2020/10/04 12:54:35

About the merits and precautions of "home funeral" where funerals are held at home

Home funerals are attracting attention.

A home funeral is a funeral held at the "deceased's home" or the "mourner's home." Is it easy to imagine if you explain it as an old-fashioned "funeral held between Buddhist altars in the house"? There are people who choose this old-fashioned funeral form, "home funeral," as the funeral they and their families want.

I have the impression that having a funeral at home has many disadvantages. However, because they had more advantages than their disadvantages, home funerals were chosen as the form of funeral that they and their families wanted.

What are the benefits of home funerals? Also, what precautions should I take when burying at home? We will approach the precautions and benefits of home funerals.

What are the precautions and disadvantages of home funerals?

Home funerals have disadvantages such as "disadvantages of making the house a funeral venue" and "the funeral itself may fail if you do not know what funeral tools you have at home".

Making your home a funeral hall means that attendees are constantly visiting. You might think, "I shouldn't call it." However, if you decorate the wreath outside your home, it will surely be seen by the residents in your neighborhood. As a result of seeing the wreath and learning that the neighbors have died, they come hand in hand. A relative who heard a story from a resident in the neighborhood will come to his house with more incense sticks.

Making your home a funeral hall means that not only those who have asked to attend but also those who have not called will come and go to your home, which is the "most secure place". Not only between the Buddhas, but sometimes people say "I want to rent a restroom", so I have to clean not only the Buddha room but also the restroom and the corridor. One of the precautions and disadvantages of home funerals is the difficulty of making such a home a funeral venue.

Also, the most important thing to keep in mind when burying at home is that you have to prepare tools at home. It is unlikely that you will usually have an altar or funeral flowers at home. Even though there are Buddhist altars, incense holders, mokugyo, etc., few houses have altars for funerals. For funerals, I use a lot of tools that I don't usually use at home.

At a funeral venue, you basically have all the necessary tools. It is possible to have a tie-up with a funeral director, or because the funeral director itself often manages the funeral hall, if there are any missing tools, they can be prepared immediately. However, if it is a home funeral, you have to prepare it yourself.

One of the points to note about home funerals is that "funeral production ability" and knowledge are tested. We need to order, prepare, and efficiently handle funeral tools ourselves. I would like to be careful as a precaution for home funerals.

There are many benefits if you pay attention to the precautions for home burial

On the other hand, if you pay attention to the above-mentioned precautions for home funerals and make the most of the "advantages of having a funeral at home", there are many benefits to home funerals.

The merits of home funerals that are created based on the precautions for home funerals are "the possibility that the venue fee can be reduced", "the funeral can be customized as you like", and "perfect for family funerals". "There are three. Let's take a closer look, along with some notes on home funerals, to maximize the benefits of each.

1. Possibility that the venue fee can be reduced

Of the funeral expenses, the donation fee, food and drink fee, and venue fee account for a large proportion. In particular, the venue fee is the cost that can be the largest. The venue fee generally includes not only the cost of renting a funeral hall (funeral hall), but also the amount of altars used for funerals. Think of the funeral hall fee as basically including the cost of the tools.

According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Japan Consumers Association, the average funeral cost is about 1.95 million yen. Of this amount, the cost of the funeral set, including the venue fee, is approximately 1.2 million yen. It's quite expensive. In order to reduce the cost of this expensive funeral set, it is effective to reduce the venue fee.

Home is originally ours. There is no cost to rent a home if you hold a funeral at home. This is a great advantage in terms of funeral costs.

However, there is a caveat with home funerals that you must prepare your own funeral equipment. Even if you bury yourself at home, if you do not pay attention to the selection of tools and rental price, the cost may increase.

2, you can customize the funeral as you like

There is a caveat that you will use your home for home funerals, but there is an advantage that you can freely customize the funeral by taking advantage of this caveat. To some extent, funerals will be held in a fixed format at the funeral hall. But at home, if you can borrow the tools, you can customize the funeral to the way you want.

However, customizing also means that you can't do it without some knowledge of the funeral. The excellent benefits of home funerals are as long as you understand the precautions for home funerals, consider whether it will take too much effort and the cost burden, and make the funeral the way you want. You should be able to feel.

3, perfect for family funerals

A family funeral is a small funeral for about 30 people. It's easy to get confused by the name, but it's not always possible to call only the family. It is also different from burial. It would be easier to understand if you interpret it as "a small funeral with a small number of people" or "a small funeral that can be done between Buddhist altars."

If you have a Buddha room at home, you can use the Buddha room as a venue for your funeral. In addition to the cost advantage, the Buddhist ritual is suitable for ceremonies with a small number of people.

However, what is worrisome is the precautions for home burial. The most important point to note about home funerals is the "disadvantages of using your home as a venue." It is beneficial to be careful to reduce the disadvantages of home burial, such as creating partitions in places where you do not want to enter.


Home funerals are funerals that are beneficial for you and your family, as long as you pay attention to the precautions. Many people are confused or refused to turn their home into a funeral hall. Some people dislike home funerals because they once experienced home funerals as a funeral for their grandparents and couldn't make good use of the precautions.

However, home funerals have the advantages of "the possibility of reducing the cost of the venue," "customizing the funeral as you like," and "perfect for family funerals." As long as you follow the precautions for home funerals, it's not a bad thing. Rather, it will be a funeral form with many benefits.

I would like to reduce the precautions for home burial and make it a home burial that is beneficial to the deceased, bereaved families, and attendees. If you are considering a funeral at home, it is a good idea to consult with a funeral director in advance. It should be a funeral with many merits based on the precautions of home funeral.