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An example of an IT ecosystem!

An example of an IT ecosystem!

Now that environmental thinking activities are progressing rapidly, the number of best practices in IT-based ecosystems is increasing. So what are the success stories of IT-based ecosystems?

What is the IT ecosystem? Future collaboration style to understand from success stories

In recent years, the development of the Internet has made the services that can be provided huge, and the need for an ecosystem is increasing.
The term "ecosystem" is often thought of as an environmental term, but "ecosystem in IT" is a form of collaboration in which developers and vendors can benefit equally.

Apple, the cloud and Silicon Valley form a huge ecosystem with influence around the world.

This time, we will deliver a commentary on the "ecosystem".

What is an ecosystem: From a term that refers to an ecosystem to an IT term
Ecosystem was originally a word for ecosystem. However, it is currently used in the IT and telecommunications industries.
We'll show you everything from the marketing ecosystem to real-world success stories.

Ecosystem ecosystem

An ecosystem in the sense of an ecosystem is a state in which living animals and plants depend on each other to maintain their ecology in some areas and spaces.
For example, a plant produces organic matter from an inorganic substance, and the animal eats it to activate the animal, and the excrement of the animal is decomposed by fungi to nourish the plant.
In other words

It means that nature is preserved by the material cycle.

Management and IT ecosystem

On the other hand, the management ecosystem means a mechanism for companies to coexist across industry boundaries and national borders. Multiple companies from different affiliates or competitors in the same industry may join hands.
Limited coexistence, such as collaboration campaigns, is also included in the ecosystem, but alliances and co-development in which producers and distributors work together are not included in the ecosystem.
The IT ecosystem

Basic OS
third party
It refers to a model in which different fields such as these maintain their respective environments and generate profits.
What is important in the IT ecosystem is that the parts that make up each component are structured so that they can benefit as equally as possible.

Ecosystem marketing case
It's easiest to see an example of what the ecosystem looks like.
First of all, I will introduce from the marketing field as a successful example of the familiar ecosystem.

Ecosystem Marketing 1. Coca-Cola Japan and Nissan Motor

One of the most pioneering examples of the ecosystem is the 2008 Coca-Cola x CUBE Heartful Campaign.
700,000 people participated in this campaign to collect "Coca-Cola Gold" through quizzes and games and apply for Nissan's new Cube gift.

Coca-Cola has been campaigning every winter, as it is widely known as a catalyst for the spread of Santa Claus's red costume. It is said that the 2008 project was triggered by the combination of the annual campaign and the model change of the Nissan Cube.
The groundbreaking point of this campaign is

Impact of a rare combination of a soft drink maker and an automobile company
Bringing confidential data to each other to improve the project
There are two. It is said that it was not just a collaboration of names, but a series of discussions to make the campaign a great success.

Image Source: Coca-Cola x CUBE Heartful Campaign (2008)

Ecosystem Marketing 2. Nestle and Le Patissier Takagi

"KitKat", one of Nestlé's popular products, and Yasumasa Takagi, a popular pastry chef, have joined hands to create "KitKat Chocolatery."
KitKat in the price range recognized as a casual snack, and "Le Patissier Takagi", known as high-class chocolate, can be said to have a rivalry with chocolate as well. However, through collaboration, we have developed a chocolate "KitKat Chocolatery" in a price range that does not overlap with either, and it is selling well on EC sites and department stores. Since the sales of "KitKat Chocolatery" have led to raising awareness of both parties, it can be said that new benefits other than sales profit have been created.

Image Source: KitKat Chocolatery

IT needs an ecosystem as a platform for innovation
In the early days of the Internet, the services and systems that could be provided were still small, so the fields did not feel the need to collaborate. However, as the various Internet-related services and systems that can be provided have diversified and become huge, the volume that cannot be held by one company has increased, and the need for an ecosystem that can be called a sound collaboration style has increased.
Nowadays, there are many voices saying that the ecosystem is indispensable as a platform for innovation, and there is also an aspect of becoming a buzzword.
Let's look at a concrete example of how each company's products make equal profits.

Ecosystem from a success story
Here are some examples of IT ecosystems that are actually well-chained, from representative to the latest.

