + Web store management site + AR app for end users (ios) + AR app for settings (ios)
Advance reservation limited development cost 8.8 million yen (excluding tax) ~ (20 million yen excluding tax after 6/1) android version according to your wishes
* Please prepare the server to be used. 3D data creation / maintenance fee will be charged separately. Consultation is required for the completely original version.
Development days: Minimum 2 months * Development will be done in order, so it depends on the request status.