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A sudden funeral is okay. Manners on the side of attendees who can not ask people anymore

The funeral happens suddenly.

If you come home late from work, you will get a relative's obituary! Many working people may have experienced this.

Or early in the morning, when a relative's obituary arrives, he hurriedly talks to the company about the situation, and hurries up to prepare for mourning and spirituality, which may be a common funeral situation for working people.

Since we do not know in advance that a person will die, there is a very difficult situation at the funeral that we have to make all the preparations in a hurry after the news arrives.

This is the same whether you are the mourner or the invited attendees. Both have surprises and rush to sudden events

.. It's not just the funeral mourners who are in a hurry.

Join us at the funeral soon!

So that you don't have to panic in such a case, you should have all the basic tools and remember the general knowledge of attending. This time, I would like to focus on the manners and preparations of the attendees in the preparation for the funeral.

If you suddenly receive an obituary today, can you be ready right away? Is the basic manners perfect? Clothes and tools are also important for the manners of attendees! Are you ready?

Clothes and tools are also important for the manners of attendees! Are you ready?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of etiquette is funeral clothing.

No matter how beautiful and polite your greetings are, if you don't dress properly with TPO, you will be rude to the funeral organizer.

Especially for celebrations and misfortunes, it is necessary to follow certain rules even in the present age when fashion is free.

Funeral clothes are mourning clothes. You can easily buy a set for mourning clothes at a clothing store, so there is no problem if you wear it.

Even if it is not sold in the form of mourning clothes, you can wear it as mourning clothes if it is based on black.

However, even if it is black, it is safe to avoid clothes with a lot of exposure, clothes with glitter, and clothes with glossy cloth.

For men, it doesn't matter if it's a black background, so avoid flashy tips.

If you get lost in mourning clothes, just choose based on "simple", "plain", and "not glittering".

Manners of attendees! Makeup is also important! According to relatives

Basically, women should be modest in makeup and not wear too flashy makeup.

As for accessories, pearls are fine to wear, but double ones tend to be avoided due to the combination of misery. It is safe to avoid colored stones.

Watch out for watches

Also, be careful of your watch, both women and men. Wearing mourning clothes and modest make-up, the pearl necklace and the rules are obeyed, but if you wear a glittering watch with a flashy color, you will feel like you are overturned.

Even more flashy watches may stand out because they are properly dressed for funerals. It is not a place to go out in style, so make sure that you are in good manners based on "avoid flashy colors" and "avoid light objects".

However, this is just a basic matter.

Grandma who loved makeup very much during her lifetime.

At the funeral, I would like my friends who talked about makeup to send it with the gorgeousness that Grandma liked. It's not that such a funeral doesn't exist.

I've only talked about the basic rules of attendance, but it's important to think about hosting each funeral and then think about proper etiquette.

What is the manners of attendees who go to night? The basics are easy

After dressing up, the next step is funeral etiquette.

First of all, people and relatives who were close to the deceased during the night are often invited. It is a place to eat in memory of the deceased and talk about memories, so it is better to participate even if you are a little late.

The flow of commuting is a Buddhist chant of a priest, followed by burning incense, receiving a greeting from the mourner, and eating and drinking alcohol throughout the night.

After reading the sutras, the monks often leave the room, but depending on the locality and familiarity with the deceased, they may participate in the night-time behavior together.

If you are in time for the incense, you should just incense with other attendees and take action.

Don't stay long all night, and when you quit, burn incense again and say hello to the bereaved family.

The commute is a seat in memory of the deceased. You don't have to think too hard.

What is the manners of funeral attendees? Firmly follow basic etiquette

Even if you are a little late for the night, it may be overlooked because it is sudden and there are many people who are close to the deceased.

In fact, some people are late because of work, time to travel, or time to prepare. However, unlike commuting to night, it is a violation of etiquette to be late for a funeral or farewell ceremony.

Many people attend the funeral. Try to arrive early, finish the entry in the name book, and wait quietly for the ceremony to begin.

The funeral is the final farewell ceremony for the deceased. Relatives and people close to the deceased may also be sent off or accompanied by the crematorium after the funeral. If you are inevitably late, be sure to contact us before the ceremony begins, as the funeral organizer's schedule and preparations will be upset.

And, of course, don't ring a funny ringtone during the funeral. Please use your smartphone in silent mode.

The important etiquette of attendees is to "think about the other person."

Precautions for basic funeral tools and etiquette

Please note that funeral etiquette may vary from region to region.

Red and pink tufts and beads of beads are NG to use at funerals in some regions. However, in some areas I don't care at all.

The same is true for Fukusa, and there are areas where you are very concerned about the fact that it is OK if the color is not very noticeable and flashy.

It's a good idea to check with an acquaintance in your area or secretly call the person in charge at the funeral hall.

It's important to remember that the etiquette of a region is not always the norm of another region. The market price in front of the spirit is the same and may vary from region to region.

If you wrap it up because it's OK in your own municipality, it may not meet the market price in the other party's area, and even if you do not say anything on the spot, you may leave a lump in the future.

The most important thing

What is important as the manners of attendees is to match the "natural", "manner", and "important things" of the attending funeral organizer as much as possible.

For that purpose, if you have any doubts, it's a good idea to check them properly.

It is safe to inquire about the important points of etiquette without rushing to the funeral venue, the person in charge, acquaintances, nearby funeral shops, etc.

It's a difficult situation to receive the news suddenly, but isn't it very important?