Ecosystem Case Study 1. Apple Products and Value Offering

The most typical example is Apple's ecosystem.
Apple's ecosystem can be divided into two forms, so let's first look at the ecosystem in the product line.
Terminal products such as iPhone, iMac, and iPad sold by Apple

It is made up of many parts such as. Many companies are involved in making and assembling these parts, each of which is profitable. Other vendors than the Apple Store are also part of Apple's ecosystem.

The second Apple ecosystem is the value provided by Apple products, including handsets. Apple's iTunes distributes non-Apple content such as apps, movies, and songs. It can be said that the utilization of content is profitable because Apple, which provides the terminal, the company that released the application, and the user who utilizes the application are incorporated into the ecosystem.
Both have Apple at the heart of the ecosystem, but Apple is not the exclusive exploiter of profits. A collaborative style that creates these mutual benefits is a typical example of an ecosystem.

Ecosystem example 2. Google

Google forms an ecosystem similar to Apple.

Content service
We collaborate with various companies in each scene of the above, and both are profitable.
Although it is a little old data, these ecosystem strategies are introduced in the 2012 White Paper on Information and Communication by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

・ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "2012 White Paper on Information and Communication"

Ecosystem Case Study 3. Amazon

Amazon has a strategy of attracting companies by strengthening the platform that provides EC and cloud services.

Devices (Amazon Echo, Kindle, Fire TV, Dash Button, etc.)
Content service
We are forming an ecosystem in each field. For the AI ​​speaker "Amazon Echo," we are building a system that is one step ahead of other AI speakers.
AI speaker is a general term for voice-interactive AI devices.

Listen to news and music broadcasts
Enter notes by voice
Operate home appliances
Search by voice
It is a tool that can do such things. Currently, there are Amazon "Amazon Echo", Apple "Apple HomePod", Google "Google Home", LINE "LINE Clove WAVE", etc., and each company is proceeding with development while showing its features.

Originally, it was said that Amazon's AI development was behind when compared to Google Home announced by Google. I don't know if it's to cover that, but Amazon is characterized by a rich ecosystem of AI speakers.

First, there are more than 10,000 skills for expanding the capabilities of the voice assistant, Amazon Alexa.
"Alexa" is also installed in "Fire TV" for watching content distributed by Amazon, and it can be said that the enhancement of both functions is playing a role in creating new services and benefits for users. ..

Small speaker "Echo dot"
"Echo Show" with a screen
"Echo Look" with camera
We are building an ecosystem with products that have the potential to use "Amazon Echo" for a wider variety of purposes.

Ecosystem example 4. Cloud ecosystem

Cloud services utilize IT resources such as databases, storage, and applications via the Internet. Since it can be used on demand as much as necessary, it has the advantage of being able to be used according to the company's business, and the cloud accounting system "freee" is becoming popular among sole proprietors and freelancers. I will.
Such a cloud is also a kind of ecosystem.

When building a cloud, many companies are collaborating to develop a network and virtualization system. In addition, the more open the cloud is, the more innovation is repeated, and the faster changes are constantly being brought about.
This environment is reminiscent of changes due to the evolution of living things and their mutual influence. This may be the reason why the cloud can form an ecosystem even if it is not a specific company.

Ecosystem example 5. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, USA, is a well-known IT hub. It came to be called this because many semiconductor manufacturers whose main raw material was silicon were gathered. The actual place name is Santa Clara Valley, but the surrounding area where IT companies gather is collectively called Silicon Valley.

Adobe Systems
There is also a view that the area is forming an ecosystem in this area where many software makers and Internet companies gather.
However, there is controversy over what scope collaboration refers to and how the word ecosystem itself is defined.

The ecosystem is affected by the market
The ecosystem also changes due to external interference.
The biggest interference is the size of the market. The larger the market, the more companies will come together to create a move to offer better products at lower prices than others. This is called competitive advantage, and many companies seek ways to maximize profits while collaborating with other companies in order to gain an advantage.
This move will make the ecosystem even bigger, with many companies involved and expanding.

The acquisition can also monopolize part of the ecosystem
I explained that the ecosystem is a mechanism in which the companies involved make a profit together, but if a specific company or a part of the ecosystem makes a large profit, it will be monopolized by one company due to acquisition or absorption merger. Things can happen.

In order for the ecosystem as a collaborative style to function soundly, it is important to have an environment in which companies holding hands can fully demonstrate each other's performance. You need to be careful not to make it a monopoly profit-seeking project or a stumbling block.