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High-tech and environmentally friendly countries!

High-tech and environmentally friendly countries!

Around the world, we are making environmentally friendly attempts using high-tech such as IT. I would like to see how each country's attempt is being made.

The keyword for "next-generation ecovillage" is the fusion of nature and high-tech

A lifestyle based on the concept of "coexistence with nature," which is not found in urban life, while providing everything on a self-sufficient basis. New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Melbourne, Copenhagen ... In the suburbs of the world's largest cities, there are many communities that choose a way of life that does not burden the earth.

A life that realizes a sustainable recycling-oriented community while referring to the natural ecosystem and using agriculture as the basic system for human life. That is the so-called "permaculture". So now there is a new move. Ecovillages are also starting to change.

Introducing high-tech to ecovillages

The ones introduced here are currently under construction and are scheduled to be completed in 2018 on the outskirts of Amsterdam. If this village named "ReGen Village" is a place to live by rejecting civilization like the life of Amish, it is the opposite.

It seems better to imagine an experimental commune that fuses the latest technology to realize self-sufficiency. A US-owned real estate developer is trying to realize a project started in California in the Netherlands.

Geothermal power, solar power, wind power, and even biomass are converted into energy, and food, electricity, and garbage disposal are all completed in the village. In addition, we have created a mechanism to circulate everything by applying purified rainwater and domestic wastewater to aquaponics (a fusion of hydroponics and fish farming).

"The output of one system leads to another," says founder James Ehrlich. The biggest feature of this village is that it rationally connects the natural system and technology to build a unique system.

The technology is the latest, but the lifestyle design itself, which seeks to reexamine affluent lifestyles by closely adhering to agriculture, is no different from that of permaculture.

Likened to Tesla Motors
There is a detailed data strategy

By the way, it is also a funny story that this large-scale project is likened to the strategy of Tesla Motors, which is famous as a manufacturer specializing in EV cars. "Business Insider" is likened to Ehrlich's words and is described as "Tesla of eco-village".

The commune, which plans to build 100 units on approximately 50 acres of land, will have solariums installed in all units and will be managed by temperature sensors and monitors. In addition, all data is centrally managed on the cloud so that crops can be harvested efficiently, and optimal information is provided to residents.

In fact, this kind of data analysis is a strategy that was also utilized in the construction of Tesla Motors' autonomous driving system. The ecovillage version of Tesla seems to be described here.

We arrange traditional farming methods and lifestyles in a modern style and live in harmony with nature. It is this next-generation ecovillage that integrates all living systems with the power of technology.

It is also true that some people ridicule that it was simply rationalized by technology. Even so, it seems that more and more people are eco-conscious, who do not depend on infrastructure, who want to live in a lush environment, and who are choosing this for coexistence with nature.

The reason is that this development company is already planning to build an ecovillage of the same system in a local city in Sweden (Lund). In addition, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, and Germany are also starring planned sites.