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Prevention and countermeasures for heat stroke

Hot days continue every day. Those who thought "this year is the hottest ever!" Last year, but now this summer feels "this summer is the hottest!" And are tired of it every day. It may be there. Looking at the temperature, it seems that both last year and this year are just as hot. If these hot days continue, I feel that my body and feelings will wither like a plant that cannot be given water.

Summer is a season of good weather for holidaymakers, but it is also a season in which the heat can easily affect your body.

I will talk about the physical condition problem "heat stroke" that I often hear in summer. I would like to think about prevention and countermeasures on a regular basis so that I can survive the hot summer and have an appetite fall in good physical condition. How much do you know about heat stroke? What kind of measures do you usually take?

The heat stroke upset is slowly coming! 5 measures

Heat stroke is one of the illnesses caused by heat. When you have heat stroke, you may feel light-headed, dizzy, or headache, and when you are in a serious situation, you may become unconscious.

Have you ever spent a long time in the strong sunlight in the summer, and when you got home, you felt weak and fluttering? This is a common symptom of heat stroke. Heat stroke is not transmitted to someone like a cold, but is mainly caused by the "nature" of strong sunlight and temperature. This is a symptom that is especially common in the summer, so if you feel that you are not feeling well, don't overdo it and go to the hospital. If you talk about your physical condition at the hospital window, they will take appropriate measures.

This is just a story if you have a heat stroke. Basically, many people in the world go to the hospital when they have heat stroke, but they rarely go to the hospital to prevent heat stroke. I sometimes go to the dentist's office to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation, and I do health checkups to prevent illness, but I don't hear about the prevention of heat stroke. Isn't "heat stroke" something that cannot be prevented in advance at the hospital?

Heat stroke is scary because there is no such thing as a hospital prescribing a drug to prevent heat stroke or vaccination. I want to prevent serious summer troubles with my own daily efforts. The following five measures are effective for heat stroke measures.

Get a good night's sleep
Ingest water diligently
Moderate salt intake
The temperature is cool
Watch out for clothes
The basis of heat stroke prevention is from a regular life

The basics are important for any upset. Sleep well, eat well, get a job and a quick rush. Obviously, this is probably the best way to deal with problems. If you don't sleep, your body will be weakened. That's how easy it is to lose heat. Various goods are sold as a measure against heat stroke, but even if you use the goods in a state of lack of sleep, the effect will be halved.

Correcting sleep deprivation and other disturbances in life is also effective in preventing heat stroke. Before relying on goods and drinks, first take measures against heat stroke by improving your life. The basics are also important for heat stroke prevention.

Water even if you're not thirsty! Frequent fluid intake

Frequent intake of water is also effective as a measure against heat stroke. Even if you are not thirsty, you may be unaware that you are deficient in water. Try to drink water diligently before your throat becomes empty and you have to gulp down water.

Basically, we ingest water. However, if you drink more and more water, you will get sick due to drinking too much water.

It is important to "drink frequently" rather than drinking a large amount at once. It is also effective to supplement with sports drinks that contain salt and sugar as well as water. However, if you drink too much sports drink, you may get too much sugar. It may be a bit of a thought to drink sports drinks all day long just because it's hot.

Ingest moderate amounts of minerals and salt

A moderate amount of salt is also effective for heat stroke. Taking salt does not mean that you should lick rock salt separately. You can get some salt just by eating, so you don't have to lick more salt or eat salty foods than you need.

If you feel "don't feel a little dull" or "don't feel tired at night" in the summer, it is recommended to buy salt and mineral-containing candy balls sold at supermarkets and lick them. Recently, candy for heat stroke is often sold in the summer. One of the measures against heat stroke that you can do yourself is to lick the candy for a short time.

However, it is difficult to cure the disorder caused by obvious heat stroke with candy. If you have a clear heat stroke, don't go buy candy, but go to the hospital for treatment. Also, if you have dietary restrictions and you buy a candy containing minerals and salt and lick it casually, you may get another illness. If you have guidance on diet and salt intake, consult your doctor before trying to prevent heat stroke with candy.

Also pay attention to the temperature of the room and the ventilation of the clothes

This is also the basic of heat stroke prevention.

Keeping the room as cool as possible and choosing clothes mainly made of breathable linen or cotton is also a kind of prevention. Good breathability also means that it is well ventilated and heat does not easily accumulate. In the summer, it is important to choose clothes considering breathability. It is also said to be a measure against heat rash.

And this is really important ... It is very important that the room is reasonably cool with a fan or cooler.

It is not a hot spring sauna. It is strictly forbidden to put up with it at work or at home. Consider that there is a risk of heat stroke just because it is hot, and live in a comfortable temperature even in summer.


I talked about measures and prevention of heat stroke. Typical heat stroke prevention methods include "cooling the room," "selecting clothes with good ventilation," "moderate salt content," and "frequent water intake."

But the most important thing is to live a regular life. Get a good night's sleep and eat well. If your life is disturbed, your body will be weakened by that amount, and it will be easier to get sick in the summer.

To overcome the heat, start with your life!

Come to think of it, this may be one of the foundations of preventing all illnesses. Because it is the holiday season, I want to prevent heat stroke by self-management.