2021/04/06 09:03:15
Release AR VR Family Funeral Fnet

A flood of inquiries! Arrange the funeral with the app. 3D, XR, automatic ordering system

A flood of inquiries! Arrange the funeral with the app. 3D, XR, automatic ordering system

Added a new function that allows you to set a funeral set plan! Would you like to introduce the latest technology to the ending industry of "AR Family Funeral fnet"? New service release!

Funeral service workers academy, Inc.

-Making the world patent system into the Japanese ending industry. ~

AR to display the products, such as 3D cooking and flower arrangement using, developing an app that can be ordered directly with the image of the whole of the funeral.
Automatic ordering server: Patent No. 6792306, Developer: Funeral service workers academy, Inc. Japanese corporation)

》 Funeral traders can easily communicate with customers, can also be used as a catalog, and ordering can be completed with this app.

》 Caterers, fresh flowers, gift vendors, etc. register the products they handle with the 3D data creation app (developed by the company), and ship and deliver the products to the place where the order was placed on the app.

》 With the matching function, if both the funeral trader and the trader register, you can continue the transaction while improving it more smoothly and speedily.

》 For funeral officials who were considering introducing a new service, by using the existing “funeral AR automatic ordering system” without developing it in-house, development costs and system maintenance costs will not be incurred. It can be introduced immediately for only the fee for using the app.

》 For companies interested in the ending industry, it will be a support for new entrants.

》 You can set a set plan such as cremation ceremony, family funeral, and one-day funeral.

>> You can display the set plan contents in AR / VR at once and add it to the cart (add it to the estimate) as it is.

・ Outline of "AR-VR automatic ordering system"
-By displaying the products currently being handled in AR, users can easily experience purchasing using AR-3D.

・ Promote purchasing motivation because it makes it easier to imagine the product.

-The contents ordered by the user will be automatically ordered from the seller.

・ It is also possible to link to the EC site you already have.

・ We are also building a system that allows companies to create 3D data of products.

"Funeral service workers academy, Inc." is a Japanese corporation. The head office is a US corporation located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA. "We want more companies in the world to experience services using AR / VR, so we can easily use AR / VR in various industries. We aim to provide services that you can introduce and experience.
In addition, the Japanese subsidiary is aiming to develop a unified system tailored to the funerals of each country, mainly from reservations for hearse to reservations for morgues, funeral homes, religious people, and graveyards (hearse dispatch server: Patent No. 1). 6274545) and dishes, fresh flowers, gifts, etc. (automatic funeral ordering server: Patent No. 6792306) are being developed. We aim to realize a more convenient and creative society by making use of our development know-how.