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Make your office eco-friendly and efficient!

Make your office eco-friendly and efficient!

Eco-friendly activities in our immediate surroundings will make a big difference in the environment. How should I carry out eco-friendly activities in the office I use every day? We would like to introduce the recommended eco activities.

The times are ecological! Recommended eco activities in the office that you can do right now

"Eco-activities" are featured in many media today. I think there are many people who are interested but don't know what to start with. This time, we will introduce eco activities that anyone can start immediately in the office.

You can do it right away! Recommended eco activities

■ Bring MY chopsticks

Bringing my chopsticks to the office without using disposable chopsticks for lunch is also a great ecological activity. According to one survey, the annual consumption of disposable chopsticks in Japan is about 258.8 billion good.

■ Make it paperless

A large amount of paper is used every day in the office. The amount of paper used will change significantly just by printing as much as you need, rather than printing a lot of materials.

■ Actively adopt Cool Biz

The introduction of Cool Biz as a company as a whole is also an ecological activity. Cool Biz eliminates the need to excessively reduce the temperature control of air conditioners in the summer.

■ Make good use of equipment

Stationery in the office tends to be wasted. By using office equipment carefully without waste, the chances of throwing it away will decrease, leading to ecological activities.

In addition, reducing overtime also leads to ecological activities. In this way, eco-friendly activities in the office are surprising. The point of continuing eco activities is to start as much as you can!

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4 examples of companies engaged in eco-friendly activities
Next, I would like to introduce companies that are focusing on eco activities as a company.

① Sekisui House

Sekisui House has set a goal of increasing the ratio of zero-energy housing in all newly built detached houses to 80% by 2020.

A zero-energy house is a house that consumes less energy and is equipped with a solar power generation system that exceeds the amount of energy consumed. Sekisui House promotes eco-friendly activities through its business.

② Shiseido

At cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido, we are conducting an in-house "eco-idea open call for participants" as part of our eco-friendly activities.

The "Eco-idea open call for participants" is an open call for employees to raise environmental awareness among all Shiseido employees and to find out what specific issues they are working on. The total number of applications is 584, and we are planting trees.

③ KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

KOKUYO, which handles stationery and office stationery, is promoting greening of offices.

The effects of greening the office include air purification and energy saving. In addition to ecological activities, it also has effects such as relaxing and alleviating visual fatigue, and also plays a role in improving the working environment.

④ Hasegawa Corporation

At Haseko Corporation, the entire group is working to put into practice energy-saving and eco-friendly activities. The main initiatives are power saving, saving paper resources, promoting recycling, and controlling waste emissions. The promotion of recycling is particularly successful when companies work as a whole.

Specifically, it is to increase the green ratio of stationery used in the office. This green stationery is designed so that those produced by using recycled resources above a certain standard are designated.

By purchasing and using green stationery, it is said that it leads to resource saving as a result. Green stationery is a little more expensive than non-green stationery, so it is necessary to understand the eco-friendliness of the company.

What are eco activities that you can do while commuting?
There are many things you can do eco-friendly activities not only in the office but also while commuting. Next, I would like to introduce the eco activities that can be done while commuting.

■ Change the means of commuting

By changing vehicles from cars to buses and from buses to trains, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced. If possible, commuting by bicycle or on foot is also recommended. Moving your body is good for your health.

■ Carry a water bottle / tumbler

Carry a water bottle or tumbler with you when commuting. It's easy to rush to a convenience store or stop by a vending machine to buy a bottle of beverage. If you make tea or drink at home and bring it with you, this will also save resources.

■ Reduce exhaust gas

Taking commuting as an example, if you are commuting by car, why not try it from the idling stop first. During the morning and evening rush hours, there are quite a few hours when the car is stopped due to traffic lights, traffic jams, railroad crossings, etc. If you execute idling stop even for 30 seconds at a time, gasoline consumption will decrease and carbon dioxide emissions will decrease.

The important thing is to act!
The important thing in eco activities is to take action first. As I introduced this time, there are many eco activities that can be done from tomorrow. It will be a great achievement if each person carries out eco activities.