2020/10/06 12:50:16

Appropriate makeup etiquette and tips for mourning

Of all the rituals we experience in our lives, the funeral is probably one of the most formal rituals.

Certainly, other ceremonies such as weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies require attitudes, clothes, and makeup suitable for TPO. It may be true if it is said that it is formal and strict. However, it can be said that a "strict" appearance is not required as much as a funeral.

You might wonder, "Should weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies be perfect?" Now think about it. Is the color of the formal wear decided for the woman attending the wedding ceremony?

It is said that the bride's color, white, should be avoided at weddings, but in recent years, some women attend in a wide variety of dresses and kimonos, such as light blue, pink, yellow and purple. Even in the coming-of-age ceremony, colorful kimonos and dresses can be seen, and some of them are dressed in pursuit of their own personality, such as using sashes or deliberately dressing up. Since weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies are celebrations, it seems that they often make up with colors that match their clothes.

So what about the funeral? Funerals have the impression that they are "severe" and "there are many taboos", and many people recognize that the colors and cosmetics they can use are "ruled".

There are standards for funerals, though not absolutely.

This time, I will talk about funeral makeup such as proper makeup manners for mourning.

It's easy to remember the tips. Let's remember the points in three clauses!

What is the relationship between makeup and TPO?

At weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies, it is common to make makeup flashy to match the outfit. This is because if you don't match your clothes to a certain extent, the clothes will be flashy and your facial impression will be lost.

When you are invited to a wedding ceremony, it is a celebration, so many people choose light-colored clothes to attend the ceremony. The clothes are bright, so what would you think if you put a slightly dark beige lipstick on them? It is clear that many people feel uncomfortable.

In recent years, some people wear costumes for coming-of-age ceremonies. Why don't you wear furisode with a gorgeous enji and a large button design to make your makeup thin and natural? Don't you feel that the color of the kimono is so flashy that only the kimono stands out?

For women, it is necessary to adjust the color and intensity of the makeup to some extent according to the color of the clothes when attending the ceremony. It doesn't matter if the cosmetics are affordable or branded, as long as you can pay attention to the color and darkness of the makeup. The point is the darkness and color of the makeup that matches the TPO.

Of course, you will be wearing black mourning clothes at the funeral.

Pearl necklaces and blouses may use colors other than black, but the basic color is "black". The funeral is also a "farewell ceremony for a person" and a "ceremony for the bereaved family and other attendees to quietly say goodbye and think of the deceased."

In recent years, the deceased's hobbies such as music and dance have often been used to say goodbye, but the mainstream is still "smooth," "quiet," "feelings for the deceased," "farewell," and "sadness for the bereaved family and attendees." It is a place to "face the heart". That is why makeup that matches the meaning of the ritual and the black color of the mourning dress is necessary.

Let's hold down the three funeral makeup items

Let's summarize the points of funeral makeup in three articles.

Avoid colors that are associated with "congratulations," "celebration," and "eccentricity."
"Natural" or "simple" rather than "fancy"
It is safer to refrain from glittering powder and gloss

These are the three points.

There is no specific idea of ​​"which color is right" at the funeral. The color of lipsticks and foundations changes depending on each person's skin color, and there is a problem of whether or not it matches each person's skin color.

Considering such circumstances, if you try to make up according to the three clauses as much as possible, there will be few mistakes.

Women who have never attended a funeral may ask their mother, stepmother, or other experienced predecessor who has attended the funeral for their opinions, such as "Is this lipstick color okay?" It's also a good idea to ask a woman who works at a funeral home or funeral home.

Office make-up rather than party make-up? Points of color usage

Funerals are rituals related to "human death," so it's best to avoid colors that are too festive. Beige shades are better than dark reds and pinks among lipsticks. If you choose the color of cosmetics with the impression of "office make-up" instead of "make-up that appears in a gorgeous place", there are few mistakes.

However, there are people who say that the color of lipstick, which can be used for beige work, does not match due to the color of the skin.

If applying beige lipstick makes your complexion look pale or gloomy, it is a good idea to lightly apply red or pink lipstick. The point is to make it natural. If the color is dark, it is also important to use a lighter color without recoating. Similarly for eye shadows, avoid flashy shades and use lightly.

Many lipsticks in colors such as blue and green are on sale, but funerals are not a fashion venue, so you should choose a standard color.

Can I use gloss or face powder for funerals?

It's not that you shouldn't use gloss or face powder, but it's a good idea to refrain from thick coatings and some colors.

"Simple," "natural," and "modest" are the tips and manners of funeral makeup, rather than "flashy," "glamorous," and "elaborate."

If you get lost, think of "the same beige but modest" and "lighter makeup than flashy" and choose cosmetics and makeup methods.

Finally, stand in front of the mirror with your mourning dress and make-up, and make sure that your make-up is not too flashy for your mourning dress and that your face is not noticeable. If you feel that the makeup is a little flashy, just remove the ornaments such as the pearl necklace and the impression will be a little understated.


You may think that whatever makeup you wear is a matter of your taste. However, the funeral has a bereaved family, and many other attendees also visit.

Since it is a place where human death is involved, many people naturally attend in a dress that suits the TPO. If you show your individuality too much, you may become more prominent in the group.

Since the main character of the funeral is still the deceased, it may be embarrassing to dress more flashy than the deceased's deceased and to wear flashy makeup.

The funeral is the curtain on the life of the deceased. Choose cosmetics with the intention of becoming a clerk who helps the story of life by holding down points such as "simple," "natural," "lighter than dark," "thinking about colors," and "being careful about face powder and gloss." Please try.