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An example of an IT ecosystem!

An example of an IT ecosystem!

Attempts in the IT-based ecosystem have become widespread in various regions. The most effective ecosystem is the IOT-based ecosystem. This time, let's take a look at the case of the ecosystem.

What is the ecosystem in IoT?
What is the ecosystem in IoT?

I've come to hear the word ecosystem a lot.

It appears with the company name, such as "Apple's ecosystem," or is used conceptually, such as "IoT ecosystem."

In this article, I will introduce what the ecosystem in IoT is.

What is an ecosystem
The "ecosystem" was originally derived from the English word "ecosystem", which represents an ecosystem, and is a word that represents the profit structure of the entire industry, mainly in the IT and electronics industries.

Rather than the business model of a single company, how the industry as a whole makes money is called an ecosystem, likened to a biological ecosystem such as the food chain and material cycle.

Rather than responding to changes in the surrounding environment and competitors with new technologies on their own, there is a need for an approach in which companies with diverse strengths, across industries and industries, come together to form a single form. Has been done.

Ecosystem in IoT
Consider the term ecosystem from the perspective of the IoT.

When creating new ideas and business models by acquiring and analyzing various data, it takes a lot of effort and investment to implement all of them in-house.

By using existing services and devices, we can focus on creating ideas and business models.

In particular, in areas where specialized knowledge such as security is required, it may be realistic to use the services provided by the specialized companies.

More important in the IoT ecosystem is the data captured by the device than the device or service.

Companies that generate data, companies that collect data, and companies that analyze data each form an ecosystem through data.

Companies with high quality data and high accuracy of analysis will have a strong position in the ecosystem.

With the further spread of IoT, data acquisition and analysis will become more sophisticated, and a complex and highly functional ecosystem will be built.

Examples of ecosystems in the IoT
Providing a platform and building an ecosystem

Advantech's WISE-PaaS provides various functions for data utilization as PaaS on the cloud.

In the form of "Industrial AIoT Solution", it is a platform that allows you to create concrete solutions for AI together with partners.

Building a foundation for the data ecosystem

According to a survey by IDC Japan, the number of IoT devices in the world will increase to 82 billion by 2025, and the amount of data generated will increase to 163 trillion gigabytes (GB).

There are two types of data to be generated, "IoT data" and "non-IoT data", and the proportion of non-IoT data is much larger.

IT companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Alibaba, and Tencent have successfully monetized non-IoT data.

By building a data ecosystem, it may be possible to accumulate not only IoT data but also non-IoT data, combine them appropriately, and create a digital business.